Cost and Features to develop Review Website like TripAdvisor

Cost and Features to develop Review Website like TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor so far has been the best review website for travel purposes.

It an enormous amount of hotels, flights, package holidays, restaurants, cruises and many other things listed on its website. It also initiated travel app development for its review website which is running quite successfully now. TripAdvisor not only renders massive information to travelers across the world but also encourages them to give reviews of the places they have been to and the services that they used there. This is the main reason behind its popularity, it provides a platform to all its users for expressing their views about the hotels, destinations that they have been to. It is quite understandable that others want to build a website like that.

Now let us get down to how to develop a Review website like it. This can be done in two ways. One way is by making use of the platforms that provide prebuilt software along with integrated tools to develop a website. And the second way is outsourcing. You can outsource the development of your website to any travel website development company. They have professionals who will create your required review website from scratch. Nevertheless, if you want to develop the website all by yourself, you can take help from the features mentioned below that must be incorporated into your website. You can take an idea for the cost as well that can incur.

Features to develop Review Website like TripAdvisor

1. Signup

Visitors on your site should be able to and asked to make their personal accounts. This process should be made simple by enabling them to register with the help of their social media accounts or Google account or their email address. That is what TripAdvisor and almost every website do. This is because authorization is an important part of online marketing.

2. User’s Dashboard

A personal dashboard proves quite useful to the user. This is because this is the place where they can view all the history of their earlier activities and also check the information of their profile, edit or update it as well. The User interface design of this dashboard should be the best you can provide.

3. Search

When the travelers have made their account on their account on the website, it is time for them to search for their desired trip. Now, this is a very crucial part, as the whole point of creating a website was to let all the travelers look for what they want. Therefore, it is an obvious and must-to-include feature. The thing to keep in mind while creating this feature is that you provide the user with as many filters as you can. Take TripAdvisor for example, it has hundreds of filters for the users to use and search. Providing filters saves a lot of time for the consumer and lets him/her search as per his/her requirements. You can use any best web development company for this purpose as well.

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You can render filters such as pricing, foods, location, number of travelers, atmosphere, date, destinations, number of rooms, and many more. The main purpose filter is to narrow down the search for the user. With these filters, the user gets to check the most precise results of all. This also ensures that the user had a good experience scrolling through your website. You can take help from the website development services to include a large number of features on your website.

4. Geolocation facility

This is quite common and the most useful feature for any application. It would be handy for the users at the time of search and during their trip as well. Geolocation feature helps users to locate the places that may visit or want to visit. And during the trip, it would help them to locate any attractive nearby tourist place that they can visit and explore. Also, do not hesitate to make use of website development services, if you need to.

5. Ratings and Reviews

It is evident from the name, ‘review website’ that the whole purpose of the website is to let the users check reviews and ratings given by other people and also submit their own. When people are able to check the reviews of other verified users, it makes them trust the website. And this happens because the website has proven to be helpful to the users. Make sure you use responsive web design services for the creation of all your websites.

6. Property management

This is a feature for the property owners, the people whose properties will be reviewed. They should be able to create an account for themselves and then list their properties over their for rent. In this several other features should be added as well such as property details, availability, photos, and much other information as well.

7. Booking management

The companies or organizations who have listed their services on your site should be able to manage the bookings that they get through your website. This would include enabling them to manage, track, and cancel any of the required bookings on the website.

8. Notifications

When a traveler after his thorough research has made a booking through your website then he/she must receive a notification then and there only of the booking and also regarding the further ongoing of the booking.

How much building a review website will cost?

Developing a website like TripAdvisor will take up a lot of time and effort. And it will also cost you some amount as well. You will need to bear the cost of configuring hosting, purchasing a domain, selecting a template for your website. And according to the functionality you opt for the price will vary. It could be cheaper with lesser functionality and more with advanced functionality. Here we can give you an estimate of the cost and time. It can take 3-6 months at the least and more depending on how you want to develop the website. And the cost can be between $13,000 to $25, 000.

Summing it up

So here we have given you an idea for the requisites that you might need for the development and creation for your website. Now you can make strategies accordingly for your review website. You can also initiate travel app development for your website as well.