Cost And Feature To Develop Packers And Movers App

Cost And Feature To Develop Packers And Movers App

Over the last few years, the packers and movers industry has grown exponentially and gained enough popularity.

Large numbers of audiences at present expect it to become digitized so that they can easily control the shifting of their residential places. The major notion that works behind the packers and movers industry is its assistance while shifting the goods from one place to another. Sometimes just shifting also includes lifting heavy items or equipment because each customer or family has their own requirements. But it also depends if the customer has shifting requirements as a family or as a company.

Considering the statistics, the revenue generated by packers and movers companies has grown to 22 billion dollars from 6 billion dollars in the last 7 years. It is also expected that it may reach 27 billion dollars in the coming one or two years.

Services offered by On Demand Packers & Movers App Solutions

Every passing year the packers and movers industry is achieving incredible peaks. Following recent studies, it was found that for every business opportunity or job purpose, a group of population is always moving from one place to another and most residential areas. This factor has strengthened the growth of the courier and packers and movers industry along with the mobile application development segment in this. Thus, the requirement for these applications is increasing day by day. The core idea behind the development or designing of such applications is to effortlessly manage the shifting process for the family as well as industrial equipment or moving heavy equipment, warehouse systems and so on.

Well, we can also say that packers and movers applications can make the complexity of changing faces a lot simpler and trouble-free for the users. Such types of applications also help the user to manage between logistics infrastructure requirement and transportation along with coordinating with transporting services, driver’s machines and so on arriving at the doorstep. The revenue generated by the office moving on house moving companies is also increasing with ultimate speed. Do you know what makes these applications amazing and why is the industry even expanding so rapidly? Let us find out what are the services offered by packers and movers application to the users.

  • Professional movers-  it includes the easy-shifting of partial or entire household items from any residential or industrial area to another. These facilities are efficiently teamed up on mobile applications which allow the users to find out the suitable service that can fulfill their requirements during the time of shifting. This service is extremely helpful while relocating to distant areas.
  • Goods and transport relocation- aid of courier or packers and movers application, manufacturing cranes, heavy equipment, goods, heavyweight goods like cars or any other equipment can be easily transferred with these applications. Within a few simple clicks, the goods can be transferred from one City to another City or within the city.
  • Office shifting- the goods belonging to industrial areas are quite different from the household, however, both of them require careful shifting. The heavy goods related to offices include computers, electronics, PCs, awesome delicate items that have to be transferred with office-focused strategy. These applications are high in demand these days because mostly they are not accountable for moving the goods rather they are also conducive to manage the tasks of coordination and processing.

Features to develop packers and movers app

In spite of the offerings, developing packers and movers app is not at all easy. It requires a lot of research right after you step into the project even if it is a specialized application or Cross platform App Development. If you are willing to create successful applications then you must definitely understand the basic framework and characteristic requirement that can generate enough revenue. Basically the features are segmented in three major sectors. Broadly it involves-

  • The user panel
  • The admin panel
  • The driver panel

1. User panel

This is the basic feature required by the client-side and this interface will enable them to place the order, request, communicate with the support team, performing the basic tasks and so on. This involves-

  • Sign up or log in- the very first section of the application requires login details for the user profiles. it might be done through the email address or other social media platforms.
  • Server request- prior to finalizing any shifting users can easily request for check for the civilians in order to inform the service provider regarding the transported goods or materials.
  • Notifications and managing requests- through this the users will obtain confirmation to their assigned shipment and they will be updated with important notifications regarding the latest deals and offers. In this, the receiving requests will be managed and at times of need, users can easily contact the service provider discussing terms and conditions.

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  • Payment gateway- this action allows the users to easily make the transaction with their credit or debit cards and many other mediums once the shipment is finalized.
  • Driver sharing the shipment- through this feature the users can view driver profile sharing their shipment and their location easily.
  • Rating and reviews- based upon the behavior of the driver, arrival time, quality of the service and various other factors users can provide their valuable feedback based upon their experience.

2. Admin panel

The application which is designed considering the supremacy of admins so that they can easily regulate or handle the things going on its interface has some essential features as well. As this application enables them to supervise various things at a time hence the main features include-

  • Dashboard and panel- this feature is provided so that one can easily manage the user-related activities or driver activities, completion of the request, orders within the same time frame.
  • Management of customers- this is provided to monitor the user activities on the account and their placed orders. One can also manage the pending orders based upon your movement and purposes through this feature.
  • Driver management- with this feature the admin can easily track for the driver and handle all on duty or off duty drivers along with their prepare schedules so that it can create transparency and user requests can be handled accordingly.
  • Payment manager- this feature manages and tracks the payments or possible transactions made by the user. If any shipment is following cash on delivery option then it is also considered in this feature.
  • Vehicle or fuel manager- based upon the shipment and distance this feature depicts the average fuel consumption, fleet quality, relocation requirements and various other instances that are associated with the vehicle.
  • Report analytics- information regarding the payment, location, order and so on are stored successfully on the application and can be optimized whenever required.
  • GPS tracking- the routes are taken by the driver in order to deliver the shipment is tracked in real-time and visible for the user as well as admin with this feature.

