How Much It Costs To Develop An Educational App For Kids

How Much It Costs To Develop An Educational App For Kids

The app market is not stable with its trends, and only those who follow the trends closely succeed properly. The latest and the most popular trend in the past few years has been e-learning portal development. There are many companies that have come up and most of them are doing pretty well in the market. Though, there are some that have made it big and are now trying to get even bigger with their continuous efforts. One specific thing that they have noticed is that the best of these is still the applications that deal with education for kids. This means that the best target audience as of now is school-going kids. The reason is the sentiments of parents. Though it is said that education is something that should stay equal for all the people, with money and resources the definition has changed. Every parent wants their kids to get the best resources to study. This is what they think will make their child ready for the future and that is what companies are using in their marketing campaigns.

These applications are getting great profits and also are providing quality, and hence they need their applications to be perfect. There cannot be even a small glitch in an application while their user is studying something on their platform. Because of this one reason they need to find a mobile application development company that understands their needs and also the development tricks to make the application fit for everyone. This article will also deal with how much cost these companies will have to incur in order to get these applications developed. Though, if companies want to get an application that can help them to get big, they should decide on a budget that can allow them to get the best in all aspects.

How To Build An Educational Application For Kids

Yes, there are two different categories: one is an educational app for adults and the other is the one that will be discussed in the article, which is an educational application for kids. The latter is meant to focus on basic subject-wise teaching. This is intended to teach kids what is important for their school curriculum along with some other things that will improve their IQ. All countries are reformatting their education system and these applications are pitching just what the parents wish for. They have introduced a new and interactive way of teaching that is mostly avoided in schools and tuitions. Just because of this, students forget what they study as soon as their exams are over. These applications have a lot of features than what they had in the initial phase. They have a video conferencing feature, one-on-one video lectures, and a lot more things. There are notes, doubt clearance verticals, support vertical, and a dashboard for both students and teachers. There are many other features that will be discussed in this article.

It is not easy to develop such an application and it involves a lot of research. The idea cannot be copied from the big ones as they are already at their best and the target group will never compromise on that. It is important and has also been mentioned earlier that an educational app development company should not look at the costing and should focus on the quality. It should also be scalable, and hence the language of development and the framework that is used to develop the application is also important. There are many other things that are needed to make the application successful in the market.

The Market

The market already has a lot of applications and they are not showing signs of slowing down. The owner companies of these applications have earned a great reputation and profit in very little time. This is because of the trend and because they played just the right cards at the right time. It is also the reason why entrepreneurs need to think of an idea that is unique and provides something else or something extra to people.

The Benefits Of Educational Applications For Their Users

It is important to talk about this because unless developers know about this they will not be able to provide the same and more to their users. The main reason why these applications work is the benefits that it provides to users. It is important to find more benefits that the new idea can provide to users and that should be significant and not just attractive. Because these are for children, it is important to keep it relevant to them. The money and other aspects are not related to them but are still very important because parents are the one who makes the final decision on these things. Take a look at the benefits that these applications offer to users:

1. They Can Study Anytime, Anywhere

The main reason why people want to use these apps is that they provide freedom. They can complete the entire course if pre-uploaded as soon as possible or even take a long time according to their preferences. There are many things that students can do on these applications apart from the live classes. This attracts almost everyone. Students are getting competitive and for that, they want something that can provide them access to the best study material at all times of the day and these applications give them exactly the same.

There are many students who also want to study something that they don’t have in their school curriculum. These apps can help them do that in their free time as well. There are some educational applications like White Hat Jr. that are teaching school students coding according to their schedule. These applications also allow students to reschedule their classes if they are not available at the time because of some reason.

2. There Is A Lot Of Reference Study Material From Which Students Can Study

These applications have a huge library of study material. This helps students to choose the one that they feel is best for them. There are different types of books, notes, and video lectures on the topics. This is great for them as they can switch to something else if they are not able to understand it from some specific material. This gives students a better scope of learning.

3. Efficient

Unlike schools and tuitions here every student is given proper attention. Parents can also opt for one-to-one tutor sessions if they think that it will help their child. A lot of students have felt a difference when they started learning through applications. There are performance measurement tools like tests, assignments, and others that are evaluated by the tutors, and also real-time AI bots that make sure that results are accurate. They help students to understand their weak points and provide them with the things that can help them become better. These platforms are very efficient.

4. Saves Money

This is the part that interests parents the most. Tuition classes and personal tutors take a lot of fees nowadays and that is a great burden for the parents who are not financially strong. But, no matter how much parents earn, they always want a good education for their child. This is where educational applications come in. They provide kids with the best quality of education at a price that is affordable to parents. Parents can also monitor their kids and know whether they are studying or not. This also saves traveling costs and other miscellaneous costs that they have to incur if the child goes out.

Money plays a great role in the success of any educational application, especially the one for kids. The reason behind this is that parents make the final decision. When it comes to applications of this type that are made for adults, they are the only ones who the brand has to convince. This is a tricky part, as in these applications the brand has to attract the kids and make sure that they convince the parents as well. This means that they will have to put in double efforts.

5. Personalization According To The Student

The dashboard has a personalization option. In this, the kids can adjust the parameters and create a study plan according to them. They can decide how many hours they want to study, at what time, and in which mode. They can also create schedules using these applications. The application keeps a record of the subjects and chapters within them and if they have been completed by the student. All the students can also understand if they got the concept by taking tests. Schedule personalization helps them in ways that nothing else can. They can decide which chapters they want to give more time to and which subject they want to read first. Personalization is one of the best features that is provided for students. Personalization is very important in learning portal development.

