How Much It Will Cost To Develop Online Food Ordering Apps Like Just-eat?

How Much It Will Cost To Develop Online Food Ordering Apps Like Just-eat?

Just eat is the online food ordering application. It is a leading brand and is a successful business.

This article is going to depict how you can build an app like the just eat and the customer segmentation is done. The app is for food ordering, food pick-up by delivery agent and to deliver them. Food ordering app development has been a significant business in the current time and is dealing with food delivery techniques. Food ordering app development has become an important thing nowadays in the market. This has been a successful business endeavor.

The cost to develop an online food delivery app is carried out by the following:

  • Development team
  • App stage
  • Design of the app
  • Complex application

Android app like Just Eat

The food ordering and delivery is a rising sector of business. It can be creatively worked upon by the app developers and can help to pick up the food from various restaurants and it's delivery at various locations. The app was required to fulfill the demand of most customers and hence the online delivery food system has been introduced. To achieve this, someone needs to establish its place in the food industry and develop a really good food delivery app.

There is an application called Just-Eat mobile application which lets the restaurants of the locals to get registered on it and connect them with many. The functionalities, support, and testing are managed very well in this particular application. It is a mix of unique and imaginative ideas. The outcome is not a matter in this case, whether you need to develop a simple app or a complex one, this application is going to help you with its functionalities in all cases. The make and tweak of every restaurant at the local level can help to get the food delivered across various restaurants to many people. This has become a mode of employment for many as well.

Hundred of entrepreneurs are thinking right now of building an app like Just Eat. Be are the basic ideas and details of the program. Restaurant app development is yet another dimension the entrepreneurs are working on. The apps are quite important as the restaurant app development is directly linked with these takeaways. The apps are really helpful ones and have huge prospectives in the business market.


Just Eat is a group entertaining the connections with the various restaurants in the UK and delivering food to the people at various corners of Europe. This is a very successful business. Its idea is among the on demand app development company which aim mainly at the customer help and the usefulness of their presence in this world of smartphones.

The on-demand app development is a very helpful app business. The main aim to provide you with the service you demand on your smartphone from a particular company. It makes the world moves faster and saves time if their customers.


  • The user can find the location of the restaurant with the help of the city Zip code and pin
  • The location can help the customer to select from a range of restaurants
  • The menu can be selected easily
  • The food can be ordered immediately
  • Credit and debit cards accepted
  • Review the restaurant.


The app is very important in making enough money for the owners. The revenue can be brought without the risk of losing one's own money. The company earns more than 750 USD in revenue. Their business across the year is about 69 million dollars. The online food ordering and the delivery medium is the best medium for bringing food, as the functionality of live location tracking of the delivery agent is also available.

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This is quite helpful in most matters. Europe is infested with the food app just eat and the commission rate has been increased to about 13 percent. The food orders have risen over the years and they can be ordered from phones, computers or tablets. In 2014, the rates were the highest as the shares were listed as 260p in the year 2014. The country UK could predict the sales on pizzas, Curry and several other products. Now, the company Just Eat has a network in Canada, Latin America, and Australia as well. The tie-up of the company is above 64,000 restaurants.

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The making of a good app like the just eat is going to cost about 4,000 to 10,000 USD approximately. The detailed estimation will give the perfect idea regarding the type of app you want to develop, its features and the work involved with it. A detailed estimation must be made before making such an app.

These are thus some of the methods by which you can understand how can one began a startup just like Just Eat. The methods are best adopted whenever the developer is very well knowledgable as the system like Just Eat requires an expert in IT development. Also, in some even more advanced app development, artificial intelligence solutions can provide you good help with the development of these kinds of apps.

The artificial intelligence solution makes sure that your work has no error and all the processes ranging from food ordering to food delivery run smoothly. This would help in maintaining the bonding with restaurants as well.

Final Few Words

Thus, you can build up your own online food ordering app based on these ideas. The companies like Just Eat are built over time with dedication and are to be be brought on to you with the help of an expert app developer. Hire one immediately and start working on your project. Your business is sure to succeed the market values are to be studied well and the preferences of the customer must be studied as well.

This is instrumental in changing the business pattern and keeps your business in a flourishing direction. That is how the company can succeed with the best understanding of customer priority and acting according to it.