Cost and Feature to Build a Video Walkie-Talkie App like Marco Polo

Cost and Feature to Build a Video Walkie-Talkie App like Marco Polo

We are almost done with 2019 but technologies and application development are still at its peak.

There is no way that we are going to delay the amazing tech for next year when we have so much to achieve and gain. However, one such development and advancement is in the field of video walkie talkie application.

You might remember being a kid having a small walkie-talkie device and playing cop with friends. Well, the custom iPhone app development has made it much better and more advanced now. Just like stories on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the application allows customers to send video messages.

Walkie-Talkie Applications

The smartphones are now able to support the application with the advancement of the systems and hardware. The Walkie-Talkie has become such major advancement in the smartphone industry that helps in transforming business. A specific gateway is used in such case that made it even more possible for the individuals to work in synchronized mode. This has come up with a specific gateway that allows companies to work up in the secure mode able to work up in the interpretation mode.

The PWA app development company can easily work for instant communication via Walkie-Talkie. This has come up as an advantage to the system allowing the developers or users to easily manage domestic communication. There are a number of benefits as well that allow one to avail it in an overseas mode as well but it is a premium version of the application. Hence, the customers have to pay a huge charge to easily use the oversea version of application even for a short duration.

Why to build A Video Walkie-Talkie Application

Walkie Talkie is a topmost application in the present time. Majority of people depends on this application in the form of instant communication. The main reasons why the iPhone app developer is actually working on such application are:

  • It is a way to achieve seamless experience in terms of communication allowing the customers or users to communicate easily. In addition to this, during calamity times, the users can easily send out information regarding their locations to the government.
  • There is no need to carry on the bulky system that gives a plus point to the application. it will be installed on mobile phones only. The Mobile Application development company has made it possible for users to not carry any extra system with them to use it and can use it round the clock.
  • In addition to this, communication is also added up to the whole system with the benefit to the business processes. It gives a plus point to the company to helps the system to work in synchronized form.

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  • It is easy to use and is extremely fast connected.
  • The liberties that we get through with the Walkie Talkie application are expectational to the phones. This entity allows us to use and carry it without any boundaries.

Features of Walkie Talkie Applications

The custom iPhone app development is not developed with just a few things but it requires a lot of work. There are a number of features that are focused on the development of the Walkie Talkie application. It requires a lot of things to take into consideration that can determine the cost of the features.

1. Registration and sign up

The application that is to the top is for the signup and registration. This is mainly for the on-board of application and starts availing the services. This requires OTP verifications that include contacts and emails benefits.

2. Contact synchronization

It is the major part that is required to make communication easy. It is the one through which smartphone companies uses with contact list. It is done automatically that allows users to easily communicate.

3. Communication option

The PWA app development company takes a very interest in Walkie Talkie application. It works up with the communication purpose that helps in adding up to connect with contact. This help in making a video call, audio call, multimedia message, text message, group testing, group calls, etc.

4. History

Another vital part to keep in mind is that the iPhone app developer must make sure that the history is stored up easily. This makes it easy for users to easily message and makes a phone call with others. Also, the history will be stored so that users don’t have to search the contact again and again.

5. Message status

One of the best features of messaging application at the present time is that it also users to know the status of their message. This includes whether the message is read or not, it is received or not. Hence, it is essential to ensure that this feature is added up to the application of Walkie Talkie as well giving it a plus point to go further.


These are the most basic features that help in running an application smoothly. However, if added extra features, then it is better to get in touch with Mobile Application development company that can make it easy for the users to work up with all the desired features and track its performance at reliable rates.