How much does custom software cost to build?

How much does custom software cost to build?

Rising exponentially, digitalization has picked every business domain by storm and has truly revolutionized how businesses market their products, how they operate and how things are managed.

Businesses have started leveraging internet as the most capable business development platform as well as business expansion platform. Today, no business wishes to settle down for the slow and outdated traditional processes of work management instead want more efficient and automated software solutions that could help them minimize the manual efforts, gain in speed and provide accuracy. And this has grown the popularity of custom software development services.

The use of software is common in businesses, but today with the grown popularity of personalised technology, custom software are regarded as better solutions than ‘one for all’ software solutions. Today, custom software development companies help businesses make personalized software to meet their specific requirements. These custom software solutions are customized exactly to resolve the problem a business is facing and add to their need in the most efficient manner. So, if you also wish to develop a custom software for your business or wish to market your custom software as a SAAS (software as a service) solution with the help of cloud computing services, you need to find the right software development partner.

There are many things that you need to keep in consideration before you go for software development services, some of these include – your custom software development company, your project scope, the target audience of your custom software, the main functionality features of your custom software, the problem it resolves, and the budget of your software development solution. However, these are just the basics that you need to keep in mind, and as we take a look at the various factors that decide the cost of custom software development, it has a wide scope and no fixed amount of customization and its cost depends upon various factors. So let’s take a look at the various types of factors that decide the cost of custom web development services:

1. Type of Software You Wish To Develop

There are various types of custom software development practices that can be changed according to the way a business wishes its software application to perform and therefore there is no particular defined common project scope for custom software application, instead the scope changes according to the specific business requirements. And so does the project budget, which changes according the project scope.

So, here are some of the common types of custom software development solutions that may decide your different project scope:

Custom Software for Business on Web

Many businesses opt for custom web development services, in which a web solution is built based on the personalised features stated in the project scope. This solution generally has a low development cost as the project scope revolves around the basic functionalities of the web platform. It is basically made for the personal use of a business to market their business, or for personal inhouse operations and work management. It can be a web-based software for resource management, or a web-based account management software, or a web-based CRM application, or ERP software solution.

Software Solution with Mobile Functionality

With the growth of mobility in each sector, one of the most common type of custom software applications are mobile-based software. These software work effectively on both the web and mobile platform and are designed such to help business utilize the mobile platform seamlessly to increase the efficiency of the application and ease work management.

With the increased popularity of mobile app development services, you have many options to choose from as your software development partner. With this, the scope of mobile software application can vary greatly based on the app and software functionalities you wish to include. A mobile-based software app generally costs higher than a web-based application as it offers a long list of functionality over the later.

A Remote Work Management Software

As with the growing automation in the work culture, there has been the introduction of remote work management software apps. Today, most of the advanced companies employ their software development partner to build software apps that could help them manage their work processes remotely.

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This involves the use of cloud computing services along with enterprise mobility to make purely advanced remote working apps. With this, remote work management apps also offer individual access and authority to different layers of users, this means a manager can perform different roles through the software while an employee can perform different operations over the software.

Enterprise Mobility Software Application

In addition to remote working and cloud computing services, enterprise mobile software apps have risen to popularity in the field of software development services. Enterprise mobility software apps are considered to be quite efficient in making your organisation processes seamless and efficient. On the other end, enterprise mobility apps are considered to have replaced the remote management apps as they serve as a 360-degree solution. With enterprise mobility the workplace flexibility increases and these apps are utilised for businesses to automate the work processes and manage them remotely. These types of apps cost higher than the custom remote work management apps.

A SaaS-based Custom Software

Earlier software solutions were made specific to the general problems faced by businesses and met specific common needs for various businesses. With this as the trends and requirements changed, the software upgraded versions were released and businesses needed to buy the upgrade and change their systems according to the upgrade. Then came the introduction of custom software development services, through which businesses were able to get software solutions developed that are specific to their requirements.

Now with the SaaS based software solutions, custom software development company utilize cloud computing services to make great software solutions. SaaS (Software as a service) solutions allow businesses to easily share updates as well as share upgraded versions. Today, SaaS solutions and PaaS (platform as a service) solutions are used for custom software development owing to the easy accessibility due to cloud computing.

Exclusive Software with the use of Futuristic Technologies

Today, as with the growth of Big data technology, IoT, AI technology, etc. there are custom software solutions made by companies based on their requirements. There are various custom software development companies who have adopted futuristic technologies like IoT, AI, etc. early and are able to help businesses integrate their advanced software solutions with these technologies.

2. Custom Software Development Process

The software development process

The software development process is a result of many phases that develop the entire project cycle. The time taken, and the number of resources used along this project cycle decide the cost or budget of your project. So, let us take a look at the various phases of the custom software development project cycle:

Analysis & Feasibility

The starting phase of software development services is the analysis phase where your custom software idea is analysed by your custom software development partner for its feasibility. Then there are various analysis steps in which the target customer base, the issue to be solved, and the project scope is analysed. Based on this the requirement is accepted and a series of discussions are carried forward.

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Project Scope

After the analysis phase is the phase in which the project scope is finalised. In this phase, the software idea is studied in detail by the custom software development company and the various features of the project scope are finalised. Based on the project scope further advancements in the project cycle are made.


After the finalization of the project scope, the custom software development company passes over the software scope for wireframing. Where the software scope is studies and wireframe model of the software is made. This wireframe model is simultaneously tested and sent for feedback to be resolved at the same time. 

Design Phase

After the wireframe approval, the UX/UI of the custom software solution is made and the design of the software solution is made. The design gives the idea of the look and feel of the software both on the front-end and the admin end.

Development Phase

In this phase the actual software development process takes place. Here the software developers analyse the project scope and code the custom software according to the finalized project scope.

Testing Phase

After the custom software solution is developed your software development partner needs to carry out the testing phase in which the quality analysts test the developed software solution for its functionality and performance. Based on the testing, bugs are resolved and the software is sent for client approval.

Feedback Resolution & Delivery

After the development and testing of the software, it is sent for client approval and feedbacks from the client are resolved. Then the final version of the custom software solution is submitted to the client or installed for him.

The total time required in the complete custom software development process, the technologies involved, the project scope and the number of resources allocated forms the overall cost of custom software development services. This cost can be anywhere starting from $10K and the range extends according to the project scope.