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What is Free as Air?

Free as Air is a platform for mobile users through this application the user can connect to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot without any cost. You can easily locate the nearest Free As Air routers and stay connected. You can also share your internet with friends and family. You can also give your advertisements for free in.


  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots in Popular spots Everywhere.
  • Save Money on your internet plan use Free as Air Wi-Fi.
  • MAP Navigation.
  • Smart Hotel, City, and Country SEARCH.
  • Share your Wi-Fi for a particular time period as per your liking.
  • USE Free as Air FREE INTERNET and SHARE your own personal Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Free as Air: Benefit To Users

  • Download Free as Air application.
  • Direct connectivity to Wi-Fi with application.
  • Free for all users with Free as Air application.
  • Completely safe and secure with Premium speed.
  • No charges, Unlimited downloads and usage.

Benefit To Share Your Internet Using Free as Air App

  • Put your advertisement on the users mobile.
  • Increase sales and revenues.
  • Track all visited websites by users.
  • No chance to get involved in any illegal offense made by users.
Free as Air: Benefits For Advertisers
  • Free as Air helps your business by posting ads on various sites which can bring in online traffic and help in advertising.
  • It becomes difficult to login and keep inserting different login details every time you change a net access in a restaurant. Free as Air keeps everything simple, all you to do is create a id login in to it, open the Wi-Fi and the app will connect you to a nearby hotspot.
  • Everyone needs advertising with this in mind, Free as Air helps your business be advertised on various business platforms by which you can hit your target market.
Our Free as Air Wi-Fi internet provides free and safe internet usage without any hidden costs all you need to do is enjoy!
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