Cost and Features to develop b2b website design

Cost and Features to develop b2b website design

When it comes down to developing a B2B website design, there are numerous different elements that need to be duly considered.

Layout, design, navigation, content, optimization, user experience, and much more.

But not all website elements are essentially created equal. Few of the elements are much more important than the others, and few of them are fundamental. Such elements have a much greater influence on the overall quality as well as the performance of the website in both the short as well as long term. Web development services should keep this in mind.

Even though it is essential to build all of the required elements into your B2B website over time, you wish to build the most effective website as swiftly as possible to assist in driving B2B lead generation. Such elements are what we would essentially describe as vital website features, which are the key features that you have to address at the initiation of any development process.

1. Message of Website should be Clear

Often we see B2B websites, mostly in the technology domain, with completely unclear messaging. People check out these websites, read some of the lines of the mission statement as well as an executive summary, and take a step back and think, “What exactly they wish to say”?.

This is a crucial issue. Theirs is certainly nothing worse than clicking on a particular website you actually think might have the solution to the problem you might be facing, only to be confused as to what that particular business actually does and if they can really help you.

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Also, too much jargon is certainly a bad thing for any website. Essentially, the easiest and simplest way to make sure the website visitors understand about your business and what it does is to actually compile it down into a few words. But, achieving quite a concise corporate or business descriptor is certainly not easy.

However, in doing this, you will actually arrive at a point where people in the business can easily and quickly articulate what your business essentially does, and whenever they speak to any prospect, it is actually so easier to remember that it sticks with the prospect. Such prospects then go and actually say the same thing about your own business to other people, and hence, your awareness of the business starts to gradually increase. development services should consider this aspect during web development.

2. Hosting High-Quality Content in Volume

Right at the center of each digital marketing campaign is relevant and high-quality content. People as consumers actually expect to be readily able to find the information online related to a product or a service. eBooks, blogs, case studies, white papers, customer reviews, and much more, essentially help the people to make quite an informed purchase decision.

People also expect to be easily able to access as well as receive the above-mentioned information in real-time too. People don’t wish to speak to a salesperson or even a marketing team in order to find out more and will certainly conduct research on their own time happily, visiting websites, reading blogs and going through forums as well as review platforms. 

Hence, without content, the B2B companies certainly have no way to engage and retain the potential prospects’ interest. Even if those particular prospects are actually looking for the exact products as well as services that the business offer, without content to make those particular prospects aware of that given fact, they will certainly fail to attract them to their website. A web development company in USA should be aware of this aspect.

Also, every B2B company needs to have a blog, at the very least. Even if they only blog once every week or every month, it is certainly an opportunity to create a completely new web page that targets particular keywords and utilizes a unique URL, which will assist prospects in finding the website.

3. Create a Blog

It certainly goes without saying that every B2B website should have its own blog. A blog is essentially like a repository of high-quality information. Basically, an educational resource where the prospects can turn to and readily able to find out about the challenges of the business along with products and services. As mentioned earlier, every new web page is essentially an opportunity to be found online for a particular keyword term that is relevant to the business. Blogging frequently pays dividends. Utilizing blogging alone, you can manage to increase the website traffic within a few months and also have few blog topics ranking on the first Google SERP or first page of Google.

4. Introduce Calls to Action or CTA 

A particular B2B website that is outdated and doesn’t actually follow the inbound marketing methodology will certainly have one main call-to-action or CTA, namely, Contact Us.

This CTA is now an outdated one. Now, salespeople are essentially involved much later in the entire sales cycle, and they generally engage when a particular prospect shows the signs of being ready to purchase. Current prospects will certainly take their time in researching the product or service offering of the business, reading content as well as reviews in order to assess whether or not a business can readily solve their specific problem. 

In order to engage with the website visitors much earlier on in the entire sales cycle and obtain necessary information, the websites have to inculcate a wide range of CTAs, which engage the prospects on a certain level, much different than Contact Us.

Different CTAs like Download Now, or Find Out More, for instance, not only encourage action but even readily encourage action in such as what that certainly isn’t oppressive like Contact Us. Also, they even cater to people much earlier on in the entire sales cycle who are actually conducting research to get educated.

Contact Us is a powerful CTA that is generally reserved for those right at the bottom of every sales funnel. But, most of the inquiries you will essentially generate will be from people who are simply doing research. Responsive website design services should consider including the right CTAs on the websites they develop.

5. Creating Landing Pages as well as Forms

Landing pages are another essential and vital feature of B2B websites. They are quite essential, and in the absence of them, generating inbound leads will certainly be quite difficult. 

Essentially, the sole purpose of any landing page is to readily drive conversions. Basically, they advertise a particular content offer, service, or product that can simply and only be obtained by the landing page visitors who complete a form. Hence, landing pages encourage the visitors of these pages to provide their own details in exchange for a crucial and valuable content, while forms ask the visitors for particular bits of information.

