How Much Cost To Develop A Real Estate Mobile App Like Zillow And Trulia?

How Much Cost To Develop A Real Estate Mobile App Like Zillow And Trulia?

The real estate industry, at present, is growing at an exponential rate and considering all the evolving options, it can be said that the competition among them is also increasing swiftly.

At present, promoting the real estate business with traditional marketing methods or advertisements is not effective as compared to the latest technological advances. Out of all such advances, the real estate business is approaching mobile app development companies in order to build reliable applications having essential industry measures. 

There is no one in the selling and purchasing business who doesn't like to navigate the options from the comfort of their home. Earlier, buying or selling the property was extremely difficult for everyone where they have to invest a lot of time and resources to get a suitable property. With the development of real estate mobile applications, it has effectively put a stop on all the offline work processes. The giants in the same segment are Trulia and Zillow. These applications can access all the essential features as a pacesetter in the business of property. They have also made the real estate industry translucent and with the insightful approach and online advertising solutions, users can have a better experience.

Identify the object prior to develop the real estate application

For developing a real estate mobile application, it is important to keep a variety of concerns in order to facilitate the buyers with buying, selling, or renting the property. Eventually, it should also be helpful for the property agencies, real estate agents and all the involved workers in the same segment. To make a successful real estate application, it is important to have features like price listing, contact details of the concerned person, precise details of the property, 3D view, etc. The application must be capable to help the potential customers learn about the property of their interests.

As the technology is moving in an unprecedented manner, every passing day has enabled the online users to move towards digitization within no time. With the help of real estate applications, interested users can have a virtual experience of the property and gain information without physically visiting the place. Moreover, it will also save the time of realtors as well as buyers. Hence it becomes mandatory to identify your objective prior to the app build-up, like the targeted audience or real estate segment.

The business model for the real estate app

All the efforts and investments which you put in for the development of real estate applications will only be categorized fruitfully if it can bring more or at least equivalent profit in return. And the application will attract potential customers or investors only if it offers something unique and relevant to them. It is important to look for all the possible ways through which you can monetize the best out of your application. There are some models which you can follow to monetize the realistic application product also it will not affect the user experience.

  • Normal advertising- This is one of the simplest ways to monetize the real estate application to a greater extent. In this model you can easily integrate the advertisement and using this application will generate revenue along with keeping your platform free-to-use for all the users. It is still advised not to add so many ads to eliminate the chances of users leaving the platform.
  • Freemium model- In this model, the real state application is provided with essential features only and it is free to use for all the users. Moreover, if the users are interested to access its advanced features then they have to purchase the premium version of the application on their device. The premium version of the application is advertisement free for all the premium users while on the freemium model they have to deal with the advertisements.
  • Professional advertising- This model is used by the property brokers or real estate agents who are willing to promote their business in order to convert potential clients in a direct manner with a fixed amount. Through this manner, advertisements will be only visible to those clients who are ready to initiate the transaction.

It is also important to create real estate applications equally for Android as well as iPhone Application Development segments so that users from diverse platforms can participate in it. The other technical requirements are-

  • Objective C
  • Java
  • Python
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Flask
  • Amazon S3
  • Google authorization
  • RabbitMQ
  • Apple push notifications

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Essential features required to develop and real estates application like Zillow or Trulia

A large number of Real Estate App Development companies prioritize the list of features which they are willing to include in their application. This approach is considered extremely useful because it helps to keep you onboard along with a focused approach to conceptualize the application and achieve the most out of it in an absolute manner. In order to comprehend the application and it's build-up it is important to focus on the essential features which the application can produce by the venture of some real estate giants. 

Let us walk through the features- 

  • Database- Almost every essential thing related to the successful venture of the application depends upon the database integration in the real estate mobile app development process. In order to keep the users interested in the application, it can be said that the wider and updated the database is the wider will be its chances to be in the frontline.
  • Onboard facility- As soon as the user installs the applications there are few initial steps that act as the most deciding steps. For any e real estate application, it is extremely important to make it easier for the users to get on board of your application in the first go. It not only increases the chances of user engagement but also eliminates the chances of your application getting abandoned. You can also consider having social media API integration so that the application can easily wind up in a few clicks.
  • Searching and filter- The Core feature of Real Estate website Development or applications is the identification and filtration of property just like Trulia or Zillow. You can try to add a list of filters or shortlisting instances in your application. This will help users come closer to the useful aspect of the website and they can easily navigate to the best possible ways as per their preferences.
  • Navigation through maps- Almost all the applications, at present, integrate the maps for their mobile applications. Also, we are on the real estate application front it is extremely important to integrate maps in the application because it is the only way to ensure that the potential customers will reach the precise location at the precise time frame. You can also consider a smart map feature for the application which will also help the users to identify landmarks or recognized areas of the place.
  • Apartment details- Your application will be truly considered effective until you will provide in-depth insights and minute concerns for it's a successful build-up. For real estate applications, everything required to size details including the per square feet area, locality details, concerned person information, and a lot more has to be mentioned on the homepage or a separate section. The mention of also features will definitely increase the application value in the market.
  • Push notifications- Well, who dares to neglect push notifications for successful real estate mobile applications. Push notifications also come under one of the significant benefits offered by mobile app development company which are too huge to consume. It is significant that push notifications work perfectly for m-commerce and there is no reason it will not work for real estate. Installing this feature in the application will help you too to keep your potential customers updated with the property information which might interest them.
  • Currency converter- Almost every global event is operating in a single scenario out of which cross-border shifts have become operational and it has accelerated the requirement of real estate sell and purchase as well. As people are getting open to having properties far from their residence it is important to have a currency converter feature in your real estate application.
  • Interactive interface- The importance of a reliable interactive interface is significant in a real estate mobile app application. This not only provides an opportunity for you to engage with the interested buyers but in times of need, they can also resolve their queries through this. Any of the PWA Development company would definitely suggest you the same as communication is the key in real estate businesses when the potential customers are open up to discuss the property. 
  • Virtual tours- It can do wonders for your platform to allow the end-users to visit the property prior to the purchase without leaving the comfort of their home. A virtual tour is a fantastic way through which you can help the buyer make their decision regarding the investment. Even if virtual tours are not included in the list of your must-have features, you can give consideration to it in order to increase the user engagement of the app.

