List of new ideas and new features for food app development post-COVID 19

List of new ideas and new features for food app development post-COVID 19

COVID 19 is known to be a fatal virus and can travel anywhere just with establishing contact.

Because of COVID 19, there were sufferings for many brands. The customers are basically keeping themselves away from any stores because of the lockdown period. Many customers are also scared because of the crowd in stores. So people are now preferring to order their stuff at home whether it is any clothes or any food.

People are getting scared from Covid19 and so they are downloading various food ordering apps. Because of the COVID 19 situation, we have a realization that our health is within the hand of communities and services that we are relying on. There are many mobile app development companies that develop the perfect app that makes the customer as well as the owner happy.

Food industries refining services during the COVID 19 outbreak

UberEats- UberEats has given some guidelines related to health and safety because of the COVID 19 situation. A global law enforcement team is also there who play a role in working with the local government to see that the safety guideline is followed strictly.

Doordash- This app is using certain guidelines in order to protect yourself as well as others in this pandemic situation. Sanitizers and gloves are distributed to the delivery guys. It is also following the health community guidelines that say zero contact delivery. In order to overcome challenges from the finance side, the service fee has been minimized.

Similarly, all the other apps are also following such kind of things in order to do their business with safe terms. Food delivery app development must be good in order to provide contactless features for customers.

5 important areas to focus on managing the crisis of COVID 19

5 important factors are given below which must be kept in mind during this pandemic.

Response and crisis management

Because of the increment in the COVID 19 cases, many businesses are facing difficulties and challenges while continuing the operation. The business continuity plans which are already existing won't be able to handle the unknown variables like that of the COVID 19. So some things must be taken care of in order to deal with during these hard times as you cannot leave hope. Organizations must follow-

  • Plan out on meeting the policies of the government and also minimizing the risk of disruptions caused in business.

  • Building strategies are also very important. One must develop the scenario planning along with incident management. This scenario planning as well as incident management is basically based on this COVID 19 situation.

Human resources

There are many challenges other than organizational challenges. The other challenges which must be tackled include the remote working during the time of this pandemic COVID 19. As we are having a common idea that human welfare is an important aspect that comes under the consideration of any big or small organizations. Organizations must follow-

  • Exercising mobility concerns is the first and foremost step that must be taken into account. The mobility concerns include reviewing of the mobility rules and also policies of HR.

  • An organization is already having the infrastructure of information technology and also communication. Addressing strains on these kinds of stuff must be done in order to sustain remote working during the time of this COVID 19 situation.

  • Employees, family, and friends must work from home to perform stop-work rules which is temporary. These strategies must be implemented on an immediate basis.

Supply chains and work operation

It is almost impossible to access the wave of the COVID 19 pandemic as it is increasing every day. However, increment in the COVID 19 situation does not mean that your business won’t be able to handle the situation. In order to mitigate the effect of this pandemic COVID 19 the supply chain distribution must be reduced. However, organizations must follow-

  • Adjusting of the allocations is important. It must be adjusted to your customers and pricing strategy.

  • Identifying alternative chains for supply or export is very essential. This is important as you know about the territories that have been affected less due to the crisis of this current condition.

Finance and Liquidity

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is common that there will be an increment in the financial crisis. Planning is very essential to get out of this tough situation. Organizations must follow-

  • Considering disclosure on future as well as present effects on the liquidity and capital resources of the organizations.

  • Examining the disclosure that is related to risks and uncertainties laid by COVID 19 is important.

Branding and strategic planning

Organizations are planning on how to reduce their flow of finance and are developing strategies that can improve their business. Organizations can also follow-

  • Shifting to a digital workplace

  • Protecting profitability as well as growth through actions like frequent modeling of finance to improve scenario planning, durability, and also steps must be taken to reduce the economic impact.

7 features that must be included in the food delivering app

Contactless delivery and contactless carryout

Delivery near me function is there for all food delivering apps. This is the basic function of ordering food packages delivery to the delivery person and the Google map integration can also be used to track them. Now because of the pandemic situation, some features like Contactless carryout and contactless delivery must be there.

  • Contactless carryout- A delivery option must be there which includes the feature of contactless carryout. This feature will play a role in limiting the interaction among staff. When the person is arriving at the store he must use the calling facility to let the store know about their arrival. The order will then be brought to the outside table, chair, or delivery van. The service will then be sanitized that is sanitization must take place after every order.

