How to Start A Mobile App Startup- Complete Guide

How to Start A Mobile App Startup- Complete Guide

The application market, at present, is extremely complicated where it isn't simply enough to come up with any unique application development solution for your project.

As the investment is also huge, it has not remained easy to remain in the competition and to stand out for the Android app development services. If any segment of your startup has left untouched or you are unprepared with the same then it can affect you on various fronts. Most of the entrepreneurs, unintentionally, perform the same mistakes which lead them to the brand destroying products. It is not too complicated to create a successful and effective application launch for your startup. 

You have to consider every step prior to the development so that any surprise cannot ruin the process. Launching your own application idea is a rewarding process that goes from multiple phases of building the solution. Every level you must have a precise conception with the development cycle and the launch of your product must also be considered.

The application Idea and startup with a mobile application development company- it is often mistaken that entrepreneurs do not pay attention to the difference between the application startup and the actual idea. Just developing a unique application solution corresponding to your idea is not enough because the actual process has to be carried out in the right way. Also, the application startup must help the potential to scale your vision widely. In order to launch an application idea, it is important to consider every detail right from the development methodology to its specific processes, deployment, and implementation.

Application startup and Enterprise IT Solutions

In the last few years, we have observed millions of applications making history with their exponential growth and success worldwide. Addressing some big names like Instagram, angry birds and the list goes on which have made millions of dollars for their owners. 

On the contrary, it is also a fact that only 28% of the developers can make approximately $5000 a month. In the field of application development, Mobile application development companies have marked cute success with game applications, smartwatches, smart TVs, health solutions, IT, and so on.

  • In the year 2014, the demand for application development was 22% with a significant rise to 43% in the year 2019.
  • In the year 2017, more than 60% of the business application owners have their revenue objective with the application development business

Both of these facts are impressive and it also is the question and queries for the entrepreneur to start their application startup and ensure its success. In this article, we have included the best ways to get it done without compromising with the application utility and its space. It is important to understand that just creating an application is not enough for your startup, it is also not adequate to only concentrate on your business process or marketing process. Let us have a detailed version of the same.

Helpful steps to launch Enterprise application development ideas

You do not have to follow through the spectrum of steps or ideas which are not relevant to your requirement and just pay attention to the recent stage in the process. Even if you are creating an iPhone application for Android let's make sure that you have some of the details regarding the application to take part in the process.

In the Enterprise IT Solutions, we do not have to drag and drop the newbies having limited knowledge with the skills. Creating a successful application is basically not as tough as people believe it to be. All you have to do is get your idea to the floor and be consistent with your approach. Follow through the below-mentioned steps to get a precise idea regarding how to launch an application startup.

  • Generate your idea- When combined together, there are around 4 million apps available on Apple or Google Play Store. It is a niche to come around unique application launch or the segment which has previously remained untouched. You have to think about the product or services which can efficiently add value to the returns of customers. The mobile application industry is highly cluttered hence unique solutions are always welcomed.
  • Which problem does it solve?- It is said that necessity is the creator of inventions. This has created many opportunities for the Mobile application development company platforms to venture the solutions that can end a user's problem. It is important that an application can identify the trouble in an everyday environment and how efficient lead can resolve the issue. Ultimately it can be the game-changer for your successful application.

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  • Create an application prototype- What about the application idea having its share of implementation? This can help you ensure the success of your startup launch in the long run. Once you have a successfully encountered idea, try to build its prototype so that you can have the ground details in advance. You can follow the below-mentioned steps in order to accomplish this objective.
  1. Validate your application startup concept as it has to resonate with your customers.
  2. Now you have to document your application, wireframe the app.
  3. Try to eliminate the less relevant functions as much as you can when you are preparing the prototype.
  • Cost to build up the app- This is the most crucial factor which is equally authentic in a variety of Android app development services. Creating any application solution requires a thorough understanding of its cost at every level. In order to determine the cost, there are multiple variables which can actually affect it. Also, the involvement of vendors, third party individuals and platforms you are using to launch the app can significantly increase or decrease the cost of the application startup. 

How to select a suitable developer? 

It is mostly seen in lots of Custom software development company that even after paying lots of attention to the idea, they end up working with unreliable assets. If you are planning to remain in the business for long then you have to involve excellence in your project. Staying within your budget limits you have to hire excellent minds and make sure that divisions can easily match with your picture. You can keep short points in mind in order to get an idea-

  • Do not get manipulated by the price because if any solution comes to redesign then it might become an expensive bet for you.
  • You think about the best picture because nowadays mobile app startups have become complicated as it involves too much coding. You have to choose a professional team which can easily save you from the coming troubles.
  • If the interest of the app developer resonates with your version of Enterprise application development then you can think about it. This will help you get the most creative expertise for your startup which can also align with your business requirements.
  • Do not miss the references or feedback from your previous clients, the third-party with whom you have worked earlier. This will help you with a better understanding of your business requirements.

Design an attractive app-

It is usually seen that most of the entrepreneurs are focused on having a basic application idea because they only care to develop an app. Extremely important to you consider that a lucrative application idea can never go waste. designing of the application interface is not just about the looks but it also gives regards to the User experience and convenience.

