How much time does it require to build an IoT application?

How much time does it require to build an IoT application?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It can be considered as one of the most popular technologies in today’s world and is very important in our daily life.

Because of the improved connectivity, the IoT has improved a lot with respect to time. As mobile technology is growing daily, a lot of traction is gained by IoT with the help of mobile technology. In the upcoming years, a surge is expected in the case of IoT applications. In the year of 2015, a total of 15 billion devices were internet-connected and 30.7 billion in the year 2020. So a total of 75.4 billion is expected in the year 2025. There are many mobile app development company who are hiring developers to make the client’s IoT app.

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of things is basically a network of things that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies that are managed as well as accessed through the internet with the help of IoT software and apps. The methods for interconnection may include wireless links like cellular Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC along with a combination of cables like the coaxial and twisted pair, power supply.

The influence of IoT is all over in many industries and also in many types of industries like retail, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, and many others. IoT devices can have a variety of ranges starting from industry tools to household objects.

Importance of IoT

Maintenance, the satisfaction of customers, and seamless production are considered to be the key things for business performance. IoT application can play a major role in helping in optimizing the business process, improving the rate of conversion, and making the business standalone among other competitors. Dome of the major benefits of IoT applications are given below-

  • Flexibility- It is because of the IoT applications people can remain connected anywhere, anytime, and to any device. Because of this people will be able to perform multiple tasks from any device. The volume of the TV can be turned, the thermostat can be controlled, lights can be dimmed and many others can be done just by a single touch and all of this is possible because of IoT. With the help of streamlined control, it is possible to connect every device.

  • Improved productivity- multiple processes can be controlled, controlled, processed, and monitored with the help of IoT. Optimizations of different operations are also possible and so the productivity, as well as efficiency, is improved.

  • Collection of data- In case o every organization data is the most important part. IoT methods as well as models are used to collect data of business products as well as data of the customers. Now the data have been gathered, a business can easily perform analysis in order to improve the product quality which will help them to earn more revenue.

  • Operational cost is reduced- IoT application plays a major role in reducing the cost and earning the maximum profit. For example in the case of industries related to manufacturing, IoT can help in tracking as well as monitoring the equipment. With the help of IoT solutions, power consumption can also be reduced and so there is a reduction in overall cost for the industry.

Because of all these features IoT app development services are increasing daily that are proving to be of great help for business.Two important things that are essential to know about the Internet of Things solutions is the time required and the factors that affect the cost so that you can set your budget.

Factors affecting the cost of IoT application development

There are some of the basic factors on which the development cost of the IoT app depends and they are given below-

  • Type of the app that you wish to develop.

  • Features that you want to include in your app. More features can result in more cost.

  • The complexity of the app functioning.

  • Location

  • Types of technology that is going to be employed.

Apart from the above basic factors three important factors are there which can change the cost of developing IoT apps. They are given below-

  • Hardware- In order to estimate the cost for developing an IoT app, hardware considered the most important factor. Basically most of the production cost that is around 70 to 80 percent of the production cost depends on this factor. Cost for development changes depending on the type of hardware that is being used. If the technology is more complex then the implementation cost will be more. The cost also devices on the total number of hardware devices that are having involvement in connection. When the number of connections is more the cost will also be more. So it can be said that the cost is directly proportional to the number of hardware devices that are involved in connections. With the dropping of the cost of gadgets the rise in IoT app development cost will be less. So the start-up enterprises can gain from this as they won't be having enough money. So finally it can be said that a heavy change in the cost can be brought depending on the price of the gadget. So there are chances that a simple projects can be expensive.

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  • Infrastructure- The second most important factor that can influence the cost of IoT app development is the infrastructure. The cost of investment for IoT varies depending on the gadgets and apps that are to be connected. The cost will be more if the complexity of the support system is more. There are three types of infrastructure pending on the components of IoT and they are given below-

  1. Network- The working of IoT takes place with the help of wireless network infrastructure which must be highly scalable and must also have a connection with high speed like a cellular network, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

  2. Middleware- this mainly works in installing the gadgets of third-party to a network. For example, it can be said that the software is working as a link of connection between the IoT devices and components.

