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How AI Mobile Apps are Transforming Travel Industry

02 Mar

The travel industry is one of the booming industries in the world as it quenches the thirst of traveling for many traveling freaks.

The travel industry has been vehemently developed over the last decade to support the demand of travel enthusiasts.

The travel industry is also subjected to the use of AI of phones for the business. Mobile phones dominate every industry and dominating the travel industry along with it no such exception. Consumers have the demands of enjoyable yet easy traveling experience. A recent census declared that more than 80% of travel enthusiasts have travel apps downloaded on their mobile phones.

Need for Artificial intelligence and languages

Artificial intelligence programming plays a key role in managing these apps for the convenience of the public. Ai has brought a new level in the smart technology category and grows at a steep rate to meet the intelligence level of humans. Just like any other software development program, an artificial intelligence development program requires a variety of languages to give it a proper structure. AI has reached the level of biometric scanning that is used in almost all smartphones today and autopilot modes in vehicles that require a certain level of AI. AI is completely depended upon the use of coding languages for their developmental programs.

The use of different languages includes;

  1. C++
  2. Python
  3. JAVA
  4. LISP
  5. Prolog

Why develop a travel application?

Travel application development is also necessary for the travel industry as the applications play a very crucial role. The enticing characteristics of the application help to draw more customers along with the services rendered by it. In today’s world, vacations are planned with much more precisions and high expectations from the customer’s side.

Long hours are spent over phones and tablets booking the best deals. In recent times, the craze of mobile booking has shot to over 1600% times. Thus the business revenue has also increased from about 1% to 17%. Mobile applications are therefore crucially the transforming the travel industry to the more technological portion and the expectations are also getting high. Travel apps always contain 4 of the best part for the best guiding feature on phone.

  1. Users Account and Personal ID- A mobile app of the travel genre will always contain a user account along with the person’s personal account. It helps to keep the track of the traveler and maintain the records along with notifying the person with the best deals that can be rendered to him/her. 
  2. Booking services- Applications of such type have booking options for both flights and trains. The booking options are available for most of the routes. The hotel booking facilities are also present in the travel app. They are also guided with the previous reviews of the hotels for transparency.
  3. Search and Filter options - Search and filter options are provided to the users to filter the needs according to their wishes. The choice of hotels is also available to them with the search option.
  4. Navigations – Navigation is also added to these to guide the travel to the destination properly. The geolocation feature helps to track the travel and shoe the distance between the traveler and the destination with the modes of communication available from that point.

AI Software Development

For all of these jobs, artificial intelligence is also required. The artificial intelligence software development programs are very much needed to support these apps in any condition. Previously the software was wholly created by humans and required the writing of codes using logic. In modern times by the use of machine language and artificial intelligence, the course of software development is awaiting new dawn. The software will use proper data to train the neural networks and provide a rapid solution to any problem without any human brain. The artificial intelligence is being upgraded to the level of human intelligence to provide every solution to problems. This revolutionary idea is being created to produce a world that would go for automation.

Artificial intelligence solution is highly needed in the travel industry for the use of mobile phones. The artificial intelligence solution help o remodel the various methods. AI is used in almost every part of any business that is done online. From voice assists like Alexa and Siri to GPS navigations to filling up any eforms or handling any application, artificial intelligence does it all.

In the modern world where travel has become a necessity more than a luxury in the life of the people, the travel industries along with the use of the phones have played a key role in shaping the very industry with the artificial intelligence. AI has been very successful in making the travel app go handy and user-friendly.

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