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How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Service Business in the USA

The emergence of cannabis products has brought a great revolution in the market. It is not easy to enter into the trade of cannabis until and unless the plan looks strategic enough.


The cultivation and selling of cannabis is not an easy choice. Marijuana has become a part of legal merchandise after meeting up the strict demands and standards of the pharmaceutical sector. The dietary and medicinal cannabis supplements are not yet found as a safe trade by most of the people. Many offshore IT services are helping traders in building cannabis delivery service business in the USA.

If you are using the correct form and amount of ingredients that bring your cannabis products under the legal line then you have certain options. Cannabis delivery is a better option for you if you are able to provide the quality products that are healthy for the customers and meet the strict stipulations of government.

In this article, we have mentioned the factors that make the cannabis delivery business a profitable business for you. We will talk about the statistics that show the rapid growth of cannabis products consumption across the globe and the likeliness of the business expansion in the following years. With website development services you can build a user-friendly interface. Let’s dig deep into the thought:

Statistics and Infographics

There are eight steps guide to train you on how to start a cannabis delivery business in the USA. But before that, we would like to talk stats and show you the right analyzations and numbers upon which the cannabis business has flourished so far. There is a taboo behind the illegal trading of cannabis products that affect the market of legal traders also. You thus need to follow the right direction in order to build a strong foundation in the industry as a leader.

In the year 2017, the global cannabis market value was $ 7.7 billion dollars. The estimation for the global market value of cannabis in the year 2021 is found to be $ 31.4 billion.

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The annual expenditures on cannabis globally are estimated to be $ 344 billion in 2018. There is huge cannabis market growth in Asia, North America, and Europe primarily. There were around 263 million cannabis consumers around the globe in the past year. Now when we talk about the legal cannabis market spending then there has been a rapid growth in it. From the year 2017, there is an estimation of increasing legal spending in the cannabis market.

The figures are in billion dollars with the highest spending nations being Canada and the USA. There is an expected constant increasing rate of legal in the following years. There are a series of steps that you need to cross and you can surely emerge as a developed entrepreneur.

Let’s begin:-

Step 1 Raising Funds for the Business

Your cannabis delivery business needs proper funding which is not easy to attain in the atmosphere where most of the financial institutions are worried about its legalization.

However, there are certain methods that you can start your delivery business for cannabis with. The seed capital is one method in which the family and friends are the sources of raising funds for business In seed capital, you will build a product of cannabis. This would be used in the future as a reference for your investors. Generally, the bank does not lend loans through traditional funding easily. It is not always possible for you to have a strong financial background. In such cases, there are alternatives that will work for you.

You can go for:-

  • Specific funds and a couple of hedge funds for cannabis
  • Investors with a powerful net worth
  • The celebrities and known personalities might find interest in investing
  • Angel investors are also there as an option
  • Business incubators and accelerators
  • Companies working in the same industry might support your startup as well.
  • There are many platforms that provide funding to Marijuana startups

Step 2 Decide the location of your business desk

Once you get the funding for your cannabis delivery business, you should find the best location where you can earn the most fruitful profits and the response of the customers. In the USA, there are many states where you can find an open market and start your cannabis delivery business. You need to go through a market analysis that tells about the tax climate, legal environment, and many essential factors. A closed market is a difficult option.

Step 3 Get a license for your cannabis delivery business

In California, the delivery of cannabis is allowed once it meets the weight demands, but the case is different in other states. Carrying a business license becomes a must in such cases to stay in a safer place. The retailer’s license is of two types depending on the type of store you have. You would apply accordingly and the states that allow the trading of cannabis to have certain set of regulations and rules. You need to follow them strictly.

Step 4 Product Sourcing to delivery ahead

If you do not have your own farms for cannabis then you need to get in touch with a dispensary or manufacturer of cannabis working legally. A dispensary generally has its own delivery team so you can get in touch with manufacturers who can give you a discounted deal.

Step 5 Compliance for Cannabis Delivery

There are cannabis delivery compliances that should not be ignored by your company. You should keep in mind the maximum amount of cannabis that can be delivered at a time as per the license. The transactions also follow a limit. Your driver should deliver cannabis under strict guidelines and a GPS should be installed in the vehicle to connect with the delivery app.

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Step 6 Payment Options For your Business

It is considered feasible to accept money for your cannabis delivery through e-wallets. Taking cash payments carries some challenges and the banks and card companies do not readily accept transactions related to the cannabis business.

Step 7 Approval for your Delivery Application and App Development Company

It is better to device your cannabis delivery business online using website development services. However, it is not easy to get approval for your cannabis delivery business app from ap stores. A great application description can be acquired with the help of a dot net development company.

There are many offshore IT services providing app development services but they should be thorough with the legal aspects of doing business in cannabis. Dot net web application development is available at many trustable platforms but you need to be a bit more careful when it comes to the cannabis delivery business.