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Truecaller Launches Software Development Kit for Mobile Web Platform

Not knowing the identity of individuals calling you can be an extremely irritating thing.

Then calling them back only to know that it was a scam call can be even more frustrating. However, now it is much easier to deal with when we have an application such as Truecaller that can easily tell us who the caller is.

So, if you want to ignore taking someone’s call then it is no longer a difficult task. In addition to this, with the help of asp .net development services now it is filled up with so many amazing features making it ideal for users to use. It is even more exciting with steer clear of fraudsters, spam calls, and telemarketers.

Truecaller is an application that can be considered as phonebooks that contain information about callers. It is a great way to maintain privacy and allow to know the identity of callers. However, the custom web development services can make you understand the essential features of Truecaller better than you can assume.

1. Record phone calls

As a matter of fact, Truecaller with the help of PWA Development Company has a tendency to record calls smoothly. With Truecaller as the seamless application, it allows individuals to record the calls of contact easily. This works automatically once enabled that allows one to get calls. On top of that, these calls will be directly uploaded to Google Drive regularly. However, if one has to go for manual work then it can be done easily with just a single click. This helps in recording call via a phone application and not with Truecaller.

2. Other Application Integration

Now Truecaller has become much more than letting us know about caller identity. It has shifted to the features that allow other applications identification of contact as well. Yes, with Microsoft web development, one can easily know who is messaging them. The gateway allows focussing on the applications with profiles to know the name.

For instance, if anyone unknown person WhatsApp you then Truecaller will let you know the information instantly. Just add it up with Google Account to make it easy for the user to just let things know. The Google Duo is also added with Truecaller allowing users to focus on across platforms.

3. Call me back

This is not it, there are Red Dot and Green Dot symbol with the call me back option. With this simple addition to the Truecaller, the asp .net development services give an addition to the users. There are status options for the Truecaller that allows an individual to triggered automatically. The Red one shows that the user is on a call whereas green one shows availability.

On top of that, if you call a person that is on the call then there is an option to call me back that send out a request. Once the person is free then they can call you back through push notifications. This simple thing can solve out a lot of problems for customers.

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4. Backup

The custom web development services has now added up the call lists and contacts to backup. One can set up the automatic backup that allows them to get the data back in case of broken, stolen or lost phone. This is done with the contact list as well as calling backup giving it a plus point to the users. It will include block list, call logs, call history, contact, etc. updating in Google Drive. The data can be retrieved easily once the phone is changed with no loss of data.

Software Development Kit for Mobile Web Platform – Truecaller

As a part of the global launch, the greatest achievement for Truecaller, a communication app, for the mobile web platforms in the form of SDK – software development kit. This is to offer support to a number of platforms including iOS, Android, Progressive Web App. Hence, the PWA Development Company has a lot hidden for them in this setup.

As per the Developer Platform and Relations and Global Head of Truecaller Priyam Bose, this is a step forward with new features and regular updates. The development team makes sure work on the latest achievements for the application ensuring that the new features can set out a growth-oriented, trust-based and user-focused products.

The developers focus on the critical aspects that include verification and onboarding of users features. The main purpose is to make sure that it is secure and seamless to ensure that users can easily use it while enhancing their experience. This mobile web-based application of Truecaller to ensure that services and products online can be accessed easily. Microsoft web development has made the whole process easy with the addition of emails onboarding system.

This can be done with the help of OTP send out to the user phone or email. It is mainly to simplify the work up in ab amazing way in a secure manner while having a free verification system. Truecaller has a tendency to work up with global user that has made it a great way to grow.