Cost And Features To Develop An OTT Video App

Cost And Features To Develop An OTT Video App

The world today has become all about over the top innovations and discoveries. So is the world of OTT services.

The OTT services are supported by the top giants of the digital industry including- Apple, Netflix, Amazon web services, Facebook, Hulu, Youtube, HBO GO, Sling. In the USA around 51% of homes are found to be using OTT serviceS. The OTT video applications are just one part of the other four services that are prevalent in the market. Messaging, Video, Audio, and VOIP are the four main OTT services.

If you wish to do an iPhone application development then many video app developers have leveraged the OTT segment with their quality features. The video app service has become a major business interest because of its great market size. It thus becomes imperative to understand the logistics that are involved in the development of such live video streaming apps. In this article, we will tell you about the cost and features of developing an OTT video application. After learning about such things in detail you can get a clear idea of how to invest and where to invest in your OTT app development business.

Features To Develop OTT Video Apps

  • Search Bar: The search bar that you choose for your video streaming app should have a variety of genres so that the maximum number of people can enjoy a stream through your channel. The search bar should be easily identified by the viewers of all age groups. A mobile application development company can help you in introducing all the important and key features to your OTT video streaming app.
  • User Profile: Just like the above-mentioned video streaming sites, your OTT video app would take a step in the market with a lot of features. Each user wants to personalize his account. This can be done by introducing a user profile feature. In his account, he can save his account details and the video suggestions will leverage his customized video streaming experience. 
  • Content should be Multilingual: The content that you stream through your video streaming app should attract a large amount of audience. The demographics can be increased keeping in mind the languages that the audience is comfortable in. A single language could not bring Netflix to the upfront of the OTT segment. Most of the people stream videos through their mobile phones. Thus you should undergo a custom mobile application development if you wish to gain great business with your Content Delivery Network.
  • Introduce Social Features: Most of the OTT video apps have taken a powerful control on the audience through their user-friendly options. Most of the people are found watching the trending series and videos through the medium of sharing. You should introduce sharing options for the content you provide. A direct link to the most popular social media will help your channel grow just like the one’s growing at present in the market.

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  • Watch Later List: A great way to bring more and more viewers to the house is by keeping a list of their preferred shows and videos handy. A custom mobile application development company can introduce a notifying feature that will notify the audience of their watch later list. This way even if the live shows are not that exciting and intriguing for the viewers then they can spend their time watching the saved ‘watch later’ list.
  • In-App Purchases: Most of the mobile application development companies have come up with an in-app purchase option to have a better business with this medium. All the subscription video on demand and transaction video on demands work on this in-app purchase principle. The mobile application development company should render an effective plan to introduce such a feature. The seamlessness of the money transfer provided through this feature is appreciated by the prime users. 
  • Options for Screen mirroring: For both the iOs users and others there should be an option to go have an ecstatic experience of video streaming away from their mobile screens. There can be many people who wish to Binge-watch their favorite movies and series on big TV screens. Contact with an iPhone app development company( if you are designing an iPhone app) that allows adding this feature in your OTT video app. Airplay can be used for iOs apps and Google Cast SDK can be used for the general viewers other than iOs.

Expense Strategyn And Planning For Ott Video App Development

There are different ways in which you can spend according to your bank balance and create your OTT video streaming app.

  • AVOD: An add centric content delivery network comes under Ad-supported Video on Demand model of OTT video apps. The advertisements are used to provide revenues for streaming videos. Hosting, offsetting production, monetization od content is covered under this
  • TVOD: when the users have to pay for per view
  • SVOD: The sites like Netflix utilize this subscription video-on-demand feature. Subscribing for a particular time paying the standard amount.

OTT Video Apps Can Earn Their Revenues Under A Stream Of Factors

  • The greater the number of platforms, the app will flourish the more in society
  • The more features you add to your OTT video app, the more would be the development and maintenance cost
  • Your app development company geographical base location.

An OTT video app development can cost you roughly around USD 150K to USD 200K. With this comes the time for implementation of the blueprint and get your app developed by the video app developers or you can also try the self coding method. The platforms providing you the OTT services can give you an app on rent. They will do everything and your app can be maintained for the amount of time you want to keep it. It also lends you the ownership without highlighting any third party names.


You might be an enthusiast in the developing field and endeavor to bring your video app under the OTT category. This brings forth various important factors upon which your app developing has to be done. If you wish to do an iPhone application development or for that matter for any platform then you get to choose any of the three options to build an OTT video app.

You can hire a professional, or you can lease the app from an OTT services platform or do self coding which would be accompanied by some of the steps taken when you use the lease option. The expense range can be managed with a good plan. You simply need to follow the simple facts to develop a competent video app.