How Much Does CRM Software Cost to Develop?

How Much Does CRM Software Cost to Develop?

A large number of business firms are putting their efforts to build better CRM development initially setting back the drawbacks.

The top players in the segment are Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and so on. Similarly, it is a lot more complicated than building a product by yourself vs having the pre-made solutions for your platform. Customer relationship management or CRM products are most dynamic to do the job. Right from Salesforce, SAP or Microsoft dynamics the entire range of CRM solutions are highly advanced and functionally wise. The active CRM Development Services also helps the business organizations to personalize their service or product. Not all the components required the same kind of services at the CRM Level also it is tough to find software that can perfectly fit into their revenue. 

Contrary to it is nothing that can prevent you to develop your own personalized CRM software which is feature-rich and convenient for you. If you have already considered the same but do not know the baseline of functioning about implementation? Here is your help.

Types of CRM solutions

The all-embracing strategy which aims to provide absolute business processes at multiple levels is done through CRM solutions. The software also falls under the major classes addressing the issue as well. These classes are-

  • Operational system: It focuses on marketing skills, sales, meeting the short term objectives, service automation and many more.
  • Analytical system: It helps to analyze better customer data which are provided by the operational CRM solutions. It is also helpful in SaaS Application development to detect customer behavior.
  • Strategic systems: It has the potential to put together user data into a knowledge-based association which helps to maintain a long term customer relationship with them.
  • Collaborative systems: It is helpful in the communication synchronization with customers all across the websites, emails, social networks, and other platforms.

All of these features are usually connected and it is a special case in CRM software consisting of various models to address the specific concern under every business process.

What is the cost to build CRM software?

It is possible to calculate the basic approximation of the cost required to build the CRM software. The CRM Development Company provides the operational software as SaaS products where the price entirely depends upon the factors and it gets positively difficult for the project to be deployed in their absence. For different models in the software, their rates are different. Let us know that in details-

For a sales module- For a number of features, the cost estimation is certainly different.

  • Accounts, opportunities, pipelines, dashboard, contacts, tasks cost $36,000 to $ 39,000
  • Sales analytics costs $ 8,000 to 9,000
  • Sales planning and forecasting costs $ 8,100 to 11, 700

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For marketing module- Various features of the module cost estimate vary as:

  • Marketing and campaign management costs $ 9,000 to 10,800
  • Customer segmentation costs $ 8,000 to 9,000
  • Marketing analytics costs $ 8,000 to 9,000

For support module- Various features of this module have different cost estimation as:

  • Help desk and agent console costs- $24,300 to 31, 500
  • Knowledgebase costs $ 5,400 to 6,000
  • Service analytics costs $ 8,000 to 9,000

This is a general cost estimation for CRM software development services which is provided as a software as a service solution. You can also consider the exact features that you might need for development.

You have to make the major expenses in the segments

The cost of building CRM software depends upon the various modules which we have considered earlier. Some of the most essential models for the business have their own revenue. Apart from them, there are several other factors which might require your investment. These are as follows-

  • Predevelopment for the project: During the early preparation of the project, it is very important to formulate its purpose and fundamental requirements because its requirement represents account size detail of the necessary CRM software. These requirements also formulated on the basis of domestic research, competitor analysis, and other marketing analysis as well.
  • Staff training: The individuals associated with the project must be able to understand to work with the CRM software. If they have not been into the business earlier then CRM Development Services will be helpful to educate them. Before indulging the team into the development process you have to make sure if they are ready to take over the responsibility. For this, you can provide them the essential training following the step-by-step instructions.
  • Technical assistance: There are higher chances that while developing the CRM software solution you might face plenty of errors or bugs. Regardless of the cost or complexity of the project, it is essential to remove them and for this, you will require absolute technical assistance. For this, you can hire an individual or SaaS Application development service provider for better assistance.

How to create CRM solutions?

If you are building the solution for your own company or to offer it as a service to different companies it is essential to set some priorities beforehand. As a CRM Development Company, it would be critical for you to have opportunities listed as well.

Developing software that is capable of performing multiple tasks will definitely make it and heavy software requiring maximum processing power. The estimated cost for developing the system depends upon the complexity and necessity processes that are required. Its development stages include-

  • Development of technical proficiency
  • Interface designing and programming
  • Testing and running
  • Post-release and maintenance of the application for further support

Prior to the development, you have to plan your goals and choose the software requirements. We have discussed the various models and other overheads that can draw your concerns regarding the investment. Apart from that you also have to consider the development of the latest functions, optimizations because it can alter the complexity of your project.


The implementation to have a CRM is quite parallel to the software development services and both of them share the same utility for commercial services. For developing the software you have to bring various instances that are not exhausting but worth the consideration. It is also essential to manually check for the precise factors for accuracy of the project because, in the long run, it will play a major role.