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How can SharePoint meet the specific needs of healthcare, a highly regulated industry with complex internal processes?

When it comes to providing their work, healthcare providers are more than eager to do with digital tools.

But, they work in a highly regulated industry with quite complex internal processes and strict environment, which imposes huge restrictions on the usage of these types of tools. For instance, HIPAA regulations essentially demand the highest security of healthcare data and information.

Also, the choice of these digital tools is quite limited, owing to the necessity to check them against these different regulations as well as require relevant consulting offered by the vendors of these tools. Here, we look at how SharePoint can meet the particularly specific needs of healthcare institutions. SharePoint development services provide different solutions to healthcare services. The functionality of SharePoint can easily be employed in different spheres of work of a particular healthcare facility. Also, SharePoint use cases can be divided into multiple groups. We will be discussing the most important group of them all.

Collaboration solutions

In this group, it has the SharePoint solutions for the purpose of internal collaboration between employees of a particular healthcare institution, intranets, as well as solutions for external collaboration between the particular healthcare institution and different associates like insurance companies, laboratories, etc. 


Various intranets based on SharePoint, can easily improve the efficiency of healthcare employees, patient care, along with employee engagement through the following ways:

  • Speeding up Internal Processes 

With the assistance of automated workflows that help in streamlining processes like tracking employee status changes as well as vacations, approving the budget, managing assets, and much more, it improves the efficiency of the system. Mobile access assists to increase productivity as well as improve overall patient care. For instance, a doctor can easily approve a patient discharge request remotely through a mobile app, quickly. The nurses can utilize to-do lists powered by SharePoint to easily track their daily activities, readily associate patients' names with their own tasks, prioritize tasks, as well as add an estimated time of fulfillment of the task. All the data can be easily stored and analyzed by employing cloud computing services.

  • Tracking Work Activities and Events

Healthcare employees are always engaged in multiple activities such as patient attendance, training, surgeries, etc. and it can essentially be quite difficult for them to easily keep an eye on these different activities without any scheduling system in place. SharePoint calendars assist the employees in scheduling different medical procedures along with upcoming events such as meetings or even workshops and allow them to readily join, discuss, share as well as celebrate events. Along with this, on-call scheduling calendars assist in tracking the replacement staff as well as schedule changes and even notifying other employees regarding it.

  • Keeping Track on News as well as Announcements

Through SharePoint alerts as well as announcements, a healthcare institution can ensure its employees never miss any critical update. Along with this, the platform allows conveying urgent alerts in different ways like a display banner on the entire intranet or even a push notification on the mobile application. Also, the system can even block employees from utilizing the intranet until they have actually read as well as acknowledged the message.

  • Emergency Management

In order to efficiently and quickly address emergencies in a healthcare institution, SharePoint offers a list of emergency color codes which different quick links to important and relevant procedures in order to undertake or various action sheets. It even provides an emergency contacts directory, which assists in reaching the dispatch operators as well as an emergency response team.


Extranets based on SharePoint replace telephonic calls for communication of various healthcare providers with their own partners and certainly makes it much faster and more transparent owing to offering a unified collaboration space for the purpose of business interactions. SharePoint application development includes extranets which provide the following:

  1. A single knowledge source on changing requirements in medical supplies such that suppliers could easily and quickly adapt to them readily.
  2. Swift information exchanged among affiliated physicians to easily track the treatment course whenever a patient is treated in different medical facilities. It also enables setting up different workflows between various patient care teams.

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  • Quick Announcements to create awareness in public regarding pharmaceutical breakthroughs as well as new research.

Now let’s look at another solution that SharePoint provides. SharePoint offers such type of various solutions.

Document Management Solutions

A particular document management system or DMS assists in ensuring the traceability and security of the healthcare documents. Microsoft application development of DMS has multiple benefits. SharePoint DMS can assist healthcare institutions to easily streamline the below-mentioned tasks.

  • Organization and Centralization of different types of healthcare content such as textual, graphic, audio, and video files for easier and quicker access.
  • Creation of typical documents such as admission proms, contracts, consent forms utilizing templates, as well as clauses library.
  • Maintenance of integrity and high security of the ePHI or electronic Protect Health information due to versioning, backups, audit trails, and other features.
  • Conversion of hard copies of various medical documentation into readable as well as searchable PDF files through integration with OCR software. 
  • Transfer of data like information of the patient from and into integrated systems in order to avoid double entry.


It is evident that SharePoint provides multiple capabilities to easily streamline communication, collaboration, document management, and different other processes in Healthcare. As this platform is quite customizable, it can easily be utilized to create a solution tailored to the specific requirements of a healthcare institution and its employees. Also, it adheres to different compliance regulations that is mandatory. Microsoft development technologies are leading the way in benefitting healthcare organizations. However, for the high adoption of these technologies, relevant training is required along with robust support. This ensures seamless operation of the different solutions in highly regulated, demanding as well as the high-pressure environment.