Why a drawing artist is a boon to design the game?

Why a drawing artist is a boon to design the game?

Everyone is like to play the game. On play store, on Xbox, on different gaming sites, lots of game are there.

People also have curious to know about the brilliant minds who design and develop such nice games.

Friends, when we start thinking about the game below are steps we found to follows:

  1. Concept
  2. Target Zone
  3. Storyboard
  4. How to visualize concept into real
  5. Design
  6. Development
  7. Testing

Although the Game design has various stages involves but let us discuss today one of the very interesting parts of the Game design I.e Sketching or Drawing, Which has its own role in the design process.

When we have concept and storyboard and when we think about how it will come into an action then we need a drawing artist who can draw the art based on the concept.

As most of the game has a wide range of design scope with a given client budget and as a result, it will benefit from drawing to the end design solutions.

Drawing provides us with the facility to add a less amount of time to reflect the concept into the visual idea before large amounts of time are invested in digital work, these

drawings first sent for approval to the client to reduce the chance of rework.

Drawing can start with basic concepts with pencil and paper

Than a scanned digital format of these drawings sent to the digital artist to work with digital software.

This process reduced the time of making concepts into a digital art.

A drawing artist creates art for games like graphic elements of games, these elements designed by the artist on plain paper or digital graphics tablet like Wacom.

As any game start with a concept and storyboard.

Based on the storyboard drawing artist create the drawing, these drawing than sent to the client for approval.

If we do not start with the drawings that we need to directly work from the storyboard and there may be higher the chances of rework which results in an increase of timeline and cost both.

If we consider a 2d game, the artist first draws the drawings.

Based on that approved set of drawings game designer design the final character and provide animations and other assets of the game to the game developer.

In case of 3d design, we first need a blueprint of a character.

The blueprint has top, front, side and left the view of a character which needs to be model by the 3d artist.

A drawing artist has the ability to visualize all the view of a character and provide the required blueprint.

This also reduces the rework of the character modelling process and hence boost the working process.

Apart from modelling and animation we also need a level background which makes the scene live. The drawing artist can draw the background very quickly and once approved can also make its the digital version which is known as a digital painting which is hugely used nowadays on game and film industries as well.


Maybe you feel to skip drawing process and go straight to the digital artwork. Although there is nothing wrong with that and most of the people still doing like this.

There is no any quick method for creating multiple visual artworks than a drawing or sketching. You need to try to take the advantages of drawing as respect to the older method you are using.

We can conclude that a drawing artist can play an important role in the digital game industries. The bigger a project is, the more chance for a client to see the various design of his concepts, the more drawing will prove its value in your design process.

You can consider using rough sketches for your next gaming project, instead to move to work on any digital software like Photoshop, ask your drawing artist to draw a handful of visuals and impress your client.

Comment us what your experiences say while doing drawing before working on any digital software.

I hope you like this and learned something useful about the drawing artist and surely will add to your upcoming gaming projects, to begin with, the concept of visualization and defiantly reduce the time and cost.