Enhanced solutions with AI

Artificial Intelligence has delivered its technological shelter to almost all the sectors around us. In fact, AI has affected operations in approximately all fields and sectors. This disruptive technology has enabled the systems to learn, understand, listen, see and then respond. This disruptive characteristic has advanced computers to be of real value and importance to the companies.

At CIS, we combine cognitive computing and artificial intelligence to deliver varied solutions in diversified fields. These solutions enable the clients to:

  • Support developing technologies in order to solve business problems quickly
  • Lift developing technologies in order to resolve business problems instantly
  • Deliver instinctive and uniform experience in real-time


CIS offers solutions for the next generation companies to succeed in this digital competitive market. Our enthusiastic team's expertise lies in diversified fields such as e-commerce, healthcare, education, finance, banking, retail, and automotive.

  • Statistical Modeling
  • Data Insights
  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive analytics solutions
  • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
  • Image analytics such as object identification
  • Audio Analytics such as speech synthesis and voice recognition
  • Video Analytics such as Face Detection and Person Tracking
  • Text Analytics such as information extraction and text mining
  • Q & A
  • Text Mining
  • Voice to Text, Text to Voice
  • Robotic Concierge
  • Search/Retrieval
  • Retail/Fashion
  • Hololens/Oculus Rift
  • Home Improvement
  • Data Visualization in VR
  • Augmented maps
  • Automotive

AI solution

Digital Query Assistant

Make sure your customers receive the most relevant and contextualized information swiftly and efficiently

Video Analytics

The application cases for Video Analytics go beyond a particular industry or enterprise problem

Health Bot

Health Bot is an especially designed chat interface which enables digital healthcare to reach next level

Audio Classification

Make sure to detect sounds like clapping, shouting/screaming, laughing, crying, singing and cheering from audio signals with this signal processing technology

Damage Detection

Damage detection implements Tensor flow model-a deep learning image classifier, to recognize indications of visible damage like scratches or cracks on phone screens

Video Highlights Generation

To automatically generate highlights for any sports video, AI is the best possible solution.

Smart Kiosk

It enables customers to scan products to verify validity, nutritional facts, recipes, and ingredients. For non-food products, it showcases exclusive offers and discounts.

Autonomous Robot / Physical Robot

An ecosystem where bots assist in delivering organizational services like Travel, Admin, IT and HR creates a unique workplace and renders unique and improved services.

Case Studies

Easy management of import-export business

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Solution for efficient and organized news management

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Voice messaging solution for communication

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Client Success

I’ve outsourced my joomla CMS website development project to Cyber Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. I would just like to thank you about the good works you done was really efficient and understand all the things we need, really great. We will come back for



I am glad to write a review for your capable team, you have onboard and I would like to mention another thing that your tecnology team are gold for your company. Thanks for everything. Soon we’ll outsourcing more projects to you.


Lemmer, Netherlands

I’ve hired CISIN a while ago and I want to say that thanks for your help, everything is great & much appreciated. I’m always open to any design upgrades you may like to punt in future so feel free. I wish you peace & success in every sphere, thanks again.



I am a Research Director for a company in the UK which monitors company’s customer service and provides feedback on their performance and shows benchmarking data for their continual improvement. With that background I am pleased to say that the customer service I received from you just now was excellent!



Super Work The application is better than I expected it to be. This was quite a fluid arrangement as I was not totally sure what I required, Abhi and the rest of his team were very patient and discussed all aspects of the project with me. Any changes I requested


Scotland, United Kingdom

Did a great job, and in time asked for. The Parental control application I was looking was a single module in the final product. Very innovative with ideas and implementations. Thanks!


North Carolina, United States

Very diligent and hard-working. When given sufficient information, were able to produce a good-quality product in a quick time. Would use them again.


United Kingdom

Outstanding work even with some of the last minute changes they coded the program changes without any problems.


New York, United States

Amit and team did a superb job, and did much more than they were required. Communication is very professional. Recommend these guys every time. I will use again.


Georgia, United States

Superb Communication will go the extra mile to please and best of all the quality of code is excellent! Thanks CIS!


Florida, United States

A+ coding yet again. CIS is quick to respond to bugs and even quicker to fix them. I really enjoy the professionalism and dedication of this team!



CIS did an excellent job on my project. I gave them a week to get it done and they got it done within 1 day! They are very knowledgeable and easy to get it touch with. I definitely plan to use them in the future.


Illinois, United States

Wow that took a long time and was complicated! Cis team did a good job in the end and thanks for your work.


United Kingdom

Thanks! This is only the start. We are bound to do great things together.



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