How To Become A Perfect Web Developer In 2020 – A Complete Guide

How To Become A Perfect Web Developer In 2020 – A Complete Guide

Many are starting to ask how I become a web developer, because the web development sector is growing.

This is significant, since web developers are so many people worldwide, but how many of them succeed? The internet increased by more than 3 billion users by 2015 from a small user base of less than 500 million in the early 2000s.

And over the last five years, the internet users have expanded to approximately 1.7 billion, with estimates to add 1.1 billion more users in the next 5 years. A custom software development company is in high demand even in the smallest of cities. There has not been a better opportunity for software engineering to learn coding and scripting or rather be a full-stack web developer, or students to consider a career switch. Web developers’ growth is at one of the all-time highs, and it's only rising.

Technology has been playing a significant role in everyone's life, from the basics of applications to the most innovative developments. Any website or software application we come across was designed by a web developer — so what precisely is web development or a web developer’s task? It may seem like a complex, intimidating, and very elusive area to the outside view. We have put together all the definitive guides for web development as well as what it takes to become a fully-fledged web developer, to shine new light on this intriguing sector. The purpose of this article is to allow you to stand out from the competition and to successfully pursue your web development career — either for a website development services or for freelancing.

What is a Perfect Web Developer?

So, let's have a look at what it requires to be a web developer and why you want to know on your own what's great about being able to learn to code and fortunately start your career. You will have better information about how to become a professional web developer when you finish reading this article. The steps described here are attainable and proven over the years by several web developers with expertise, and you could become one by following them. We will discuss in detail the fundamentals of web development and show you the most critical skills and techniques that are required to enter the business. If you already know the fundamentals of website developers, you can just skip directly to a later part.

Who Is A Web Developer?

Web development includes creating internet or intranet pages and software for a wired network. The job of a web developer is not about the design of a website, but about coding, scripting, and programming, which allow for the accessibility of the site. A web developer is somebody who uses the designs and ideas – created by a customer or a development team – and codes and converts it into a website. They do this by composing complex code algorithms, using a range of coding languages.

Web developers have a very challenging job as they have to take a language that we understand, like English, and turn it into a code that a machine recognizes, like Python or HTML. This can consume a lot of effort and energy as it requires a thorough understanding of different languages of coding and their use.

1. Front end developer:

A frontend web developer is involved in the creation and design of a website's formats, content, and presentation.

2. Backend Developer:

A back-end web developer is responsible for the design of a website's driving mechanism. They are responsible for developing the best framework that makes it easy to transmit data from a web server to the internet browser – as customers see it.

Which Path To Choose – Frontend Or Backend Development?

You can learn about both professions , being an expert in both the creation of the frontend & backend, just that you will need to know an morelot more. Individuals who are experienced in web development at the front and the back end are labeled as full-stack developers - they are highly esteemed and companies will hire web developers with very good pay.


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Choosing a specification is critical, as you will see in the sections ahead. Nonetheless, web developers are necessary, regardless of the model. In reality, they are one of the most crucial professional bodies that we have in the present era. That is why web developers need to learn countless skills to be able to do their work. There is a lot to be learned and mastered — we've got JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, and Svelte. We have static generators of websites, the serverless, Git, and the list just goes on.

Basic Fundamentals To Know For Web Development

You may hear the concepts of web development and web design interchangeably, but these are two completely different things. The web designer is the architect, whereas the web developer is the constructor or engineer of a website for a website development services. All the instruments we use constantly through the use of the internet were developed by web developers from the relatively simple, static websites to social media sites and applications, from e-commerce sites to Content Management Systems (CMS).

Web designers model the appearance and functionality of the application. They design the website format to make it practical, simple to use, and convenient. All visualizations are taken into consideration: which color combination and characters should be used? How will users transmit to hit points A to B? Web design also takes into account the webpage interface design, which determines what information should be included and where it should have been fitted.

Taking this concept on board and turning it into a live, properly operational platform is the task of the web developer. As presented by the web designer, a frontend developer takes graphic design and creates it using a programming language such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A backend developer constructs the site's more additional features. Most companies hire web developers as freelancers - it is the best job with the best perks.

How To Become A Perfect Web Developer – 2020

1. Make A Decision First About Your Goal Or Path

There are several things for those who are interested in a web development career to weigh. Firstly, you need to be enthusiastic about writing software. The internet travels quickly and traveling with it will be a large part of your work. You will need to acquire new knowledge as time goes on, and get your hands on new technologies. Problem-solving skills are a must, along with reasonable and critical thinking to be effective in computer science. If your aim is only to become a frontend developer, you may pick the frontend development tools and technology. The same applies to backend development and full-stack development.

2. Learning Basic Tools And Programming Languages

You have to be willing to write code to become a web developer. The programming language is at the heart of a webpage; with computer languages, any website can be created. The programming languages needed for website creation are not nearly as complex and do not take nearly as long as conventional languages such as C++ or Haskell to know.

The structure is dictated by HTML. The CSS is going to make it look attractive. JavaScript is going to make it work. You ought to master the following languages and related tools:

Start With The HTML And CSS Languages

The basic elements of web creation are HTML and CSS. Regardless of how complex your web app is or what backend and frameworks you use, you have to create your GUI app with HTML and CSS. And it's the first thing you will know on the internet. This is also used for the methods of SaaS Software Development.