6. Result-Oriented

Because there are tests and assignments with the study material in these applications the students will get to know about their weaknesses. After they know the weaknesses they can find the relevant study material and study and strengthen that aspect. They can take as many tests as they want to and know whether they have mastered a certain topic or not. If this is done continuously then they will surely get great results and better scores than their classmates. These applications focus on improving the result of a student by analyzing their study pattern and scores throughout the study time. The analysis report will highlight everything that will help users to improve themselves in all aspects. This is what most parents want. Artificial intelligence development services provide great analytics and smart suggestion features.

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What Are The Basic Features That An Education App For Kids Must Have?

Features make an application what it is and also impact the total cost. The more the features, the more will be the cost of learning portal development. This also depends on what type of application it is and what type of features are being used. Given below are some features that an educational application for kids should have:

1. Student/Teacher Profile

This feature will help both teachers and students to personalize the application according to their needs. The profile will have all the details of the students and the teachers that will help them to know and understand each other. This is important so that teachers can understand their students properly. They need to know the students, their past record, which standard they are studying in, and other things about them. This will help them to make a plan on how they will teach the student.

2. Dashboard

All educational applications need to have a dashboard. This will show students what they were studying the last time they left the application. What they need to study next according to their study plan will also be there. The dashboard will have all the details that are necessary for students and will also have shortcuts to the last chapter’s study material and the scores of the past tests taken. Creating the dashboard with all the important details is necessary. The dashboard should not be too full or too empty. It should have all details that students might need to see when they open the app and nothing else.

3. Study Material Storage

There should be a Cloud where all the study material is uploaded. Students might not want to download the notes and the videos on their devices as it takes up a lot of space. This is the reason why it is important to use a Cloud space for it. Cloud storage also provides safety and recovery options to the developers. So, even if there are issues with the storage and the study material they can be recovered again from the Cloud server in their original form.

4. Notifications (Push)

Every app developer and education and artificial intelligence development company wants to provide notification of all the offers and new updates to their users. This is the reason why all apps, no matter what they are made for should have a notification feature in them. This will help students to know when a new lecture or book is uploaded on the application. When students are updated about the application they will be able to use it for their own good. This will help students and app owners. The more the students use the app, the more is the probability of them buying something within the app.

5. Search, Sort, And Filter Option

Students might not be able to scroll down a long list of notes, videos, or other study material. To make this easy, developers can add search, sort, and filter features. This will allow them to find what they want in the least possible time. The sort option will show them the most relevant results first and then the others if they want to scroll further down. Filters will remove all the options that don’t fit their requirements and this will reduce the list to only the options that will be relevant for them.

6. Study Scheduling

There needs to be a proper study schedule so that students can get the best results from the application. This is the reason why the application itself should have a scheduling option in which students can put in the topics and tests that they want to complete. The application should also make sure that it marks something complete on its own when the student completes it. This will save time and will also provide them with a path on which they have to move. There can also be an option in which the application can provide them with a schedule by asking them some questions. This will help the students who are confused about what schedule will help them.

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7. Social Network Integration

This is so that the students can save their progress and also share their achievements with their friends. No application nowadays is complete without being integrated with social media. The reason for this is that everyone wants to share their progress and achievements. This is something that keeps them motivated and also makes them feel that they should do more so they can boast more about what they know and what else they are learning.

8. Analysis Of Students Performance

The application should have a feature that analyses the performance of the student at every step. This is important so they can get a suggestion on how they can improve themselves. The teachers who will be teaching them will also get a better insight into the student’s study pattern. Because, although there is a schedule that they have to follow, they still can be studying something else in between or skipping some things. This is something that the teacher needs to know in order to provide the best artificial intelligence solutions to their students. Parents also will understand what pattern suits their ward and it will be easy to convince them for the best plan.

9. Payment Options

These applications have in-app purchases and also there are some membership plans that students have to purchase. This is why there should be a payment options feature. Developers need to make sure there are all the payment options that are used by people frequently. There should be digital wallets, UPI, debit/credit cards, and net banking options. There are many other options that should be there so the parent of the kid never faces any problem in payment. It is also important to maintain this feature to make sure that there are no errors in this and users are able to pay without facing any hurdles.

It is important to strike the right balance between basic and advanced features. Though it is important to add new features in order to attract the target users, it is also important to know if they are really important. Features that might be rarely or never used are of no use to users and will only add to the size of the application.

Testing Cost

Testing the education application at all stages is important to make sure that there is no error and that all the features are working the way they should. Developers and testers need to work in sync so they can save time and make the application the best.

Deployment Cost

After development and testing, the task that takes up a lot of costing is the deployment of the application. The main costing is the fee that is charged by app stores but there are many things that are done before deployment. One of those things is the marketing of the application. An education artificial intelligence company will have to create a proper campaign before they launch the application so that it gets the response that they are expecting. They will also need a website where they can operate other things and also solve the issues that people have. This is a major cost and something that cannot be avoided.

Maintenance Cost

This is the cost that they have to incur after the application is developed and deployed. The mobile application development company will have to make sure that the application is working as per their plan. Any problem faced by users should be solved as soon as possible.


The total cost of e-learning portal development is decided on all the things that have been mentioned above, which are the features, the stack used to develop the app, testing, deployment, and maintenance. If we just talk about the development part, the company will have to incur somewhere between $60,000-$80,000 on average.

This cost can be lower or higher depending on the requirements and the scope of applications. The vision is very important here. If an education app development company has a vision that shows them that the app will attract users, they can go higher with their budget, otherwise, they should stick to a tight one.