How Microsoft Azure Is A Perfect Cloud Solution For Smbs

How Microsoft Azure Is A Perfect Cloud Solution For Smbs

Cloud solutions today are on the extreme rise and it is better to say that they have the future of technology and business assistance.

When it comes to small or medium business platforms, the majority of companies believe in migrating their IT infrastructure or whole assets to the cloud. The reasons to do so are mobility on virtual devices, maximizing the uptime, cost efficiency and many more. A cloud service has a lot to do with Microsoft web application development. The most preferred cloud services are Amazon Web Services (AWS cloud) and Microsoft Azure.

It is better to choose with the available cloud services depending upon the scale and size of enterprises. In this article, we will learn about the significance and contribution of Microsoft Azure in Microsoft app development. Azure is a cloud computing platform provided by Microsoft which also fulfills the requirement of backups, virtual machines, storage and many more. If you start a small business platform and you are looking for cloud services then Azure Cloud Solutions should be your best choice. There are several other reasons to adopt the services of Microsoft Azure. Let us learn more about it-

  • It provides 99% uptime for all the integrated services of Azure
  • The users only have to pay for the assets which they are using which means that there are no overheads or up upfront costs
  • Overall cost with the owner can also be reduced, which means you can save something from your estimated budget
  • Integrating Microsoft Azure cloud services with other IT platforms will enable you to extend their lifetime
  • As it is a flexible cloud solution the small business platforms can set up the target for hybrid configuration by combining On and Offsite.

Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services that remarkably include networking, storage, analytics, database, mobile, web services, and computing. All of these instances together help the organization to proceed faster by achieving more and spend less. in its large suite of services and available applications the major ones for assisting SMBs are-

  • Azure active directory
  • Machine learning
  • Virtual machines
  • Cognitive services
  • App service
  • Functions.

Beneficial Prospectus Of Microsoft Azure In Small Or Medium-size Business Platforms

The cloud service deployment of Microsoft Azure can be from a single server to a bunch running across multiple regions. It also significantly scales up the performance requirements with its services for any specific time. As a small enterprise, you can't spend for every resource including the hardware and the perk is- You do not have to. Azure Cloud Solutions have a positive and consistent impact on business growth. It also checks for the expenditure on resources and IT infrastructure.

Let Us Now Dive Deeper Into The Benefits Offered By Azure Cloud Services-

  • Scalability

With the help of Azure cloud services, you can scale up/ down the required resources in your recent subscription without investing in additional. The availability of this benefit makes it a must-have for small business growth. For example, if you have an expanding database then you can select the required form Azure's options, deploy it instantly and then limit ramp up and downtime.

  • Redundancy

Small business platforms need to make sure that their websites are running 24/7 with minimum downtime. Here it gets mandatory for Azure to excel its options with redundancy. Cloud architects can utilize Multiple Azure regions along with Azure traffic manager to manage the necessary traffic and automatic fails. A stable and robust client hosting platform can be built for websites having the need to operate at its peak considering the performance and continuous uptime.

  • Security

The activities like breaches and hacks are actively e creating obstacles in the growth of an enterprise. It is wise to consider security as a major concern for the development of SMBs because it is essential to secure the intellectual property on customer’s data. With the help of Azure marketplace, you can prevent and respond to threats. It also protects your data and you can instantly identify the resource which needs immediate attention.

  • Compliance

Whenever the business platform selects its cloud services compliance has a major role to play. Any organization which is audited by a governing body, because of its sensitive nature of the business it has its significance. Azure offers the maximum complaint coverage by holding lots of certifications compared to any other service provider. These cloud services are provided in government ruled regions to assure additional security and compliance.

  • Disaster recovery

In any small or medium-sized business, the vital element lies in its ability to recover from disasters or uncertainty. Under this, you can also count the natural ones like hurricanes, flirts of Fire. Do you have any idea how to protect them on-premises IT infrastructure from such a situation?

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Well, now you will be excited to know about the Azure site recovery service (ASR) where the cloud consultants make sure that your on-premises data and services are available to you even if some tragedy has happened.

  • Integration

Microsoft Azure allows the business platform with ease in integration not only to the existing application but also to the onsite IT infrastructure. The best part is the majority of the operating systems, application frameworks, databases, tools, and programming languages are compatible with the cloud services of Azure. You have to available options, either build your application with the help of JavaScript, Dot net, PHP develop the backend of your applications across multiple operating systems. With the help of hybrid database and storage options which will give you the best of onsite and cloud computing.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Have A Lot To Offer To The Smbs Which Also Include:

  • SMB zones in their respective brick and mortar stores
  • The Bot framework and hierarchy to build small or medium business bots
  • Booking" solution which allows the customers to change, set up to cancel the appointment.
  • Help you manage and host the strategic data as well as applications
  • Provide complete reliability with finances
  • You can remain up to date with its tools and services
  • You can also ensure the regulatory compliance
  • Azure also assists in Microsoft web application development.


The cloud solutions provided by Microsoft Azure have opened a new world of possibilities for the growth of SMBs. It has also helped in maintaining the stability in Microsoft app development. If you are also the one still relying on the on-premise IT infrastructure, now is the time to bring cloud services under consideration.