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Thank you for being Vigilant!

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      👨‍✈️ A CIS employee used one of our domains like [ cisin.com ], [ cisinlive.com ] or [ cisinlabs.com ] to send you an email
      👨‍✈️ Or you traced the domain or a link in the email back here to investigate.

    🚀 Cyber Infrastructure is a fast growing Software Development Services company
      🧞 Serving thousands of companies of all shapes and sizes and billion of users every day, from all over the world.
      🧞 We help our customers get success and desired profits in their profound IT solutions, developed or supported by us.
      🧞 While comply with data privacy, spam, securtiy laws and best practices as per client or industry needs.

   🕵 We never send spam and hate them as much you do. Should you recieved any spam email from any of our domain.
          Please delete and inform us immediatly at abuse @ cisin.com

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