  3. Infrastructure which is cloud-based- Another name for the cloud-based infrastructure is the data center infrastructure. The main work of this infrastructure is to deal with storage problems. There are much data that a company needs to store and it also helps in that case.

  • Applications- This part will deal with the cost that will come depending on the size of the project. There are three main types of projects and they are small, medium, and large-scale. For developing IoT applications which are for home appliances that are for smart refrigerator is very easy and the cost is less when compared to a vehicle which is self-driven. So the cost of small scale project will be very less than that of the large scale project. Another example will clear your doubts and that is the cost for developing ECG monitors are $3000 to $4000 whereas the cost for developing a fitness machine will be high as $30,000 to $40,000.

Hidden costs are also there for every type of these infrastructures. So because of the hidden cost, the company must invest more than what has been expected. It is very essential to test the application after the IoT app has been developed and the testing of this quality test takes place before the launch of these applications. So here also the extra cost is involved. You cannot avoid the test and these tests are very important as the tests will help you to know about the problems in your application and then you can improve the problems or errors in order to make the app a better one.

Cost to develop IoT app in different fields in the United States

The approximately estimated cost for developing the IoT apps are given below-

  • Environmental monitoring costs from $10,000

  • Media applications costs from $10,000

  • Infrastructure management costs from $25,000

  • Manufacturing costs from $50,000

  • Energy management costs form $27,000

  • Health care as well as medical systems costs from $30,000

  • Home and building automation will cost from $50,000

  • In the field of transportation, the cost is from $25,000

What is the duration of IoT app development?

The rime is not the same for developing every IoT application. The time basically depends on the features that you want to implement on your app and the complexity of the app. The timeframe for developing an IoT app basically depends on number of icons, screens as well as the complexity of IoT apps, the volume of the project, and also features. IoT app development company is also an important factor on which time for making IoT app depends. If the company is reputed they will surely deliver a quality product to their customer in less time. On-demand food delivery app development is an example of one such IoT app.

Each project is having its own requirement. Some of the most time consuming as well as costly features if introduced to IoT apps are-

  • Geolocation

  • Payments

  • Data encryption.

  • Third-party API integration.

  • Synchronization across devices.

  • Content management system.

  • Auto-learning feed.

IoT developers basically use prebuilt or reusable components as well as a selected platform for IoT which reduces the time to make the app and also ensure the efficiency of the cost of the client.

Rapid path to develop IoT apps

Mendix platform can be regarded as the easiest as well as the fastest way of building IoT software and application. The visual, as well as modern-driven approach of the platform of IoT app, enables both noob and pro developers for consuming IoT services form IoT platforms which are best-in-class. The platform includes AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, and KPN LoRa.

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Choosing the best IoT app development company for your project

Now as you know the cost and the time is taken to develop an IoT app then you must be planning to hire the best developer within your budget. So some of the tips to choose the perfect developers for your project are given below-

The technical skills-The firm which you are hiring must have the perfect developer who is having software knowledge as well as basic skills for mechanical and electrical engineering. These skills of a developer will help to complete your project faster than any other competitors.

A strong culture of testing- Any firm you choose does not matter, as all the firms must have a good built-up culture along with automated testing as well as software quality. If your project starts becoming complex then the developers can face problems in changing the line of code. So the developer or the development team must have good automated testing suites that will help in running whenever there are software changes. The test results will also help in knowing whether there is any kind of errors or bug.

Flexibility- Throughout the completion of the product both the client as well as the development partner must be flexible and also open to changes that are potential in nature. The client must have a clear idea about the difference of product features what they are asking for and the product features what is required

Full-stack capabilities- The web software is the main thing that the developers have to deal with during the IoT app development. So when you are choosing to hire a developer or an on Demand app development company for your project you must prioritize those developers who are very strong in web security as well as web development. There are also many hardware engineering firm but they are not able to build the perfect infrastructure that is scalable and secure for your IoT data. All in one solution is developed by a Full-stack development company.


So now you can start finding the best developer or a team of the developer which you wish to hire for completing your project. You have a basic idea about the time to develop your IoT app and you also know about the cost involved as well as the factors influencing cost. You can never compromise quality with cost as that will affect your growth of the business.