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Event Update: WWDC 2019: What to learn, Dates, and How to see live?

After the presentation event of the new iPhone, something that usually happens in the fall, this afternoon is probably the most important event they have in Cupertino: the inaugural conference of Apple's WWDC 2019. The apple celebrates its summit of developers, the framework chosen year after year to unveil software innovations. Tim Cook and his team have been revealing the details of iOS 13 for iPhone, iPadOS for iPad, MacOS, iPhone application development and WatchOS, the platform for their smart watches. From here we have mentioned the main news of the presentation so you do not miss anything.

21.17: With this we end up here. A long event of two hours and fifteen minutes with enough content and very focused on the 'software' with changes and improvements in almost all products of the brand. IOS13 has lost some prominence in favor of iPadOS and growing systems like WatchOS. MacOS Catalina gives a review of several basic 'apps' and finally yes, we say goodbye to iTunes showing that something changes in Apple. We will see how all this 'software' evolves and the new bet of 'hardware', the Mac Pro.

21: 05: Revolution also for developers. Schedule for iOS will be easier than ever. With a system of Swift quite improved and that is taking the biggest applause of the public. You can join your iPhone with your Mac to schedule in real time.

21: 00: The virtual reality 'demos' could not miss and this time they have mounted a kind of mine craft in real life.

20.55: Brutal development for people with mobility problems, now you can control the entire Mac and your Apple devices with only the voice. They show a video in which there are many possibilities. Also it changes Find My, that now will be Find My Friends and that comes with improvements like a connection via Bluetooth with other devices Apple that are close so that these chive of where is your device. Finally, they make it official to turn your iPad into a second screen.

20.50: MacOS Catalina arrives and another of the rumors is confirmed: goodbye to iTunes. The 'app' is divided into three: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and TV 'app' a myth that gives way to a new generation.

20.45: The price is quite high, as we could imagine. The tower goes for more than $ 6,000 and the screen 5,000. There is some murmur after knowing that the components to turn the screen are not included either.

20.35: It is the most powerful computer that Apple has ever done, and it shows in the demo. You can edit in 8k, edit music with thousands of tracks. You can rotate to see everything vertically, although well, that's what Samsung did.

20.15: Mac's turn comes. And here's the Mac Pro, a kind of PC with a pretty eye-catching design that stands out for the power and breaks a bit with the line of its latest releases in the number of ports and its modular interior . That is, it is easily extended.

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20.10: iPad is more than ever like a computer. You can use a 'pen drive' as if it were a Mac and clearly improves 'apps' like Finder or Safari so that you have the same options as on the Mac.

20.05: And iPadOS arrived. The 'tablet' of Apple will have a new system made to measure and becomes independent of iOS to gain possibilities. The pen becomes the protagonist and the screen becomes more versatile.

19.55: Airpods, HomePod, CarPlay ... They have decided to create a section only for these products and explain their news. The most striking is that now you can share music with a friend who has an iPhone and their own Airpods and the 'shortcuts' have more possibilities than ever. They will enter your mobile as a separate 'app' and gain a lot of weight.

19.40: The focus of privacy is not lost and focus much of the speech to highlight all your work to make your mobile is private and secure. Improvements in Home, Messages, new measures in the location and even in the data kept is promised by the iOS App Development Company.

19.35: Maps, Reminders, Notes, Safari. All the 'apps' come with new improvements although the most striking are Reminders and Maps.

19.30: And they start to launch improvements. Face ID 30% faster, the updates of the 'apps' will be up to 60% smaller. And, above all, the famous 'dark mode' is here.

19.25: Shift for iOS 13. Tim Cook starts pulling muscle with his iOS 12 data. It has a 97% satisfaction and 85% of users have updated the system, compared to 10% of Android 9 stick to Google.

19.20: We are running for WatchOS. Skip the first 'secondary actor', Kevin. It shows us the new details that we will have in our Apple Watch. New areas, more complete and with more information (we can even see the hours of other places as if it were a professional clock). But without a doubt the best are the new applications.

19.15: And the first system to jump to the fore is TVOS. A new system for Apple TV that follows the style of others such as Netflix or Movistar itself and adds video games (compatible with PlayStation and Xbox One controls) and music.

19.05: They start with video for the developers, this time very human, with the bad and the good thing of being 'developer'.

19:00: The event is ready and starts with new players. The 'animojis' converted Apple symbols are the great image of the day and the event in which they simulate a kind of brainstorming as a clear nod to the developers.

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18.00: In the absence of an hour to start everything, there is a clear protagonist in San JosΓ©. Marques Brownlee, a well-known 'you tuber' with more than 8 million followers on YouTube is one of the best-known faces among those attending the event, and everyone wants a photo with him.

17.30: Everything prepared at the McEnery Center. The developers and other attendees at the Apple party queue at their doors and we can see that there is a desire to finally know what Tim Cook's company brings us many rumors and questions at this time.

17.04: Apple fans are beginning to leave us stunned of this WWDC 2019. As usual, the Mobile App Development Company has made a series of gifts to all who have gone to his conference, and one of these presents, a reversible jacket, is already sold on eBay for $ 1,100.

16.15: Will iTunes disappear? Or will it be a rebranding? Rumors suggest that there will be a major remodeling of the store of songs, movies and other digital content. There are several signs that point to that. This decision would be motivated by the appearance and rise of platforms such as Apple Music and Apple TV.

15.45: Today is the second major event that Apple will celebrate this year. In March he presented his television platform, which included Apple TV and Channels. Custom software Development Company will brief about many updates.