How hard it is for a web developer to be AR developer?

How hard it is for a web developer to be AR developer?

Augmented reality is an enhanced version that has its ancestral of science fiction trope which now is a science-based reality.

The AR has the possibility and ability to modify and restructure any industry in upcoming years. Augment reality technology has widespread its root almost in every sector including from gaming, online shipping, and others. It is quite an acceptable solution for business entrepreneurs as well as consumers. The growth of mobile technology had open ways for more AR developers as their career option.

Developing an Augmented Reality App is a complex task; a person faces man issues while developing it. There are a lot of system components and functionalities to work appropriately, making it difficult to crack.

Augmented Reality can run on almost any smartphone or tablet, but sometimes they work contrary to your expectations. The apps are advanced mode they require crucial ingredients like processors, motion sensors, camera, screens and much more. One of the most common challenges developers face is the right knowledge about the development. The primary use of AR in the field of entertainment, advertising, and many other purposes but there are still various missing factors regarding awareness of program for developers. AR developers need to have enough knowledge about the latest upgraded technology. It is not an easy task to fix bugs, implement new functionalities and expand user capabilities.

AR development is a different concept for a web developer. Although it's not a new concept, there are still possibilities for a web developer to adopt the technology. At the initial stage, a web developer may land up discouraged finding special skills required for being an AR developer. If you are a web developer, be thankful because you have command over the language of C, C++, Javascript, Python and much more that are fundamental essential for developing AR apps.

It would be fierce competition for web developers to compete with solely AR developers who have figure out the full value of technology and resourcing AR tools. Web developers usually have good UX driven features with 2D or 3D assets that could make impressive products. A web developer would be embedding AR features with their traditional duties. Best Website developers can work with AR platforms and standards and start full Javascript AR projects easily. All they need to is to initiate work with a web framework like Cordova, React Native and embed into AR framework of choice and deploy with 3D assets.

Web developers should learn 3D modeling and UI/UX for developing AR apps. As a programmer, you should know data structure, algorithm, and usage of editor for attaching sound on 3D objects and so on. They should have knowledge about Unity 3D or Unreal for implementing techniques in their projects. Unity gives access for writing scripts in languages same as JavaScript known as Unity Script. C# can be used for Unity. Layar SDK is software used iOS and Android apps. QCAr is a Custom software development kit available in the market for creating augmented reality applications.

How to become an AR developer?

1. Define platform - decide the devices and platform, game engine, a framework to use.

2. Develop Skills - Get knowledge about the terminology of 3D modeling, language for a framework, SDK, and get hands-on UI/UX for AR.

3. Start by something small - There is best web development company that works with top-notch games and apps. As a developer, you can achieve by working on a small target and implementing technology in data visualization, education and 360-degree experiences. You would gain experience and practice in AR terms.

4. Join AR communities - Deal with people, participate in a forum, read blogs, talk to colleague developers that have a hand of AR development. Join communities that would help you in overcoming the challenges faced by a web developer in a journey of AR developer.

Challenges faced in the landscape or Augmented Reality.

  • Technical challenges - Sensor reading, GPS errors, pattern recognition.
  • AR-specific devices for a better experience of thrills AR provides.
  • Interoperability within different platforms and services.
  • Limitations of accessing multi-user experience.
  • content unavailability
  • Lack of master education
  • Public Awareness.

AR is optimizing user experience in the last recent years. But user experience design is still not up to the mark and needs further investigations. A custom software development company can guide you with proper AR UX guidelines and orient first-year students for additional experience.