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Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY website builders versus Custom websites

19 Apr

Every web programming company, big or small requires a website to showcase the products and the services they provide.

When it comes to developing the website, people are often in a dilemma of whether to hire a professional or develop it themselves. A professional website developer can be a great benefit for big companies. People often develop their own websites. With modern technologies, there are various platforms to develop websites with in-built features and amazing themes.

However, it is not always wise to develop a website by yourself. If the budget is low, then a DIY website is best. With the online new tools and website builder software like Squarespace, Weebly, Go daddy, etc it is easy to develop a website in a cheap and easy way. However, these builders are best for small sites.

The advantages and disadvantages of DIY website builders

There are many small and big web programming company who tend to use DIY website builders for their business. It is one of the easy ways to develop a website within a short span of time at a minimum to no cost. However, every process has its own pros and cons.

Some of the advantages of doing it yourself website builders are-

  • DIY websites are cost effective. It is usually free or a maximum of $30 per month.
  • The website can be launched fast and in a short span of time.
  • The website builders automatically host websites.
  • The security system is already built by website builders.
  • There are various other website designs and themes included in the builder.
  • The website builders contain numerous templates and images that are industry based which help the developer to select themes and images for their company.
  • The best feature about these web builders are that some features are just drag and drop. No codes are needed to develop the features.
  • These have in-built Google analytics and SEO tools.
  • The web builders are easy to update and in a very short time.
  • The developer can use a domain name at a minimum cost.

Some of the disadvantages of website builders are-

  • The website builders have limited customization options.
  • If the website provider needs to be changed, the website must be developed from scratch.
  • With the free plan of website builders, advertisements occur on the websites.
  • There are no advanced marketing and SEO tools in the builder’s software.
  • The support line is limited only to pay developers that too only a telephonic conversation.

Nowadays, with the development of various technologies, many big companies prefer to use custom websites for their company. Custom website development is a new trend in the business world. It helps the huge companies to have everything in one roof. With high-end technologies and amazing website designs, it is possible to develop a website of choice from scratch.

The most amazing thing that only a custom website can provide is the customized domain name for the company. Best web Development Company suggests that the design of the website developed by the designer can be owned by the company as well. These features make custom software However, every great thing has its own pros and cons.

Some of the advantages of custom websites are-

  • The developer can develop all the customized features required by the company.
  • The professional developers can suggest the best possible way to use the website as the marketing tool and get help whenever needed.
  • The company can get the trust and support of custom software development services.
  • The online tools to develop the website can be incorporated and not bound to a few tools as in DIY website builders.
  • The domain name can be created as a customized one, which shows a good impression of the company.
  • The company can contact the designer and own the design for the company.

Some of the disadvantages of custom websites are-

  • The custom websites are way more expensive than they do it yourself, website builders. The cost can go up to $2000 or more.
  • Unlike the DIY website builders, the custom websites take a long time to launch. It can also take up to one month.
  • The website designer must be explained about all the features, themes, colors and fonts the company requires to build it from scratch.

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  • The custom websites need to find a host for their websites, unlike the website developers that already provide the user with a host.
  • The security of the websites is to be maintained by the company. The issues related to the security must also be solved by the designer itself.
  • There are various other expenses after launching a website. The regular updates, hosting and support request are spent by the company.
  • To build a custom website, a company requires finding a web designer and custom software development services within the budget.


It is very tough to choose between a DIY website builder and a custom website. It varies from different companies to the situation of the companies. It also depends on the purpose of the website and about the website. According to the best web development company, the best way to develop a cheap website is the DIY website builders which are mostly recommended for the startup companies or any organizations that have minimal to no role play of the websites for the development or marketing of the company.

Then again, there are many companies that tend to process and handle their whole or major part of the business through the company websites for custom website development. In such cases, the companies prefer to hire a professional web developer to build a custom website for their company.

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