CIS in Education Industry

Better student experience and streamlined administrative processes

Today, more and more education organizations are looking forward to leveraging technology for their day to day activities and procedures. The use of technology in areas like student management, time sheet management, fee management, online examination, e-learning, etc. greatly reduces the operational complexity. CIS offers comprehensive IT solutions for education industry helping institutions in managing their administrative costs and maximizing their productivity to serve their students with better learning experience. From managing back-office processes to providing improved and personalized learning solutions, our expert solutions help educational institutions optimize how they function.

We know that each educational institution has its own teaching and learning infrastructures which is why we tailor the solutions according to the unique needs of the institution, helping them achieve a better knowledge sharing experience.

Our Scope

  • Education

    Helping education providers streamline their processes like student and teacher attendance management, time sheet management, accounting, grading and evaluation management, lunch POS service and a lot more.

  • Testing Assessment

    Offering simple yet effective solutions that help in convenient assessment of examinations and also provide analytics reports for detailed analysis. Our solutions take care of processes from online registration to result declaration.

  • Professional

    We have collaborated with certification agencies and helped them design and deliver their content like training plans and certification programs in a way that is aligned with the changing consumer needs and expectations.

  • Education

    Innovative learning management systems for education publishers so that they can make educational content a lot more interesting and accessible to students.

Areas of Expertise In Education Industry

Our specialized technology solutions and services for the education industry have greatly helped our clients to digitize their processes and achieve new efficiency in saving time and controlling costs. We have extensive experience in delivering highly productive and robust solutions for education industry. Following are some of the areas of where we have showcased our excellence.

  • Campus Placement Process Automation
  • Aptitude Preparations System
  • e-Book Management System
  • Packaged application Services
  • Practice School Automation System
  • Examination Management System
  • Consulting Services
  • Systems integration
  • Training Management System
  • Knowledge Management System
  • IT infrastructure services
  • Application development / Maintenance / Management in education

Why CIS is the Right Choice

Lower Production Costs

Lower Production Costs

Educational institutions have to incur heavy costs in administrative processes. Our technology solutions are designed to lower these costs by streamlining these processes and allow institutions to focus on their time, money and effort on more important things.

Rich User Experience

Rich User Experience

Today students look forward to an educational experience that is different and engaging. Integrating technology with education helps provide students with a superior learning experience. We believe in solutions that empower students to customize how they want to learn. Students can choose to learn anytime, anywhere and even learn at their own convenience using their devices. Our solutions offer student access to variety of learning materials for enhanced knowledge building. With our solutions for online learning, we have helped educational institutions to revolutionize the way their teacher teach and their students learn. We ensure that through our solutions, students get access to educational material that features content and graphics of highest quality. With our solutions, our clients have been able to deliver effective learning experience to their students.

Improved Results

Improved Results

Students learn the best when they are taught using creative and engaging methods. Our solutions are designed not only to help students learn better but also to help teachers target the challenges faced by students more effectively. Employing innovative technology, we develop solutions that deliver educational content in highest quality to the students to help students learn and understand better. An institution where students learn better is bound to achieve positive outcomes in delivering quality education.


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