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Developers slow to ask for help when facing problems

So, let us start it this way – ‘Who are developers?’

They are these code magicians who are capable of bringing your ideas to life in the form of websites, mobile applications, and software. These eggheads might look a little nerdy and dull while performing their tricks, but the results are worth it. Tricks that take long hours of hard work, efforts, expertise, and of-course patience! And there is one thing about developers that can be hard to understand – ‘the way they handle challenges.’ You can see a developer struggling hard to implement something, regularly switching between tabs, and pulling his hair off his head, but you wouldn’t see him asking for help readily from a colleague.

Well, when it comes to best website development companies, they employ regular training programs for developers to polish their skills and learn new techniques. But, the process of development is quite similar to Mathematics, where a developer is taught the technique once with some examples and then he has to practice and learn to implement logic. The process where he learns while making mistakes and resolving them. It is based on the philosophy that – ‘you learn the best from your own mistakes’. It might sound like the hard way of learning, but it is also an effective one when it comes to programming.

The First Thought-

Why Developers are so reluctant in taking help from their colleagues?’

Well, sometimes it might be the thought of being doubted upon one’s expertise that causes the developers to keep their flaws to themselves. While, sometimes it can be a competitive environment in house like many mobile application development companies, where it would look like asking help from a competitor. But, more often, it is just the process of learning things by themselves makes developers walk alone through the struggle until they find a solution. With this, it also helps them explore a lot and learn things that they might wouldn’t have learnt if they would have asked for help from other website developers straightaway.

The Second Thought-

Doesn’t it impact the work productivity?’

Who said it doesn’t! It surely does. Haven’t you ever seen a developer sitting late in the office or extending his working hours just to meet the clients’ deadlines? Website or mobile application development is a process of learning and exploring things along the journey. And this learning takes time and dedication. Learning things by yourself surely takes time and affects your productivity as a developer.

But there is another perspective that is shadowed upon and that is ‘building expertise’. Web development isn’t just about bringing a project to its virtue and delivering it on time, but it is also about building experts and eventually creating expertise in the field. And this process requires the phase of learning, which takes time. However, it cannot be taken up to an extent where you are not able to meet your timelines and goals.

The Final Thought-

Building a cooperative and growth-driven environment.’

On the other end, the best mobile application development companies and web companies try to maintain a coordinative and friendly environment where developers can look up to their seniors for support at the same time they could request for training to develop new skills that would eventually add value and expertise to the organisation. This growth-driven environment can work towards fading the insecurities that may build up in a developer’s mind and causes him to keep his problems to himself.

He should be able to comfortably speak his challenges in the organisation without being judged and steps should be taken in order to resolve these challenges. These steps can be by assigning senior buddies to each developer, conduct problem sharing sessions, rolling out a plan for training and development, where the experienced developers should be allowed to attend the classes on topics of their interest along with the trainees. These are certain ways which can help an organisation remove the nervousness and insecurity in a developer’s mind and he could revert back in a more coordinated manner. This would be adding to the overall work productive along with the contribution of each individual employee.

Companies surely need to understand the difference between Managers and Leaders!