HTML is not a programming language, nor a CSS language, but instead a scripting tool used to build web pages and user interfaces. HTML is a hypertext scripting language that constructs and manages the substance and layout of the website’s page. It's the very foundation of any website, and for everyone who aspires to work in the area of front-end creation, it's a must-know. Rather than focusing on large CSS systems such as Bootstrap, creating your own modular, reusable CSS elements to use in your ventures is good.

Recently, a new SaaS Software Development trend has also emerged that helps to write CSS code more effectively. SaaS is a preprocessor for CSS, which adds more usability to the standard CSS and makes it more effective. SaaS saves a lot of time so you will certainly need to learn that in 2020. If you know CSS by now you don't have to put too much work into mastering SaaS Software.

  • JavaScript

It is here that things can begin to get troublesome. This is the language that is used to develop most of the range of interactive objects on the websites you visit.

If you have ever taken part in an online election or exam, then you have interacted with JavaScript-coded apps or webpages. JavaScript is a front-end encoding language that is implemented in the browser application. JavaScript is commonly used by web developers and helps to connect users with a good user interface. You will use a lot of JavaScript via server-side programming languages like PHP, Python, or and if you'd like to work with React, Angular, NodeJS, Vue, or some other JavaScript framework or library or any other dot net development company, knowing this language is very essential.


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  • Learn Server-Side Languages

You need to have the experience of at least one language on the server-side. Some of the possibilities to select a language by 2020 are NodeJS, Python, Java, and PHP. Make sure to learn at least one server-side framework. After you have learned one language on the server-side of your choosing, go with one of the language frameworks.

3. Front-End Framework

Frameworks allow you to build more sophisticated frontends. Frameworks provide you with many benefits, such as reusable components, a more structured UI, or page engagement. Below are some prominent frameworks for the year 2020:

  1. Angular: Generally, this method is used in large organizations. Its learning process is pretty steep. And learning TypeScript with Angular is good too. It enables you to use the optional fixed typing and assistance.
  2. React: React library is by far the most prominent one to know for web development, and compared to other platforms and frameworks, it's relatively easy. There's a lot of jobs for developers who know to react.
  3. Vue: Vue is frequently gaining popularity, and developers can also choose to learn Vue. In contrast to React and Angular, Vue is also fairly easy to understand.

4. Always Do Testing And Debugging

Be sure to check the codes when you're finished creating them. Often, do it slowly as you test the codes and you will learn not to repeat mistakes when you take on large-scale projects.

Some Important Tools

In web development, there are certain tools that you will be utilizing. These tools can help you test, improve your productivity, manage your software, engage with a dot net development company, and much more:

  1. Git & GitHub: Git helps a great deal with the coordination and management of the code with other developers. This is probably the most popular resource you will know in 2020.
  2. Emmet: Emmet is yet another fantastic tool to help you write HTML and CSS very quickly, which is useful in improving developer productivity.

6. Content Management

Particularly if you are freelancing, you should certainly learn about the content management system. CMS is used for adding content on a website or application. Customers are great at being able to upgrade their material. The CMS attaining success in 2020 are, Strapi, and WordPress. One fairly basic and easy CMS is WordPress. Besides, 58 percent of all domains are operated by this free, open-source program, which you can add by any web host.

7. Database Management

Many web developers need a place for storing data. For only certain cases, with some systems, other technologies or certain languages go well. SQL is a software that stores information in databases. PHP is a 'scripting' language that puts or pulls things from a database. Nevertheless, RDBMS is the most popular database. PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL are the most popular ones to use.

8. Focus On UI/UX (optional)

Bear in mind, you don't inherently need to become a designer as a developer. Web design would be a completely different concept. Nevertheless, as you mostly work with web designers and might even need to conduct web design on your own for agency work, it is still a vital technique to have, at least at a basic stage.

Theoretically, there is no specific language for coding which focuses solely on UI and UX. Alternatively, the various other frontend languages usually unify to assess each of these attributes. However, sometimes the UI will rely a little more on HTML and CSS – the visually-oriented languages – while UX will depend more on JavaScript – the graphical framework.

9. Know The Basics Of SEO

Questions can arise; like, "If I am a developer, why do I need to learn about how well the web browsers rate a site? Isn't that the bloggers' and the content developers' task? Sure, much of the SEO of a website is about the content. But the actual website framework and code always play a part. Heading tags (HTML) for example, are incredibly SEO-friendly.

We tell search engines what makes a website very interesting. You will learn the fundamentals of SEO when you are building a website, and keep SEO in mind. You will give the website an even better chance of success by doing so. Stuff such as meta tags, title tags, and the descending order of heading tags are crucial considerations. Nearly 99 million of all websites are identified from Google or some other web browser by their users. So, if you are developing websites for a custom software development company, it is essential to understand how search engines work, so you can make sure that the website’s visitors see your website first on the search engine results.


Concerning employment, a career in web development is demanding, financially satisfying, and has a lot to give. And contrary to common perception, to become a web developer and create a functional website you do not need a flashy master's degree in computer science. A web development company in USA hires approximately 150,000 web developers for 4.1 billion internet users, but that figure is projected to rise by 27 percent and includes approximately 40,000 new specialists.

Between 2016 and 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 15 percent job creation for web developers — much higher than average — and web developers rated as the 8th best tech work title based on pay and job levels. The annual salary for a web developer in a web development company in USA is $76,271 per annum. Of course, compensation varies according to place, years of experience, and the unique skills you bring to the game. In essence, you can be a web developer much faster than expected if you read the directions in this article but it will still take some difficult graft.