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How To Make A GPS App Like Waze From Scratch?

03 Feb

The traffic is a leading cause of chaos in the streets.

The increasing population and their demands lead to the increasing occupancy of the land. The streets are mainly covered by the shops that are actually at the corner of the streets. Then in the main space you often see at one end there is a car parking area which reduces the space in the road and leads to traffic jams. So this way it is not possible at all to reach work at the proper time.

So what's next, to reach on time to their workplace people always leave their home even more early. Because the main hours of jam are during the office and school hours. The increasing number of the vehicle during the same period of time but on the same track with limited space takes half time of your life which you generally waste in the jam.

To improve these conditions the software and the app designers have developed apps that can guide you with the navigation thing. Yes, you heard it right, your navigation will be easier and faster following the assistance which is provided by this navigation app services. This is an efficient technology that is a great option on the roads these days. The custom software development company is looking to develop software or apps for more precise and better working software that can be really efficient to the users.

What are these navigation apps?

The navigation simply means to provide you guidance about the proper route to reach your destination. Now you may be thinking how is this even possible that an app will guide you to your location?

Not a bad question at all. Now let me clear your doubts, these apps take the help of the satellite maps and those maps have every possible route of your location or your area. Now what happens here with these apps is that they have a voice recognition guiding assistant who can guide you on your routes very clearly and with proper accuracy. These apps are often analyzed by software development services for better execution in the future.

They just figure you with the closest route and provides you with a picture where you may have a traffic jam due to any reasons all in the real-time mapping services. This is an efficient and great use of technology to introduce it and just giving us their useful services to save our time on the roads.

Navigation apps like Waze

You may have heard about a very common navigation app that may already be installed on your mobile or you mostly install the Google maps. But you may not have heard about another very useful and reliable version of a community-driven navigation app Waze.

This navigation app is really another app that actually keeps on updating according to the sources provided by their own users. It works differently and they have a clear objective to clear your routes on any source provided by the users about certain jams on the road that can waste a lot of time on that part. So they then guide you with other possible ways to reach to your desired location. It just works much better after the chatbot development company has introduced the chatting service with other users on the network.

The drivers or the users using this app gets turn by turn routes directions according to sources everything in real-time. Also, they are guided by the voice commands which tell you about the route. Also, the calculated distance is already provided at the initial phase of the journey which just provides you with a rough idea of how much distance you are traveling and what is the limited time you will require to reach that spot.

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This app simply work on a crowdsourcing technique where the users using this app will have the ability to share their source on any route details, or any other way to reach that particular direction, even more, easier and with a less duration of time, they can also share if they find any errors in the mapping or any accidents on the roads. The SaaS application development helps the app to pass all the tests and makes it an app with better performance and with efficient services.

How actually does this app basically work?

This app has a very simple and clear objective to help their users to fall into a trap of traffic for hours and hours. So yes they provide the routes to the users and could have guided them based on the reports about the signals jams or any road blockage but still, they may have lost certain areas so they have followed this crowdsourcing technique to have the most optimal decisions provided to them by their users. The artificial intelligence solutions can also help the app to be much better with their services and to learn from the previous mistakes and not to repeat it again.

So the process is very simple in this case. Like any incidents on the road like accidents which can lead, a disturbing situation on the roads and can also lead to road jams. Then police checking can also cause slow movement of the traffic that can also take a lot of time, weather conditions on any part of the area which can also lead to serious traffic issues and normal jams all these issues can easily be informed to the app. A custom software development company is trying to provide a platform for developers to make certain customized changes for better working of the app.

Then the app just optimizes all this information. Now, this information is evaluated and properly analyzed by the app and when they actually verify the information with them and if it has been verified to be real information, then they just spread the news to the server of the other users. This just helps them to change their route and choose the most suitable and the fastest one to reach their location.

What are the unique features that can be achieved using an app like this?

The internet connection is really necessary for this kind of apps. As you know that the routes which are being provided to you with regular updates need a proper connection to the internet.

Without the internet connection, the traffic signals and the jam information cannot be achieved by the users. Also, you cannot update about any road blockage information into the app which also cannot be achieved. Also, the chatbot development company helps the users to connect with other users and some relevant locations that will come in your way to your destination.

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Also this navigation app like Waze they also have a unique feature to provide the users with location and also in-app advertisements. Enterprise mobility solutions always look for using the latest technology for better results or output.

Like how it works and helps the users you must be thinking? It is simple it just analyses the route you are traveling from and also the destination you will be going to. So they always keep analyzing your routes and always provide you with the most relevant information about any restaurants, hotels or petrol-pumps which is the closest and the best place that can be suitable for you.

What are the most essential features of these navigation apps?

