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CIS is all the way ready to drive your business at monumental pace with the range of most extraordinary engineered wearable app solutions.

Being a profound and remarkable Wearable App Development company, we are well -versed in the niche of delivering the wearable services that your businesses actually require. Our focus is to chart the solutions that can escalate your enterprise standards to a higher level. We produce smart wearable solutions that comprehend with your business ideations runs effectively across the entire ecosystem. We develop a wide range of wearable products such as Google glasses, health and fitness tracks, head-mounted devices and many more.

Needless to say, today's era is taking a dynamic shape with every passing day. Something new is continuously embarking in the market and one such emerging name in the niche are the wearables. Well yes, at CIS, we focus on developing the impeccable designs for the wearable apps that empower the overall landscape ruling the current enterprises.

Our profound team of wearable app developers is highly capable to engineer the wearable apps for both the Android and iOS devices. We develop advanced wearable app products for tacking the security, processing the payments, etc so as to allow the developers to cope up with the ever-evolving demands of the users.

Undeniably, people in the current times tends to search for the technologies that allow them to process the various functions in a handy way and thus, wearable, in this case, comes out as the perfect rescue solution. At CIS, we deliver all the ranges of the wearable products including smart watch development, Apple iWatch development and many more to help the clients in a completely sensible way. So, if you are looking out for the limited services, we are there to lay our services in just the right way.

Our Approach

Wearable backend and API development

We are reserved with perfect expertise in developing robust backend structure for the wearables. Our main focus is to deliver great scalability, visualization standards, and optimized performance and along with the iterative controls and ready to use API.

Android wearables app development

Well, Android lags nowhere behind in the race of wearable development. Being reserved with the highest user base, we design the apps that are Android based and aid the users to accomplish various activities.

Wearable app prototyping

Since developing the wearable apps is much more tedious than developing the Mobile apps due to the small screen size, and design, we make it a priority to prepare the prototype for such apps along with the sensors that are to be connected along with the identified functionalities.

Wearable based Payment model development

We leverage technology in just the right way. We use the powerful programming models for developing the watches and other wearables that can allow you to process the payments by just taping the POS.

Wearable app UI/UX development

UI/UX development is crucial to any app development ecosystem. We emphasize to build stellar and eye-catchy design standards that are highly responsive enough to meet all the processing and display requirements.

Enterprise wearable app developments

At CIS, we are working with the squad of expert wearable developers that engineers the highly sophisticated enterprise app. The business owners and the employees can coordinate on various meetings and thus, other activities can be scheduled and monitored in a handy manner.

Expert consultation for wearable app development

So, are you looking for out for the solutions that can shape your ideations? Well, if yes, we at CIS provide the right expertise in the niche of evaluating and prototyping wearable app solutions that can easily integrate with your business verticals.

Hire astute wearable developers

AT CIS, we work with the most dedicated and enriched squad of developers, which delivers the wearable products that are highly qualified and excelled. We count on just the right technical parameters, for engineering the products that can meet your requirements in an amicable way. Our cost structure stringently depends on the standard hiring cost models such as hourly basis,monthly basis or the fixed price depending on the onsite and offsite locations for which the developers are being hired.

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    Stay and breath

    Stop, Breathe & Think is a top-notch example in the niche of Wearable app development. The app is developed with a aim to deliver the breaks and acts as the reminder for the users, to make them realize...

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    Cardiac Cycle

    Cardiac Cycle delivers the highly versatile Wearable App Development Services in a standardized way. The app is used for tracking and monitoring the overall health of the heart and displays it on your band via the sensor called as Optical heart rate sensor. Along with the measuring the heart rate, it also tracks your daily work out activities and calculates the sleep quality and fitness levels as well...

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    Vueling can be described as justifiable image of the iWatch Application Development. Developed with the standards of two frameworks namely Apple Watch App Development and iWatch App Development, it is used for booking the flights at a cheaper rate in a way...

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    Fitness Tracker

    Developed under the guidance of reputed Wearable App Development company, Fitness Tracker is a perfect solution for fitness junkies. The app helps in measuring the walking steps and charts the appropriate workout patterns to shape you well...

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    Sens2go system

    The Sens2Go system consists of a sensor insole that detects the strain of walking, a mini-computer evaluates the sensor data and sends information to the Sens2Go App and Show notifications to Apple Watch Application...

Technological corner for developing sophisticated wearable apps

Be it Apple watch development, Android wearable development or smartwatch we deliver the products that are true to quality and excellence. We are well-versed with the right technological stack that knows how to implement it in the most productive way. By applying the evolving developmental ethics, we make sure to deliver optimized performance in all the wearable apps that we engineer thus, we have figured just the right technological stack for producing the apps that are.

Find here the technologies that play a major role in crafting the wearable apps in the most productive way.


Xcode can be defined as the integrated development environment (IDE) that is used for developing iOS-based products such as Apple watch, iWatch, macOS, and tvOS.


Kotlin is a full-time programming language that is loaded with all the corresponding Java. It depends on the libraries of Java and makes the code development more concise and precise


Swift can state as the standard programming language for designing the iWatch OS, tvOS and all the associated iOS based products. Swift works with the different frameworks of Apple such as Cocoa and Cocoa Touch for compiling the code in an easy way.


MongoDB can be defined as the document and process-oriented database that is used for developing empowered databases. It uses to document and process based on JSON and is licensed by the server side.

Rethink DB

RethinkDB is a distributed and open source database that is used for processing real-time based queries. It stores the dynamic schemas and operates with the aid of JSON documents.


HTML 5 can be defined as the complete software development program that can interpret various properties associated with the web page.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a remarkable graphics editor that is used for macOS and windows. It is widely used not only in graphics editing but also in digital art sectors.

Our solutions

Wearable development is the most revolutionary app development evolving nowadays. We are reserved with an unmatched level of experience in delivering solutions that are top -notch and highly versatile.

Strategic Partnerships

Backed by strategic alliances with industry leaders like Microsoft and Adobe, we enable our clients to become more technologically sound.

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Super Work The application is better than I expected it to be. This was quite a fluid arrangement as I was not totally sure what I required, Abhi and the rest of his team were very patient and discussed all aspects of the project with me. Any changes I requested


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Did a great job, and in time asked for. The Parental control application I was looking was a single module in the final product. Very innovative with ideas and implementations. Thanks!


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Very diligent and hard-working. When given sufficient information, were able to produce a good-quality product in a quick time. Would use them again.


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Outstanding work even with some of the last minute changes they coded the program changes without any problems.


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Amit and team did a superb job, and did much more than they were required. Communication is very professional. Recommend these guys every time. I will use again.


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CIS did an excellent job on my project. I gave them a week to get it done and they got it done within 1 day! They are very knowledgeable and easy to get it touch with. I definitely plan to use them in the future.


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