Basically, you wish to move website visitors much further into the buyer’s entire journey, and hence if someone arrives on the website and reads a blog, you might actually include a CTA which directs them to different landing pages for a similar type of content. They click on the CTA and arrive on the landing page, and in case they like what they view, they will fill in the form in order to assess the content.

Hence, the results are that you have a few of their details, and they have the content of your website they are interested in. Once you have their details, you can easily start to nurture them over time utilizing much more relevant content until they are completely ready to engage with your own sales team.

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6. Choose Modern and Visually Appealing Design for Your Website

No one really wants to utilize a website that appears outdated. Big multi-colored text, along with multiple fonts on a particular website, is no longer in trend. Now, it is more about a sleek, minimal, and modern design. There are no flash, no elements that slow the website significantly down, and no massive amount of text. Your website visitors want a smoother as well as streamlined experience. Most of them utilize an aesthetically beautiful and pleasing website, which has flowing modules, clear text, fast web pages, and consistency. These are a few things that a B2B website needs to use.

Also, deep scrolling is absolutely acceptable. Most of the modern websites use a certain mixture of long as well as short web pages-generally where pillar pages are essentially concerned in order to break up the content as well as display information in a better way. A responsive web design company should consider these aspects.

Even subtle colors assist in keeping the attention on the content of the website whilst bringing out the other crucial aspects of the website to the forefront. Different CTAs utilizing more vivid colors, for instance, can then easily distinguish themselves from the different subtle background colors.

In case your website is visually pleasing, modern, and easy to use, then it will keep its visitors on it for a longer duration of time, which maximizes the chances for conversions and also the number of revisits.

7. Ensure the Website is Search Engine Optimized

In the case of most of the business’s prospects, essentially, their journey starts with the entry in search engines. Most of them fire up search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and type in whatever they are searching for.

After typing in their own search query, they are presented with SERP or search engines results page, which shows them a complete list of web pages that actually include the particular term they have searched for.

In case your website doesn’t even show up in this particular list whenever the prospect search for any product or service that you offer, then you are missing out on definite opportunities. Hence, optimization of your website is not only essential to actually ensure organic traffic along but also to increase the overall brand awareness as well as business exposure. Hence, SEO is quite fundamental and is certainly an ongoing practice that all B2B businesses must consider if they wish to be found online for particular search terms that are relevant to them. Various website development services offer SEO services that you can consider.

8. Mobile-First

The entire world is rapidly becoming mobile-first. Mobile search has already exceeded desktop search. Website visits from mobile at present account for a major share of all the website traffic all over the world.

Keeping this in mind, the B2B websites have to be optimized for desktop as well as desktop if they are to actually retain their website visitors. 

9. Easier and Clear Website Navigation 

A major aspect that often gets overlooking during the entire web design process is the navigation of the website. When it comes down to website design, most of the businesses focus on all of the glamorous aspects of their build, the web pages, the layout, and the design, and the color scheme but forget things such as web page optimization as well as responsive design along with website navigation.

Certainly, having the entire structure of the website in order right before continuing with its design as well as layout will basically ensure it is duly developed in such a way that it makes it quite easier for the end-users in order to find what they are actually looking for.

Essentially, website navigation is among the most important elements of any given website. It is actually how website visitors go through the website. No one wishes to dig around the website in order to find the relevant information which needs to be included within the main navigation. For instance, product pages shouldn’t actually be buried under numerous pages but essentially underneath a particular product dropdown on the main navigation menu.

Also, making it easier for the website visitors to easily find what they are searching for will certainly lead to better user experience, and this will mean better user retention as well as website traffic.

10. Analytics

A B2B business needs to be able to easily track the activity on its website to easily understand how well it is actually performing. It needs to be able to report on website traffic and also by a source such as direct traffic, organic traffic, referrals, email marketing, paid search, paid social, and social media.

While having the above will certainly allow you to view which particular channel generates the most traffic, but you won’t be able to drill down into every channel to readily understand the paths to conversion or essentially, the contact conversion rate, which is website visitor to lead and lead to customer unless you have inculcated a highly sophisticated analytics platform which is capable of attribution. Artificial Intelligence programming can be inculcated in the analytics.

Cost to Develop a B2B Website Design

A simple startup website can start from $5,000 to up to six-figure in case of a major project for a much larger corporation, which includes strategic content along with marketing services, along with custom development and essentially ongoing retainers whenever marketing is involved.

Base Level- In case you are a small company or a startup, you can easily get B2B website design in the range between $5,000 and $15,000.

Middle Level- In case you are a medium-sized company, you can expect the range from $15,000 to $35,000.

Executive Level- In case you are a large company or corporation with quite complex B2B requirements and a definite desire to invest in more and bigger opportunities, you can expect the range from $50,000 to $75,000.


A B2B website design should consider inculcating key features which are mentioned above. It leads to more website traffic, user retention, more revisits, and better conversion. It also generates more leads which the salesperson can further pursue. Also, the cost of a B2B website design on the basis of the size of the company has been duly mentioned.