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Industry Pain Area

School Administration

Apart from managing, any school has to satisfy many stakeholders including transportation managers, parents, students, and even the district IT professionals. A school route software helps in facilitating safe and efficient routing with smarter decisions.

Bus Management

There are numerous buses to manage in a school. Therefore, adopting a school route software might help in maximizing the productivity of school staff and bus drivers. Along with this, the management can also keep their bus routes optimized and costs down.

Coordinating Transportation

Transporting students safely is one of the major concerns for any school management. Routing software can efficiently and effectively convert district data to intuitive routes with easy and simple to learn navigation interface.

Maintaining a Software

Easy functionality and great support are required for an IT professional in any school environment to manage a routing software. Implementing a routing software can help in generating fast and accurate data using minimal resources.


Implementing a school routing software can help you in building a powerful and easy route plan.
All you need do is select the vehicle and the scheduled stops it must take on the route; within a minute a bus route will be generated by the software.

With multiple stops and diverse students to pick, there’s undoubtedly a need for software to efficiently plan multiple routes right away.
Our routing software will not only assist you in planning the routes but also will optimize the routes as per your selected parameters.

With easy management of routes, the software will send the designated routes to drivers’ cellphones directly. The application will help the drivers
look up their schedule and navigation of the route. Moreover, mid-route changes can also be displayed directly on their screen.

Track the real-time location of the buses while they’re transporting the students. Live tracking will help in observing the driver's location at each time and can also help in adjusting the last minute order or assignment. This feature is also helpful in getting answers for questions such as what’s done, who’s doing it, and who’s on time?

There’s nothing better than a routing software that helps in the real-time order tracking. It can share accurate estimated times of arrival with the parents or the students. Moreover, it can be integrated with any email notification platform for automatic status updates.

Softwares are always developed with a common aim of encapsulating colossal of data in report formats for further analysis. With our routing software,
you can automatically generate your route data and recognize the high performers with detailed and easy to compare statistics or results.

School Route Software by Industry

  • Educational Institutes
  • Field Sales
  • Retail & Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Food Delivery

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