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On demand Tutor Hire App Development Company

Become the one-stop solution for students and teachers to find each other, allow CIS as to partake in your digital leap and become the topper of the domain. At CIS we can help you with developing on-demand tutor app development, and other technology solutions to help get the agility to grow in the sea of home tutoring applications.

We help you with developing the best educational platform that allows students to find ideal teachers to hire for their studies. Owing to our knowledge we have provide with rich application with multi-utility allowing even teachers to enrol as tutors and enjoy the benefits that come with it. We provide you interactive tutor finder app development that makes the process of hiring tutors streamlined and gives additional benefits to students to share projects, read from archive study material and more. We believe in tapping immense possibilities that come with your initial idea and thus provide you a sustainable digital platform to grow both in terms of business and in popularity amongst the students and teaching fraternity.

Challenges and Opportunities

Variety of Apps

The market is over-crowded and while there are a lot of home tutoring applications available on app stores, most of them are not as interactive and feature-rich as they should be. Not meeting the standards but surely, they add to the noise in the market that comes as a challenge. A right on-demand tutor app development company can help you throughout your business-lifecycle with effective technology solutions.

Creating Diverse Panels

In a tutor search app development, a company has to work on developing 3 panels, that are for student, tutor and admin (you). Which can be tough, as you have to make the app really efficient without hindering its quality and performance. Also, multiple features increase the budget and take more time to develop and test. Also, some of the complex features such as payment notifications, request management, account management, integration of high-end analytics are some challenges.

Keeping up with multiple needs

Going global with your mobile applications comes as a challenge as you have to cover a variety of course offerings and also find tutors to teach them. You also have to market your app really well, find target audience and it can be both challenging and costly. But, if you have an upright business model, you can seek funding and grow globally, that also demands a lot of experience and management on admin side.

Technology and its Growth

Meanwhile a lot of applications are already available on market, quality of experience is really low. If a business is able to create an application that meet the requirements of users and offer high-end user-experience they can easily create a space in the market.

Efficient technology

While it is necessary that an app meets the diverse needs of all three users, admin and tutors, there are some technologies such as DevSecOps, MVP and DevOps to provide you the needed agility throughout the development process to improve, review and optimize your applications on the go.

3rd Party Integrations

One of the most important needs of modern-day development includes integration of diverse toolsets that increase the efficiency of your application to ten folds. If you are looking forward to having an on-demand tutor app development, you have a wide scope of possibilities to attract more users.


Technology has evolved to provide better solutions for security in money transaction and transparency. For any on demand tutor hire app it is very necessary that non only you are providing the students with genuine and good tutors but also keeping transparency in the fund transfers.

Reviews and Rating Features

There are many ways to improve and optimize mobile applications, other than surveys reviews and ratings and provide you free information about something people are liking about your application or what they do not like in the application, this gives you immense scope of development.

Cashless transactions

Keeping transparency in transactions is another challenge, a lot of mobile applications have stained the trust bond between students and mobile applications and to reinstate it your app must guarantee them good user experience. Also, quality of a tutor is to be maintained, to grow you have to look at multiple governing factors.

    • Rest Web API
    • Cordova
    • Node
    • C#
    • SQL Server


    Our client wanted to provide talented & skilled teachers with a reliable platform from where they can find students in their area. He also wanted to create an app for parents/guardians students seeking professional & qualified tutors for private study in their area...

    • Rest Web API
    • Cordova
    • Node
    • C#
    • SQL Server

    Tutor Warrior

    One of our reputed clients wanted to build an app for the education sector, offering a facility to tutors to find interested students in their area. He wanted an app, which is beneficial for both students and tutors who want to take and give offline tutoring sessions respectively...

    • Ionic 1
    • angular 1
    • cordova
    • node
    • Rest WCF API
    • C#

    just learn

    We had an amazing experience working with one of our well-recognized clients from the education field who wanted to develop a user-friendly app to promote quality education through home tutoring. He wanted to create an application with many features that help students to find qualified tutors while giving a teacher an opportunity to earn a sound income by just sharing their knowledge...

Salient Features of our Tutor Search App Development Services

One to One Chat

One to one chat feature that allows students to efficiently communicate with their tutors, we integrate the chat feature with video calling that makes communication and learning more effective for students.

Booking Sessions

Easy to use Home Tutoring Applications for iOS and Android platforms which makes booking of tutors of in-person or video sessions in just a few easy steps and other features to track their booking.

GPS Integration

GPS integrated on-demand tutor app development is done at CIS, this allows students to easy track down tutors nearby and communicate with them in real-time to book them for in-person or online tutoring.

Online Payment

Secure online payment integration makes your tutor finder app development better. With integrated payment methods, students will be able to make payments using ewallets, UPI, Cards and more

Ratings and Reviews

Tutor search app development with integrated ratings and review features which allows students to rate their tutors, report against fake log-ins allowing you to improve your app experience for users.

Study Planner

Exclusive Study planner feature that makes it easy for students to plan their classes with students and for tutors to manage their books on the go. This makes the work and study more streamlined for both.

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Client Success

I’ve outsourced my joomla CMS website development project to Cyber Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. I would just like to thank you about the good works you done was really efficient and understand all the things we need, really great. We will come back for



I am glad to write a review for your capable team, you have onboard and I would like to mention another thing that your tecnology team are gold for your company. Thanks for everything. Soon we’ll outsourcing more projects to you.


Lemmer, Netherlands

I’ve hired CISIN a while ago and I want to say that thanks for your help, everything is great & much appreciated. I’m always open to any design upgrades you may like to punt in future so feel free. I wish you peace & success in every sphere, thanks again.



I am a Research Director for a company in the UK which monitors company’s customer service and provides feedback on their performance and shows benchmarking data for their continual improvement. With that background I am pleased to say that the customer service I received from you just now was excellent!



Super Work The application is better than I expected it to be. This was quite a fluid arrangement as I was not totally sure what I required, Abhi and the rest of his team were very patient and discussed all aspects of the project with me. Any changes I requested


Scotland, United Kingdom

Did a great job, and in time asked for. The Parental control application I was looking was a single module in the final product. Very innovative with ideas and implementations. Thanks!


North Carolina, United States

Very diligent and hard-working. When given sufficient information, were able to produce a good-quality product in a quick time. Would use them again.


United Kingdom

Outstanding work even with some of the last minute changes they coded the program changes without any problems.


New York, United States

Amit and team did a superb job, and did much more than they were required. Communication is very professional. Recommend these guys every time. I will use again.


Georgia, United States

Superb Communication will go the extra mile to please and best of all the quality of code is excellent! Thanks CIS!


Florida, United States

A+ coding yet again. CIS is quick to respond to bugs and even quicker to fix them. I really enjoy the professionalism and dedication of this team!



CIS did an excellent job on my project. I gave them a week to get it done and they got it done within 1 day! They are very knowledgeable and easy to get it touch with. I definitely plan to use them in the future.


Illinois, United States

Wow that took a long time and was complicated! Cis team did a good job in the end and thanks for your work.


United Kingdom

Thanks! This is only the start. We are bound to do great things together.




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