Dating apps on the market to help you find love in 2020

Dating apps on the market to help you find love in 2020

Who doesn’t want a partner who is fit for them, sooner or later we all have wished for a perfect companion, right?

Some lucky ones can find the love of their life early while some have to wait their entire life to find an idle partner. To woo a person, it takes a lot of thought process then just charm, we all have our interests, likes and dislikes, what if you can meet the right person who is like-minded just like you, wouldn’t that be great! 

In the era of 21st century where technology is spreading its glorious wings everywhere why should dating be left behind? 

Whether you like it or not, dating apps are slowly and gradually taking over our world. It might seem bizarre but who would have thought that finding your right date could be just a click away! Dating apps make it easier to find a date and never have to find your dating partner online has been so widely and socially acceptable. The amount of sign-up dating apps is getting it has given a boom on demand app development agencies. 

Earlier it was tedious, embarrassing (not for all but for some) and time-consuming to find a suitable date, but thanks to the dating portal development companies, people have found a new and profound hope to have a date with someone just right for them. 

Due to the increase in the number of millennials surfing the internet with the hope to find the true partner for them, the dating app development market has flourished like never before.

You have installed dating apps and you are all ready to sign-up and find the perfect partner but hold on! Wouldn’t you like to know what are the features that dating apps have to for to us? Well to answer your question here are a few features of dating apps:

1. Preference-based matching

Dating apps allow you to fill in your likes and dislikes and based on that they run their algorithm and voila! You got your match.

2. Chatting

A most important feature of any dating app is the sources of communication it offers to you. Dating apps have chatting facility so that you get to know each other and see if things can go any further.

3. Filter settings

Well, various apps allow you to find your suitable match by allowing you to set various filters like age, region or other criteria that you would like to set.

4. Faster match fading

this is undoubtedly the plus point of dating apps; you don’t have to spend a lot of your time to look for the right partner when you can find one just with a sign-up and some useful information about you!

5. Blocking the user

This is a much-needed feature, no matter on which social media platform you go, there are creeps everywhere. For example, a person is sending you messages constantly on a dating app and you don’t want anything to do with that, then this feature comes in handy.

Now we know what dating apps could do, so the major question here is, what are the best dating apps out there?

Maybe you’re interested in finding the perfect partner for you through dating apps or maybe you are just looking for a fling. But if you are looking for a partner you can find and fall in love with, this article is just for you. Before signing up for any dating app we all have a lot of questions about free or paid dating apps, or whether they are user-friendly or not or whether they will serve you what you want from them, regardless what your queries are this article got you covered! 

Let’s take a good look at the dating apps on the market that can help you find love in 2020:

1. Tinder 

Tinder is undoubtedly the most famous dating app and it has completely transformed the online dating world. It has been crowned as the most popular and downloaded app of 2019 and has more than 70 million followers worldwide. Due to which the cloud computing services are very happy as they get to store your data safely. It is considered as the king of dating apps, no second thoughts on that. This app offers a very considerable feature that you have to be older than 18 years and it is gaining popularity by each passing day.

It provides various features to its user that makes it one of the most lovable online dating apps, once you have created a very descriptive Tinder profile using your phone number or your Gmail ID or your Facebook ID the app shows nearby profiles with similar interests. Once you are done with signing-up you can use the swipe feature to find your perfect match, you can either swipe right to like the profiles or swipe left to pass them. If the profile you have swiped right for likes back the matching happens and you can chat with your match and the rest depends on your charisma and wooing skills.

Just like other apps Tinder also offers an upgradation system, you can upgrade to Tinder Plus or TinderGold to get more awesome features like unlimited likes, profile boosters and more other features for better visibility of your profile and to see who liked your profile and get better options and find the perfect match. Following its popularity, it is going to very tough to develop an app like Tinder.

2. Facebook dating

Facebook has taken over the world of social media so why should it stop there only. Facebook dating is slowly and gradually claiming its place in the world of online dating. However, Facebook dating is not yet available for many people but is going to get to your newsfeeds by the fall of 2020. 

But here is a catch Facebook dating is not an app but it is an extra feature within Facebook. It has given mobile application development a rest. But isn't it a cool way to add information to a completely new app when you could just use an app you already have and have been using every single day to find a perfect dating partner?

The biggest advantage of using Facebook dating is that it is such a dating platform where you don't have to bother about filling a lot of information about you, all you had to do it just modify your information, only if you wanted to. Facebook is aiming to separate itself from the crowd of dating apps especially apps like Tinder and become a perfect place for serious relationships.

3. Bumble

Bumble is a very popular dating app among women across the world. It is such an app that the power in the hands of the ladies. In this app, guys have to wait until the woman sends first messages or else the match will expire within the first 24 hours, isn't it cool?

Finally, there is an app that puts the power of finding the perfect match in the hands of the ladies. Bumble’s main goal is to encourage the female counterpart to take part in the world of dating without worrying about the creepiness associated with some of the other online dating platforms. You can easily guess how popular and user-friendly Bumble by the fact that by the end of 2019 Bumble has accumulated a total amount of 30 million users. Not only this by the fall of 2020 in aims to double its users.