You have to deploy some incredible Enterprise mobility solutions in your application which can make sure for the user retention along with improvising performance matrixes of the application. You can also follow the below-mentioned steps for this-

  • It is fundamental to prioritize the human aspect for your application on designing the front.
  • With the approach of designing you have to make sure to enhance the user experience
  • Do not avoid small details like the color gradient, use of typography, combining multiple fonts, aesthetics of the user interface and so on.
  • Follow up through the industry trends parallel to the designing sphere

Funding of the app- It is crucial in the application startup to gain the funding for your project. The higher amount of money directly leads to the maximum availability of the resources and so are the chances of success. At every stage of your product, you might have to pay a lot. Let us have a quick brief over them-

  • Bootstrapping is the initial phase which requires funding. It also maintains internal amounts and cash flow.
  • The capitals interested in your idea can potentially think about making an investment in the same. Once you have launched the initial version of your startup then you may start receiving bits of funds.
  • The startups are mostly provided with venture capital which also involves successful financial rounds.

Once you have successfully read this stage then you have briefly got a detailed estimate of your application development timeline and price limits. The decision making must not be based on a single factor like price, rather it must have a well thought process. You have to make sure that your application startup embodies the actual context of your idea and can potentially reach your target audience.

Other do's and don'ts for the launch of your app

When you are initially consumed with your application in a successful parameter then you must have an inside understanding of various other things and how to easily get through them. The overall journey might lead you to various option downloads but you have to consider some important tips to ensure your success. You have to keep in mind the do's and don'ts of the Android app development services to remain aware of the process.

  1. Do not quit at any stage- The diplomatic instance with the startups is that lack of motivation or consistency can easily destroy the idea. If your financial concerns are bigger then do not quit on your job at least for a while until you have the implementation guidelines for your startup in hand. Also, you have to create an amazing prototype of an application whenever you see the favor you instantly get in return.
  1. Do not only create mobile apps- Your work is done as soon as your application is performing in the store. It is safe to say that developing an application is an easy thing in your whole journey rather than building the business. You have to make sure to consistently get potential customers and it is the toughest part. You have to take baby steps with the marketing plan focusing on the first 10 then 100 then 1000 and so on. The early adopters in the business will define the overall rate of the application and its sustainability.
  1. Never ask the irrelevant people for project validation- As it is a startup, you might be asking all the right questions to the wrong person. Never approach someone who only has an imaginary concept of your idea as they are willing to deliver the same to you. While developing the Enterprise IT Solutions there is no point of asking for feedback to the ones who are not ready to face its consequences. Rather you could approach your potential customers for the ones who are involved in developing it.

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  1. Do not raise funds before validation- Venture funding for the app startup is a crucial thing to do and why you are developing one solution you have to entirely focus on building up and driving potential customers to it. Let's put it like this, plan A must always remain aligned with the marketing consumption prior to the launch. The ambitions of your application startup must not be dependent on any irrelevant factor.

What about the promotion? 

Once you have successfully developed an application now is the time to deliver it to your target customers without any delay. The Custom software development company chained in this suggests multiple channels for promoting and advertising your product. The reason behind this is that the promotion strategies you are choosing for your startup launch can have a tremendous influence on the success of your application. There are some options which you can consider-

Social media marketing- Nothing can beat the reach of social networks these days and entrepreneurs are owing their success to this platform in order to facilitate brand awareness and user engagement. Social media marketing instantly accelerates lead generation and customer conversion. There are multiple social networking sites out of which you can prefer the one which suits you most and can easily reach your objective.

  • Facebook marketing- brand recognition and marketing through Facebook is fundamental for startups. Business to customer applications can get a raise through this especially if your application has any resemblance with social networks then you can pay extra efforts in order to strengthen the customer engagement and connections. Effective conversation is fundamental for the startups that can also add value to their success.
  • Marketing through Instagram- Instagram is entirely business to customer platform and over the last few years it has helped various startups to sustain in the industry large number of Enterprise application development solutions are also love reaching the benefits of this platform irrespective of the fields like fashion, art, travel, e-commerce, photography, health, beauty and so on. Instagram is a reliable platform that nowadays shares its instances with Facebook.
  • LinkedIn platform- Over the last few years, LinkedIn has secured a sophisticated place in the industry and maximum users at this platform are professionals and seekers. Its utility is irreplaceable because it has a business standard interface which especially considers startups. Companies irrespective of their fields are welcomed at this platform like finance, technology, employment, IT and a lot more. The startups which can efficiently address a problem along with presenting its solution can reach the maximum audience and become a center for business people. LinkedIn has generated maximum conversion rates which are almost 3% times higher as compared to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Twitter marketing- The marketing of Enterprise mobility solutions through Twitter has its separate utility and it is highly preferred by the businesses dependent on communication or information. So many users, at present, refer to Twitter accounts if they come across any issue with the product or services. Lots of industries can extract benefits from Twitter accounts including travel, e-commerce, sports, retail and so on.


The success of your application startup can be measured on a variety of terms. In some cases building a large user base with the help of an incredible application is enough. In some cases, it is also seen that startups have marked tremendous success by resolving user queries. Ultimately in the big picture, Custom software development companies can help startups to get over the edge easily if they cannot find the best solutions for themselves. Also if you do not have budget limitations then try to create a solution which can attract maximum users towards it. Once you have reached that stage you have to accelerate or entice them to use your platform.