3. Driver panel

The applications can also be designed considering Minions for assistance provided to the drivers while transport in the woods from one place to another. Some features can definitely be included so that they can easily perform the basic functions and get absolute convenience regarding the actual location, some other notifications, etc. Some of the features are-

  • Sign up or log in- it is similar to the user panel but in this section, drivers are asked to log in to the application with their respective email account on the social media platform to gain access regarding the order.
  • View history- drivers using the application can view or edit their profiles whenever the required. According to the updated profiles, the users can check for the tasks as well as other relevant information.
  • Payment received- once the order is placed by the user the equipment for goods has to be delivered accordingly by the driver at the required location. Once it gets done they receive instant payment from the users.

Special features that can alter the overall cost of Packers and movers App Development

Other than the above mentioned features there are some other factors that can affect the development cost of the application. However, these features are required in order to make the application more effective as they can attract larger audiences and achieve the success rate required by the corresponding company. Below you will find some of the most dynamic features that you can consider while creating your own packers and movers application. It is the first thing on the list, the application must have an effective tracking system for vehicle transportation. The GPS assisted devices or applications may affect the Mobile App Development Cost but they also help the customers are companies to coordinate with each other.

  • The application would become highly appreciable if it can offer any promotional services to the user. This will help them understand reliable services along with their affordability.
  • For the delivery of goods in the mentioned destination, it is essential to have the invoice. It can be done in two possible ways manually or through an online medium.
  • Moving a large number of shipments can be a tedious task hence there must be arrangements to check for proper scheduling and planning.

Below are more features:

  • Calculation of tariffs: One of the most desirable features that are required in packers and movers Cross-platform App Development is the calculation with its tariffs. The application essentially helped in the services related to calculating the tariff amount.
  • Fare calculators-  this feature entirely involves the total number of rides shipment carried by the driver so that they can easily calculate the fare cost. This will also enable the admin to check for the weight of the driver to carry the shipment. As the ticket calculated is provided, an authentic amount will be calculated based upon the distance and time so that the customer can be made aware prior to the delivery regarding the charges.
  • Chatbots to provide 24/7 support-  this feature include the necessary information say like specific tools in order to pick up the product for labor requirement. For this, the development team can provide in-app chatbots so that accurate information can be achieved keeping the user in the communication loop. Providing this feature also ensures that the development of packers and movers applications will become successful along with delivering reliable customer support.
  • In-app camera- this feature will allow the users to take the instant photograph of the product that has to be transported with an in-app camera. The clear picture will also show create transparency for the drivers in order to get the job done. The development team can also curate the application’s search filter options for further assistance to the users.

The application can include multiple payment options along with a time tracker and logbook in order to check for it.

How much does it cost to build On-Demand Packers & Movers App Solutions

We have gone through the diversity of features hence it is obvious that every customer has a different set of requirements and so is the cost. For instance, some of the users want heavy lifting features or home product features, on the contrary, some want the opposite. So, when it comes to estimating the Packers and movers App Development cost some factors need to be considered prior to the implementation. It essentially involves considering the complexity level, dedicated platforms that are essentially required to build the application and many more.

If you are curious to get the exact estimation then pay attention to the key features of the application like the location of its geographies because different locations have different development charges. Development teams of different countries charge different rates. The development cost for US-based professionals is around $ 150-300 per hour, East European best professional charge between $ 100-250 per hour. Developers in India charge between $30 - 150 per hour.

Developing an incredible On Demand Courier App or packers and movers application requires some complex features and coding and if you are estimating the price then it has some other features as well. for instance, if you are proceeding with Indian developer company then the cost breakdown of service charges can be categorized as-

  • Technical documentation of the application requires 32-35 hours hence it will cost around $1500 to $ 2000
  • UI/UX design of the application requires a minimum, 50 hours and it will cost around $2,500 to $5000
  • The front end or backend development required around 400 working hours it will cost around $20,000 $45,000
  • Bug fixing or testing of the application requires another hundred working hours and it will cost around $5,000 to $10,000

Even after this breakdown, it is advised to bring overheads as well and it may be around $ 10,000 on average. Thus we can get a rough estimate for the packers and movers Mobile App Development Cost for an individual platform is around $50,000. Be it Android or iOS platform the cost doesn't alter so much. If you are not sure to get the proper estimate then you can hire the application developer who can provide you the estimated budget along with some other tips to make it budget-friendly.

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Significant advantages of having packers and movers Mobile application

There is no doubt that the trend of On Demand Courier App or packers and movers app is expanding in all dimensions. The first reason is that they create a loyal client base along with depicting the progression in brand image. This application also makes your presence remarkable in every segment where the client usually interacts with you and most of the business platforms get an opportunity because of the transparency created by this application. The most dynamic advantages offered by this application are-

  • The business platform get another medium to market their product and services
  • Precise intimation of the services offered by the medium to make the process easy for the clients to make the choice as per their requirements
  • Availability of the assets or resources in their location as per the requirements
  • Allocating digital brand representatives to mention client potential
  • Providing digital services with absolute reference for clients
  • To remain in touch soon after the first service takes place
  • Leaving no space for miscommunication for unintended errors.


If you are handling the development of packers and movers application then it might boost your business. It is obvious that the features and other functions of the software are not constant with most of the platforms. The development team can also proceed with simple methods so that you can cope with the competition in the market easily.

If you are looking for any such solution but confused with the cost then for the estimation in between 10,000 to 30,000 USD considering the generic features. If you want to add some specific features in the application then the estimate may exceed and it can one exceed 50,000 USD. It is important to note that the entire cost evaluation of the application is representational and it depends upon the custom application requirements or business model.