Now that we have gone through the essential features which are required in developing successful real estate mobile applications. Let us have a look at other details. The complete range of real estate applications which are operating in the industry today has in-depth consideration of technology stack in order to stay relevant. The technology stack required for the Real Estate website Development application like Trulia or Zillow are-

  • Realm or core data framework
  • Google places API
  • SimplyRets, spark APIs, or IHomeFinder
  • Firebase SDK or Apple Push Notification Service
  • Facebook SDK
  • Zillow app API
  • Onboard informatics community
  • MapBoxGoogle Maps APIs

What is the cost to develop a real estates application like Zillow or Trulia

In order to create a successful realistic application, the overall cost for the project depends upon a variety of factors. Additionally, it also requires plenty of time because of the number of feature integration in the app and the used platform. 

The development cost for the real estate mobile application is pivoted on below-mentioned factors- 

  • Have you decided to utilize the latest tech stack along with its additional costs?
  • Is your application interoperable or which platform you require specifically?
  • Have you chosen to hire a developer from a local or outsourcing company?
  • What is your idea for the application development, is it simple or complex?
  • Will your mobile application includes some advanced features or it will have basic functions only?

When it comes to developing a real estate application similar to Zillow and Trulia, any Real Estate App Development company or agency is compelled to have a team of-

  • Application project manager
  • Frontend and backend developers
  • QA engineer
  • UX/UI designers
  • Testing team
  • Few Android and IOS app developers
  • System administrator

Once you have a basic structure of your mobile application development-ready then is the time to get the real query on the floor. Based upon the feature customization the charge for project development is mostly based per hour. Considering estimation it takes around 600 hours to build an application just like Zillow or Trulia. Next, it will take around 1100 hours for the web development part. Other than that, the cost for the developers also depends upon the location you have chosen. Following the above-mentioned specifications, the real estate mobile application can cost you around $10,000. 

However, with the increasing number of specifications, it can reach around $40,000. There are a large number of monetization models which are followed by various PWA Development companies in order to build creative solutions. The model through which real estate applications make money include-

  • Selling the advertisement slots to a number of property management companies.
  • Premier references to the real estate agents.
  • Selling the advertisement slots to various mortgage lenders and similar platforms.

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What makes Trulia and Zillow unique?

Trulia real estate application offers unique and highly advantageous features as compared to other applications. In order to build genuine and relevant real estate applications, it is important to learn the significant features which are required in property mobile application. It is the only way through which you can understand the focused technique along with conceptualizing and creating a successful application along with achieving the most out of it. In order to take hold of the solution in a better way, you have to follow the most commonly used real estate applications. Trulia is absolutely successful to accomplish all the business objectives of the realtors. 

There are a number of factors which you can consider for the betterment of user experience at your platform along with increasing the value for your application. Trulia has proven features which can provide the required branding edge to the app in order to sustain in the industry. This include-

  • Providing complete information
  • Implementing the latest technology stack
  • Minimum list fees
  • Updating MLS integration

Similarly, Zillow is another fastest emerging real estate platform which has started generating revenue by selling the advertisement on their platform and later, announce themselves as a real estate dealer. The application enables the renters to pay their rent online to the landlords or owners directly through the payment gateway. They are charged with a limited transaction fee while using the cards in order to pay the rent. The application also provides an incredible API and developer support network to their potential customers.

Zillow application is arguably the best in business and it serves the purpose to the most. In its database plan of service, users get an extensive variety of the details along with the reports and records. They can go through detailed information on a regular basis and access all the features until they find a suitable property. The application also provides a variety of graphical interpretations to the users which are suitable based upon their platform i.e. Android or iOS. The search functioning of the application is a crucial feature which makes it the most sorted and highly receptive real estate application.


Prior to getting deeper into the technology stack and platform requirements of the realistic application, you have to be clear with your expectations from the app. It is advised to study and do equivalent research on the market along with evaluating all the existing applications present in the store. If required, you can also try to integrate some additional features in your application to not only attract the crowd but also to add value to your product. 

Once you have a clear approach with the application, you can start looking for the potential team of developers along with privatizing the in-depth details and Android or iPhone Application Development platform to be used. Once you are done with evaluating all the instances you can begin the execution of your real estate application. Now you are qualified to build a real estate application just like Zillow or Trulia.