There are certain very important features that a navigation app must have to guide their users with the proper route and that too with major accuracy. Below are the most essential features of these navigation apps.

  • GPS navigation:

This is the most essential feature without which a navigation app is just useless. The GPS just provides the user with the information on the map and the location that they will be traveling to. Also, these apps like Waze use the source from the crowd for better assistance of the route. But the main source is the map which can guide on every possible highway in touch to the main roads to make your journey fast and easily avoiding the jams and road blockages. The interface that has been used in such apps must be really smooth and must have the ability to load the map in both 2D and 3D views for a better experience of the users. Artificial intelligence solutions also help the users to work accordingly with the use of their AI and both the ML experiences that are provided by most apps.

  • Authorization:

Being a user of a mobile device you must be very used to with this feature. This is basically a feature that is enabled by almost all the apps. Here the basic thing you need to do is to provide the app with your basic details that are being asked. The registration that you do is basically your access to the services of these apps. Now after you get access to the services of the apps then you can just use the navigation feature with that you can add your source or even chat to other users using that particular app or apps like this navigation one. Also, log in to these apps is really made simple you can either use your mail or phone number but can also use a social media account like face-book to register to these apps.

  • Travel management:

This is also a very useful function or feature that these navigation apps provide users. Now if you are really new to a certain place and you do not have any idea of it how it will be for you if the apps can just guide you to the nearest parking lot. Also, the apps have reminders which can be set by the users. Like there is a trip plan or a hangout plan for the user to travel to a certain location. So these apps can help you to set a reminder which then on the date the app can remind you and all the other users can also get the info by sharing it to their social media apps so that they can all gather together.

  • Voice assistants:

As you all know driving is a great responsibility. So while you are driving you just have the risk and responsibility all at your hands and legs so you cannot afford to lose your concentration. So these navigation apps have always look for the best apps with the best and risk-free assistance. So they have introduced the voice guidance where you will get updates about all the possible ways and the fastest routes with the help of voice assistants. Also if they find that voice recognition feature distracting and an issue they can also turn it off and follow the navigation manually. With this feature, the software development services really enhance and make their services more reliable and more efficient.

  • Gamification:

The users always want some achievements which really attract them to do their tasks with further responsibility. Also, a community-based environment in the app also engages the user in a much better way. Now with this, they just communicate with other users in the community. They can even get a great motivator and also could be appreciated for their work in the community which engages more users to the app services.

  • Points system:

This is also a feature to encourage users to work in the app. Those users who are helping to provide a source about the routes they will be provided with certain points. These points are basically the rewards that are being provided to the users for their work. The designation of the points initially starts from the Waze baby and leads them to the Waze royalty.

What can be the reasons to develop a successful navigation app?

We have already understood the requirements and the services of such navigation apps. Now we have already understood these features but we need to look for the essential technologies and features that can be mounted here and also excluding the unnecessary features which can cut the cost during the building of such an app like this.

  • Geo-location:

This is the most essential feature that a navigation app can have and must have. This feature basically provides you with the complete picture that your smartphones receive through the satellite and then convey you with the map of your desired route. But if there is a GPS issue and you do not have a proper connection to it, you can also receive the data of the maps from the cell towers in case there is no result from the GPS. SaaS application development enables the developer to develop an app after all the processes of debugging and fixing all the errors so that the user does not experience all those crashes and bugs experienced in the use of the app.

  • The UI/UX design:

The designing of an app with a smooth and faster interface provides the user with a very great platform that is the goal for every app developer. Now the proper real-time updates to the routes and the mapping to your locations should be proper and accurate also giving you the fast results about the distance and the charges that can be required to complete that particular route. Because the UI is equally related to the UX of the users. If the user has a good decent experience using the app with proper assistance. Also, asking for proper feedback from the users to understand their requirements and accordingly working on it also enhances the UX of your app. For any app, it is a necessary feature to have an interface with smooth and fast experience for the users which is often achieved by the enterprise mobility solutions.

  • Battery saving experience:

Now your phone cannot be always in charge of it is not even possible that you carry your charging cable and adapter always with you. In that case, if you are driving to all-new locations and then you face this problem where you need to make a choice between reaching your destination or in saving your battery life then trust me it is really a difficult choice to make.

So it will be a great feature by these apps to help users with an offline map that can be used by these users in these terrible situations. So, in this way, the user will save their battery at the same time they will also be guided with that map to their destination. On the other hand, this offline map will also help the users in saving a lot of their data.


In conclusion, this navigation app is a great help for car drivers and also to those who are new to the city. They can be well guided with these efficient and most portable guide that you can carry with you wherever you go. The routes that it serves are mostly analyzed and there are very few issues of mapping errors with further improvement in the accuracy.

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