Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do and be passionate about it.” – Steve Jobs [1955-2011]

Abhishek Pareek (Founder & Director)


Abhishek spearheads CIS’s financial development, corporate development, initiatives and helps manage CIS’s quality standards. His responsibilities also encompass providing strategic direction to the company, corporate planning, corporate policies & corporate finance. His distinguished knowledge comes from an abundance of experience in developing large distributed systems. He has conceived, designed, and implemented several web products, has an extensive technology background gained through years of experience. Prior to founding Cyber Infrastructure he was employed by some of the leading IT technology companies in India leading software projects, pre-sales/sales & marketing. He brings to CIS a rich experience with software devleopment and team management and unity. Abhishek holds a bachelor’s degree (BE) in computer science & engineering from the university of RGPV and graduated in the year 2002.

Amit Agrawal (Founder & Director)


Amit is responsible for providing technology direction at CIS and building up CIS’s technical capabilities. He directs CIS’s operations quality & process initiatives that are instrumental in driving major financial and operational benefits to CIS and it’s clients. He is also instrumental in establishing key alliances and building cohesive teams adept with the latest technology and frameworks; giving CIS a competitive edge. He currently manages multiple large projects running at CIS, while maintaining budgets and deadlines. He steers the development lifecycle for our web initiatives and mentors the research and implementation of innovative web/ mobile & cloud solutions. He is also responsible for new technology assimilation and adoption in the company. Prior to CIS, Amit had roles in various global IT companies in the US, Europe and India. Amit holds a bachelor’s degree (BE) in computer science and engineering from the University of RGPV and graduated in 2002. He possesses various certificates in programming languages, project management, quality control and innovation strategies.

Kuldeep Kundal (Founder & Director)

kuldeep-kundal-cyber-infrastructure-cisKuldeep brings his background of marketing, people management, internal administration and research & development to CIS and it’s clients. He is responsible for the team’s overall vision, business direction, corporate initiatives and goals. He is a proven hands-on leader with a successful track record in business leadership and ownership, both offline and online. His strong personality and social skills have led to CIS’s continued expansion. He is responsible for key alliances and has structured and manged large and complex contracts for CIS and it’s clients. Kuldeep holds a bachelor’s degree (BE) in computer Science & engineering from the University of RGPV and graduated in 2002.

Khizer Hayat (Business Development, Americas)

khizer-hayat-cis-cyber-infrastructureBorn & brought up in the Silicon Valley Khizer brings his strong capabilities of starting, running and managing global businesses from the ground up. Prior to joining CIS, Khizer was the director and founder of one of the top e-commerce sites in the UK retailing computer peripherals. He moved on and continued with his passion for IT by consulting with various start-ups and established companies in the IT field. Khizer brings a unique western perspective to CIS and has been a catalyst for growth by bringing his financial, operational and management experience to CIS. As head of business development (Americas) he is strengthening and building CIS’s N American presence and is involved in project management and consulting for CIS’s global clients. He currently resides with his wife and young daughter in Milpitas CA.

Bjorn Hardarson (Business Development, Europe)

bjorn-hardarson-cyber-infrastructure-cisBjorn is a unique addition and asset to the CIS family. Brought up in Iceland and having worked and travelled around Europe; Bjorn combined his interest in IT and technology with his background of 12 years working as a clinical psychologist in private practice by developing of one of the most successful psychological web based self-help portals in Europe. In addition, he’s been involved and consulted numerous start-up companies and is always interested in the psychology of entrepreneurship, investment strategies, new technology and opportunities. Bjorn has brought this unique combination of skills and talent to CIS and is responsible for business development across Europe. He also continues to manage and consult various projects across Europe for CIS and it’s clients.

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