Essential Web Development Tools Every Blockchain Developer Should Know

Essential Web Development Tools Every Blockchain Developer Should Know

In the last ten years, there has been development in the concept of cryptocurrency.

You might have heard of bitcoin application development. What is this bitcoin? It is a cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency which is not backed by the government. It does not have a legal tender and you can pay your taxes with it. It is decentralized and global. It doesn’t have a country border matter. Its credibility and value are the same globally.

With bitcoin application development, you might be familiar with the concept of “blockchain”. It is recorded tracking technology for cryptocurrency. If you simply try to learn about blockchain technology through the internet, you might come across the definition “blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger.” This definition is at no point self-explanatory. But if you’re really looking to understand the blockchain technology, good for you, the technology is easier to understand than the definition. There’s no argument that this technology is very complex.

We’ve come to a confusing point here. The term “blockchain” is simple, the definition is not. The technology is complex but the basic understanding of it is not. You can only imagine how much skills it requires to develop such software. Blockchain software development is a complex process. The complexity of the coding can be dialled down using some tools. The best web development company provides the essential tools required for blockchain software development.

A Chain Of Blocks Of Information

As the name suggests, blockchain is a chain of blocks of information. but it’s not quite the direct traditional translation of the word’s ‘block’ and ‘chain’. when we use the words ‘chain’ and ‘block’ we refer to those more in a digital sense. ‘blocks’ are digital pieces of information stored in a public database that is the ‘chain’.

The ‘blocks’ in blockchain are digital pieces of information. Specifically, they have three-part or the type of information they store.

  • Blocks store information about transactions like the date, time, a band dollar amount of your most recent purchase from any online purchase firm like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
  • Blocks store information about who is participating in transactions. Instead of using your actual name, your purchase is recorded without any identifying information using a unique “digital signature,” sort of like a username. So, each one gets a unique username which stores separate information.

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  • Blocks store information that distinguishes them from other blocks. Each block stores a unique code called a “hash” that allows us to tell it apart from every other block. So, even though any to individual’s purchases are the same, they are differentiated using the unique code.

creating a cryptocurrency wallet requires complex programming to ensure its security. Hence, wallet application development will require a set of good programmers. The Bitcoin protocol has its own unique characteristics. For developers planning to code a wallet application development from scratch, a range of skillsets are essential that relate to blockchain technology. The wallet development services provided by different companies are different. Based on the security of the cryptocurrency, the service is chosen. To develop a secure website to store digital currency globally is a tedious task.

Essential Web Development Tools

There are many companies that provide blockchain software development services. They are custom website development services like Ethereum DApps Development where the developers build decentralized applications (DApps) and develop smart contracts, Core Blockchain Development where the company specializes in custom blockchains development and Blockchain-Based Systems.

Various blockchain development tools have been introduced to ease the process of blockchain software development. if you are a developer looking for the best chosen and widely used tools for blockchain software development, then this is your one-stop.

Here are some of the most popular and best web development tools that are used by various blockchain software developers across the globe.

1. Truffle Framework

Truffle is a framework for the cryptocurrency Ethereum that offers a development environment for building Ethereum based apps. It includes support for the library that provides custom website development services for coding new contracts and links Ethereum applications. It offers the ability to perform automated contract testing using Chai and Mocha.

2. Geth

Geth is an Ethereum client used for running Ethereum nodes in the Go programming language. Geth is basically a program which works as a node for the Ethereum platform and can be used for mining ether tokens, create smart contracts, transfer tokens and explore the block history.

3. Embark

Embark is a development framework for Ethereum based dApps. It allows developers to develop and deploy dApps based on decentralized technology. It enables you to create smart contracts which can be made available in javascript code.

4. Remix IDE

Ethereum platform uses many tools for creating and deploying smart contracts on the blockchain. The remix is one of the easiest and browser-based tools used for the creation and deployment of smart contracts. It can be used for writing, debugging, testing and deploying smart contracts. All the codes are written in a programming language called solidity.

5. Solium

Security is a major concern in either public or private blockchain. In public blockchain like bitcoin, wallet development services should have a strong security base. Solium tool is designed to format solidity code and resolve security issues in your code. It makes sure that the code is formatted and checks for vulnerability too.


These are the basic website development tools provided by different companies following different framework. There are various other tools such as nethereal, ethereumJS VM, solidity, cava, parity, prysm etc that provide similar services like the ones listed above. The framework varies and you can choose any framework that you are comfortable with.