A Quick Look Into The Swift 5 Features That Make The Updates An Ideal Companion Of iPhone App Developers

A Quick Look Into The Swift 5 Features That Make The Updates An Ideal Companion Of iPhone App Developers

Swift as a programming language was introduced by Apple with the approach to make the writing for iOS or OS X a lot easier. Swift is capable of driving from objective C language preferences for the two platforms of iPhone. But with the launch of its latest version- Swift 5.0 there is a buzz in the iPhone developer community because it contains plenty of features over the former language to make the overall development a lot easier and well-suited. At present lots of contributors are acknowledging the platform so that it can get regularly improvised.

Learn more about Swift 5.0

Swift emerged only a few years ago which means that it is still a new programming language that is efficiently built on a low-level virtual machine (LLVM) compiler actively used in an objective C programming language. In the iBooks store, Apple has also released their guidebook to assist the developers. The reason for which Swift was introduced among the developer community was to make the iOS application development easier for them. This language enables them to easily get away with the basic errors that can alter the codes if not corrected. Swift language allows developers to easily cut through any clutter and make the programming of apps simple.

According to the data statistics by PYPL, among the top trending and most learned language, swift ranks 9th with its decent share of 2.28%worldwide whereas 8th in USA.

Earlier Swift was considered secondary after objective C programming language in the iPhone app development company but as it represents an open-source platform it can be used for multiple instances. Because of this functionality, server-side Swift was developed so that it can easily facilitate the backend language for the web requirements. In the coming years, Apple is certain to launch an 'interactive playground' for the developers who are willing to use Swift. In fact, the launch of swift was first considered as the self realization of apple and the step that can degrade the value of objective c, but the initiative was right in the direction of replacing the swift.

Some incredible features of Swift 5.0 which make it ideal for iPhone app development company

Swift 5.0 was launched to create a milestone in its release among the open-source programming languages segment. This latest release has added several features to the Swift title like future enum cases, result type, ABI stability, check for the integer multiples, raw strings and so on. The most significant features which can be really helpful for the iPhone app developers are listed below-

  • Stability of ABIs- One of the most incredible features of Swift 5.0 is the ABI stability which also stands for application binary interface (an application programming interface or API binary equivalent). In order to write the code for applications, the iOS developers utilize multiple API of the libraries. With the help of stable API, the user can easily download and install just applications and there is no requirement to do the same with the codes which the application requires. This enables the applications to be simpler and extremely easy to build

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  • Coexist with objective C language- We have seen that Swift was developed to firmly replace Objective C but Swift can also coexist with this language. It is extremely convenient for the company when they native because those who have already written the code segments in objective C can finish its remaining codes in Swift as well.
  • Standard library updates- The feature of standard library updates introduced in Swift 5 has plenty of options to ease the mobile app development company’s hard comings. It efficiently helps the developers to organize their libraries as it improves the support towards Raw text for the string literals. Some of the significant features are-
    • The string is revamped by UTF 8 encoding feature to boost the performance
    • It has added enormous flexibility to construct the text from available data by enhancing its string interpolation
    • The result vector types and SIMD are also available in its standard library
  • Compiler updates-  the language Swift 5.0 has a lot of exclusive enforcement and other functioning by default that allows the iPhone as well as React native app development company the memory access in order to debug or release the builds. It is capable of helping the developers to improve the interoperability among the commonly used languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby and so on and support the dynamic callable types. The features of literal initialization were also in Swift 5.0 by identity key path, coercion, and other such functions.
  • Package manager- the feature of package manager updates is greatly helpful for iOS application development communities as it comprises customized deployment targets, dependency mirroring, target specific build options and the list goes on. Adding more to the segment the developers can import libraries whenever they want in REPL with the help of Swift run command. And the best part is that they do not need to build or write any executables for it.
  • Migrating to Swift 5.0- What if you might be impressed with its features and looking for the options to migrate to the platform? This is the most obvious situation where most of the Mobile app development company find themselves in but need not worry. Swift 5.0 programming language is compatible with all of its models and it provides absolute assistance in iOS application development also. Using the Apple X code migrator you can use this platform and most of the changes will be handled by its code migrator.

The bottom line

Swift 5is absolutely lightweight syntax and comes with powerful features like pattern matching, type interference and so on. Its latest version not only allows the developers to implement complex ideas for the app development but they can also improve the readability of code in a concise manner during the development process. The developers can also add various ideas for the iOS app development with its ultimate features. As this is a modified version it is safe to say that it contains several changes and latest features which makes the overall app development process easier and comparatively better.