How The Automobile Sector Develop Apps Using Android Automotives OS With The Help Of Automotive App Developers

How The Automobile Sector Develop Apps Using Android Automotives OS With The Help Of Automotive App Developers

Android automotive can be explained as a variation of Google’s Android system which has been particularly made to be used in vehicle dashboards.

It was introduced in the month of March in the year 2017. This operating system was developed by Google and Intel combined with some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers like Volvo and Audi. Android automotive has been initiated with the aim of providing operating system codebase for vehicle manufacturers around the world to create their own version of the operating system according to their needs and requirements.

In addition to basic tasks such as navigation, messaging and music playback, the operating system also focuses on advanced features such as handling vehicle-specific functions, for example controlling the air conditioning of the system. In other words, Android automotive is a complete operating system running on the vehicle’s device and does not depend upon an external device to operate.

Google’s vision behind it

The vision of Google is focussed on bringing a safe as well as seamless connected experience in every vehicle. Android automotive is capable of bringing the applications which are used in mobile phones of millions of users to the vehicle itself. It enables extraordinarily massive opportunities for developers to build applications for innovative car experiences and thus, reach the audience at a larger level.

Android automotive has experienced a rise in demand in such a short interval of time from vehicle manufacturers. There are many brands other than those mentioned above, trying to build the platform for the Android automotive operating systems, its applications and implementations in different vehicles. iPhone and React Native Application Development Company has started developing applications that can work on the Android Automotive OS.

The automobile sector has started working on several Automotive industry solutions with Android automotive to build applications that will help users connect on the road. Users who possess a vehicle with the Android Automotive operating system can install the application into their respective vehicle’s infotainment system. Android automotive also gives the facility of connecting the phone of the user with an operating system of version Android 5.0 or higher to a compatible vehicle.

It displays a version that displays an optimized version of the application directly on the console. Android automotive enables the user to install applications directly onto the head unit instead of using the phone app which saves time and requirement to use the phone every now and then.

To develop applications it needs to look upon some of the important features of the car which need to be developed so that the vehicle gets compatible completely. Some of the most important features are:

1. Design

The users can enjoy the applications safely while they are on the road because the interface of the Android Automotive OS and Android Auto App gives them the freedom for it. Every developer’s first priority when developing an application for a vehicle should always be the safety of the users. The users who have Android Automotive OS installed on their vehicle can install these kinds of applications on their vehicle’s infotainment system.

With the Android Auto applications, the users who do not have Android Automotive OS installed on their vehicles can also enjoy a driver-optimized experience. With Android Auto, the users can experience a driver-optimized version of the applications on their phones or by connecting their phones to the vehicle that is compatible with it and can display it on the console.

2. Media

For building media applications, there are a few features that need to be restructured. The app built must include a media browser service that can be used with the Android automotive operating system. These consist of some of the activities, for example, sign in and settings which can be designed specifically for this operating system.

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The media applications enable the users to browse and play music, audiobooks, radio or any other audio content in the car. Also, test and distribute media applications can be built in Android automotive operating system. Before beginning, there are some steps which need to be followed, these are:

  • Android media API documentation should be reviewed.
  • Android automotive operating app design guidelines and android auto app design guidelines should be reviewed.
  • Also, the key terms and concepts listed in the same section should be reviewed.

There are many key terms and concepts that need to be understood which are:

  • Media browser service: It can be explained as an Android service implemented by the media app that is used to compile with the MediaBrowserServiceCompat API. The app built can use this service to expose its content.
  • Media Browser: It can be explained by the API used by media application working towards the discovery of media browser services and display of their content. Android automotive OS uses a media browser which helps the user to find their app’s media browser service.
  • Media Item: Media Item is an object which is used by a media browser to organize its content in the form of a tree. A media item can consist of either or both of these two flags: Playable (which shows that the item is a leaf on the content tree. It represents a single sound stream) and browsable (which shows the item on the node)

Both iPhone App Development and React Native App Development Companies are developing media apps that can work with Android Automotive OS.

3. Messaging

Even while driving staying connected to people is really important to some drivers. The messaging applications can help the driver know if some child needs to be picked up or if the location where they were driving to has been changed. The framework of android applications has enabled the chatting applications to provide their services for the driving experience using a standard user interface that also makes sure that the drives can always keep their eyes on the road.

These applications can provide notifications of the messages that might be important to the driver. It is done to allow Android Auto to consume them at the time when Auto is running.

Automobile industry solutions have revolutionized traditional vehicles and taking the technology to new heights. Automobile app development companies have created some of the applications compatible with Android automotive. Vehicles integrated with these apps are predicted to launch next year.