Build Operate Transfer Model

Build Operate Transfer Model

Qualitative offshore IT Solutions, Reducing ‘in-country’ challenges for clients


U.S. and European corporations are moving operational components offshore to India and other locations, in many cases developing their own subsidiaries to better support worldwide operations. The benefits:

  • Cost savings compared to 3rd party vendor partnerships
  • Direct control on hiring and retention
  • Higher ability to retain People and Intellectual Property Rights


Unfortunately, many are not realizing their business goals, with some even forced to shut down due to execution problems related to unforeseen, ‘in-country’ challenges. The Build-Operate-Transfer model offers an attractive alternative.


The CIS BOT Model


Set-up the facility and infrastructure, staff the development center, and establish knowledge transfer

We ‘Build’ it for you:

  • CIS will understand your exact needs for the need for an ODC (Offshore Development Center)
  • A plan for Space Configuration, Resources (H/w, S/w), Hiring, Training is defined
  • Various options to handle upfront costs are submitted for approval as well
Manage the offshore organization: Program Management, Development, QA, maintenance, enhancements, and product support

We ‘Operate’ it for you

  • CIS Senior Management has extensive US and International experience
  • All of Engineering, HR, Legal, and other support and management oversight provided
  • Processes and Quality Systems (ISO9001, CMM) put in place by CIS
  • CIS works on flexible pricing model
Register a new offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets, and handover operations

Get the Transfer

  • Consistent with upfront plans and periodic status checks, clients can exercise the Option to take over the service team in a planned fashion
  • When you are prepared, CIS can assist in transferring this ODC into your wholly owned subsidiary

CIS BOT Model Benefits

Cost / Financial Benefits

  • Reduce costs, by 50% or more, Convert Cap-Ex to Op-Ex
  • Work around lack of internal resources with Rapid scaling of operations
  • Reduced time to operations for:
    • Real Estate procurement, Government regulations
    • Cultural transition, Security enforcement
    • IT infrastructure procurement
    • etc.


Dedicated Team Establishment

  • CIS deploys a dedicated team to service your skills and Knowledge retention needs
  • IPR protection – Multilevel NDAs and Agreements with you
  • Single focus on your needs and goals, Allows relationship building between teams
  • You partake in the selection process for this team, allowing you to ensure you have the right mix of skills working in your team in India.


CIS Partner with you to Provide

  • Quality Focused services
  • Full Secure and reliable environment and infrastructure
  • Legal Structure with your Intellectual Property Rights
  • Honest and Transparent relationship you can count on


With 100% client satisfaction CIS BOT Model services provide the right combination of strategic and financial value to end clients.


Contact us today and discuss, how we can develop a mutually beneficial, long term, relationship!


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