Google Plan To Use Firebase More Effectively For Android App Developers

Google Plan To Use Firebase More Effectively For Android App Developers

A kid passionate about playing Chess needs a chessboard, isn’t it?

What if he is a bit out of money for the past few days and somehow can’t afford to buy the chessboard on his own, then from somewhere comes an angel in his story and provides him with the chessboard to play.

We can relate to this child’s happiness as we might have encountered such a situation at least once in our life when we have craved for something just like the kid. The scenario with the mobile application development company was the same 4-5 years back in the industry. We will see this situation as we proceed but this outline is necessary in order to know about Firebase as a service provider.

History of App Development

After the evolution of App developers at a rapid rate, everyone was trying to put their heads into this industry as it was easy to work on, especially for freelancers when compared to other jobs in the hunt. People looked at App development as a job that allowed themselves to express their ideas in a way they wanted to; in a digital form. They could build an idea on and put it on the web all due to the presence of the technology called App development. But nature’s rule state “Everything that gives a profitable output needs a viable input too”, and this input can come up maybe in terms of money, technical knowledge, technical space referring to storage and numerous other things.

Taking this into account Evolve was introduced by two App developers in the early part of this current decade, initially what Evolve did was that it provided APIs to developers for introducing a chatbox on their websites. APIs are just like a bunch of functions which allows the developers to use the feature of other operating systems into their own creation which kind of eased their work in a way they don’t need to spend time working on things on which someone has already worked on. APIs provide the shortcut in the sense it readily available and easy to attach to work units of developers.

Who’s at the top?

Top android app developers are those which have the knowledge to know where to sync APIs in their work and where to develop the feature on their own. So, let us jump back to the Evolve story as Evolve, as this chatbox gained popularity the two developers noticed a very odd thing happening. The chatbox was used to pass data of applications that were in no way similar to chat messages, this made them realize the potential Evolve carried and they separated the chat functionality and the architecture it provides and this was the birth of Firebase.

Let me list down the services that Firebase provides with its presence,

  • Impressive Analytics

Top Android App Developers always keep a watch on the analytics of their work and Firebase helps immensely in this respect as it provides free insights on app usage and user engagement. This acts as a signal which directs the developer to work on areas that required improvement. Analytics are not just numbers instead they are the measuring unit of how successful or how impressive the work is.

  • Adequate Platform

Firebase hands a developer an efficient and cost-free platform for messages and notification that an Android or IOS might use when necessary.

  • Easy Authentication

Every Android app development company uses user authentication as it’s part of the operation and Firebase works well in this respect too as it provides features that can authenticate a user using only user side code and allow logging facilities using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or GitHub.

  • The network will no longer be an issue

One feature that every app developer likes about Firebase is its feature that allows them to upload and download any kind of files for Firebase app irrespective of the quality of the network under which the developer is working.

  • Smooth Functioning

Talking of analytics Firebase comes up with analytics on crash reports of application, this is an important consideration for the better and smooth running of application and mobile application development companies are craving for such features.

  • Online Application Test

If someone working on custom mobile app development is hesitant to present it on the web as he wants a good trail of his product beforehand, Firebase comes to him as a trail playground as it provides him with a cloud-based infrastructure to test the application online.

This list can be extended if we look in every nook and corner of Firebase but a basic outline of Firebase’s work is put in front through these points.

Why Google Chose Firebase?

We all know how obsessed Google is being the top android app development company towards any new technology out in market especially when it is related to something which is a core part of Google i.e. coding. When Google smelled the rise of Firebase it quickly acquired it and started running it under their own shed. Firebase became the next subsidiary business in line with others that Google manages to run, all simultaneously. Google understood how important the services are which Firebase hands down in line and quickly grabbed it. Custom mobile app development is something that allows developers to go beyond the regular coding stuff and this requires platforms like Firebase.

Earlier in this decade as I mentioned earlier in this article, developer and mobile application development specially the small companies which dreamed of becoming big in shot in the industry faced problems in terms of feedback and analysis of their applications. Firebase was a boom for them as firstly it was cheap and secondly the services it provides are what the doctor had ordered for them. With Google’s involvement in Firebase, the platform has gained recognition all over the world and had gained popularity among App development companies all across the globe.


Google’s future plans for Firebase are formulated as they want to reach out to not only a single Mobile application development company but many other such companies as well, to extend the network of Firebase. Google is working on extending the cloud storage used by Firebase users for bigger and heavy application runs. They are working on the algorithms that can work the analytics in a more accurate and efficient manner.

They are pushing the limits as much as possible in order to stretch the present arms of Firebase. There is a growth in platforms similar to Firebase and this makes a competitive environment for Google to improve the quality of Firebase and the facilities it provides to the developers. The fact Firebase is very cost-effective always counts in their favor when compared to others.