Thanks to this app women all across the world feel more empowered and have an upper hand in making the first move.

After Tinder, Bumble is the most popular online dating apps in the market its user interface and all other basic functions are quite similar to Tinder but for the ladies, it has secured a very shining spot as one of the most popular and effective dating apps that could help you find love in 2020.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the top-grossing apps in the world, it has grossed 30 million followers worldwide and more than 4.5 million messages are sent through this dating app every day, unlike other apps if you are looking to have a serious committed relationship done this app is just for you to find a perfect match all they ask you to is fill some simple questions which are relevant to your interest not only this, the app lets you find profiles based on your interests and preferences you have filled in like age, gender, region, sexuality, etc.

If you are tired of endlessly swiping through people’s profiles to find someone that fits your interest then OkCupid is the app you always wanted. Just like Tinderokcupid also offers premium services that enable you to explore various features like unlimited likes, view more profiles and setting more detailed preferences.

5. Hinge 

Hinge follows a different ideology to help you meet your perfect match, it operates by allowing users to find the match that they share mutual friends with, earlier to do so you had to have a Facebook account, thankfully you don't have to do it anymore, now you can just simply join the app by using your phone number and add the necessary details like your photo as a profile picture and your bio so that people can get to know you better. It is rapidly grabbing the attention of the millennials ad its operation is almost identical to Tinder only in the aspects of design and navigation.

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On Hinge you don't have to fill tedious details where you have to put fill up a list of your likes and dislikes after scratching your head, it just simply asks you some questions and all you have to do is give genuine answers and then the app itself will show you the profiles that match your answer. The chances that you find the person who has shares the same interest as you are going to be pretty high all thank you Hinge. 


Whether you believe it or not but this dating app is spreading its Wings in more than 190 countries and it is even more significant than the king of dating apps Tinder itself. You might not have heard of this app but it has more than 30 million users worldwide. It is different from Tinderin the fact that it does not uses the swipe feature but rather the user just have to upload a photo of a celebrity or someone else of their type and the app works its algorithm like a magic to find a potential and suitable match for you, not only this it also enables you to find a perfect match through your mutual friends and lets you see if there are people who have similar interest like yours in your friend circle. It is definitely an interesting concept that you should try.


Well, there is a popular saying that things happen for a reason. Just imagine how often do you cross paths with the love of your life before you happened to meet him or her? If you have found the love of your life and is the person you have already crossed paths with well Happn has a very unique way to make it happen.

Wouldn't it be great that you can find the person who you used to admire a long time ago but previously didn’t have the confidence or an opportunity to confess your feelings to them, well those days are over buddy and if someone of your interest crosses your path in real life then this app will help you in appearing your profile in their timeline. So instead of leaving your crush behind you can regain your confidence and twist the fate of chances and connect with them.

All your potential matches are people you have already crossed paths with, so isn't it great that you are going to meet someone who has a lot in common with you? This app offers very creative features like if you like a person you have crossed paths with then you can like that person’s profile secretly and they won't find out unless they like you too, and if you want to take things a step further you can tap on the charm button to let them know that you are interested in them however just like all good things it comes with a price, it costs some coins which you have to buy with real cash by the in-app-purchase feature. The coolest feature of this is that you can see how many times you have crossed paths with the people, as well as the location and time it happened. It's very easy and user-friendly to setup and uses the profile. Its account creation is very standard and you can add photos and your interests and you are just one step away from your perfect match if you play your cards right.


Trulymadly is one such online dating platform which is something you can put your trust money on. It is one of the most trusted and leading matches making app in the market. With the user span of more than 45 million across the globe, this platform can help you find your perfect match in no time along with expanding your social network with the like-minded people and who wouldn't want that!

This app asks you to provide multiple verifications like your ID proof, your Facebook links and many more so the more credentials you provide the more trust score you are going to get and the more trust score you have, the higher the chances of getting a suitable match, its multiple verifications makes it a very safe and secure dating app, so go ahead and get yourself verified.

9. The Inner Circle

The inner-circle can be considered as a Tinder-like app for elite people, even though it sounds a little fictitious and pretentious but it's true and the main aim of this app is to match you up with people that are educated, career-driven, successful and have their ducks in a row. By the true essence of this app, you could have already figured it out that it connects users’ LinkedIn account with itself, pretty obvious right? So, if you want to find a perfect match all you have to do is mainly focus on your professional looking LinkedIn account picture.

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Its interface is most similar to Facebook and it allows users to browse through profiles just like Facebook rather than swiping left or right like you used to do and tinder. It sounds more like a professional and formal one- on- one meeting app than that of a dating app but if you meet a person who is the perfect match for you and is as successful as you are what's there to complain about, right?


Just like Bumble, Woo is the top dating app that puts the ball in the court of the ladies. Because of this app women have more power in choosing the partner they wanted. It is such an app that focuses on finding matches that are more like long term commitments.

The approach of the platform lies within its name, you can chat or voice calls you to match without even getting your number displayed. One of the cutest features of Woo is that it allows you to send a secret crush to the profile that acts like a real icebreaker and you can initiate to know each other better. So, ladies if you are looking for a platform that is safe, secure and gives you the power to choose your partner then Woo is just for you.