  • Contactless delivery- In the coming years the contactless delivery service will be playing an important role. The user will play a role in instructing the delivery guy to put his or her order in a place. Now after placing the food at a certain place, the delivery guy will maintain a safe distance from the customer and will wait till the order is checked by the user.

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Integration of payment gateway

In the case of food delivery apps, the food is being delivered at home so there must be various options for payment that is via credit card, debit card, or cash. In the case of the COVID 19 situation. Paying with cash after the delivery of food must be handled with great care. The payment must be done by maintaining a safe distance.

The customer must be able to do the payment through the card so that there is no exchange of money that can spread the disease. So the guy who is delivering must wear a pair of gloves before handing over the card swiping machine. So different payment gateways must be introduced. The best option is to pay online where the chances of interaction will reduce to zero. If you are working with the best food ordering app development company then you don’t have to worry much.

Virtual assistance

This feature is basically for doctors. People can also use this for food delivery apps. In order to do the payments, the consumer must be able to see their food and then can do the payment. So this will reduce interactions as everyone wants to confirm their thing before making a payment for them.

Request for package change

This can be regarded as one of the flexible and best options. The delivery guy is able to check the parcel for delivery and he can compare it with the list provided by the customer. If there is any kind of change in the list then he can send a notification to the customer and the customer then verifies the change and then can proceed by paying for the food. This feature is applicable to any delivery apps. This will enable us to let the customer know about the exchange. Many mobile application development services are there who can add these kinds of features to your food ordering app.

In-app calls or chatbots

This feature helps in establishing communication for the user. The feature helps in solving the queries of the customer over chat or call. A conversational AI chatbot can also be introduced with the help of Google Dialogflow or Rasa. You must always remain updated in this current situation that will fulfill the needs of customers. Augmented reality solutions will play an important role here.

Emergency care kit

There must be an emergency kit for the user during the time of this pandemic COVID 19 situation. Some inventories of basic necessity must be packed for the user and ready to be despatched during the time of order. This feature will therefore help your company to meet the logistics as well as timely delivery problems. Moreover, more traffic will be engaged on your online platform.


A donation feature must be introduced during this lockdown situation. The app will therefore be helpful for any kind of social cause.

These were some of the basic features which can be introduced in a food delivery app.

Basic features which the customers expect from the food ordering app

Customers are the king and so they might be having certain demands from the food ordering app. Some of the common things which a customer expects from a good food ordering apps are-

  • Parcel details- This feature will allow the users in adding the details of the parcel that includes size, date, and place of delivery and so this will help in preserving the package.

  • Estimation of fare- This feature helps the user in calculating the charges for package delivery and can also set the budget for the delivery of the item they are wishing to order or making a parcel for anyone else.

  • Tracking of order- This feature is very important as it allows the customer to know about the position of their parcel. This feature is introduced with the help of Google map integration. Customer can easily trace their parcel and know the live location, whether it has been picked up by the delivery guy or not, or whether it is on the way.

  • Integration of social media- This feature will enable the customer to send reviews and also recommend the app to their friends on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • Ratings and reviews- You must allow the customer to rate your app in the play store and write a review about it which will help you to gain the market. More good reviews and ratings will attract more customers.

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Basic feature to be provided that will help the deliverer

Order history- The delivery guy must have options to check past deliveries. The app must show the time taken by the delivery guy to deliver each parcel. The app must also show the details of actual deliveries made, delivery fees and tips in case of each delivery, etc. This feature will also benefit the owner to see the credibility of the delivery guy to the business.

Google map integration- The map must be there which will help the delivery guy to deliver the parcel at the correct time. The map will show the delivery guy with the shortest routes and can reach anywhere by following the guidelines.

Vehicle details- A complete details of the vehicle as well as the delivery guy must be kept. If you are giving your own fleet then this feature is very important for your business.

Reject or accept deliver- A delivery guy must be able to perform his or her duty at his or her own will. They must be free to accept or reject the delivery work. If the request is made by the customer, then the delivery guy gets the request which he can accept or reject.


One of the most important features which every IoT application development company must have is the feature to introduce digital payment. Digital payment reduces the contact among the person and so it reduces the spread of this virus.