How Will iOS 14 Changes Affect Mobile Marketing & What Can You Do About It?

How Will iOS 14 Changes Affect Mobile Marketing & What Can You Do About It?

Since WWDC 2020, millions of searches are dedicated to any update about the arrival of iOS 14.

It has been expected that it is likely to be announced in September. IOS 14 update is now available, and it soared up the efforts of iPhone app development services in developing new market strategies.

Apple has introduced iOS 14 which will enable better privacy for iPhone users. The applications on the iPhone will require getting permission from their users for tracking their movements or activities across apps. The new update has sparked off a new debate about the consecutive effect of iOS14 over mobile marketing with a more prudent choice of mobile application development services.

While the tracking of mobile users was possible all this while and made the bedrock of digital marketing and aimed advertisements. But hereafter new updates coming up from iOS 14, every application development company would make a paradigm shift in their marketing strategies and theories.

How will iOS 14 changes affect mobile marketing? 

Soon after iOS 14 releases, all app developers will be vesting hours in planning about the new way of app development. They are now required to request the device user consent for tracking users’ data through pop up messages with the applications. 

Here, if the user doesn’t want to allow tracking, their IDFA (Identification for Advertisers) will go back to a string of 0s, making it useless. Now once the notification is served to the iPhone user, then they can decide whether to confirm opt-in or opt-out.

iOS 14 makes the users able to control their privacy and not to share it without any approval from their side. They can be sharing their IDFA now on a per-application basis, It means that an iPhone user can decide to opt-in for one app but opt-out for others. 

Soon after these changes, there will be more strain of effects on the ad targeting segment of the mobile application ecosystem. There are quite a series of factors relying on using the users’ IDFA. These include retargeting, segmentation, exclusion targeting, look like audiences, and more. Now, after iOS 14 there will be hilarious upheaval in marketing strategies of iPhone app development services comprising user acquisition and ad monetization.

Still, there is a lot more to know when it lands to users targeting iOS14. Meanwhile, the industry is trying to collate all possible solutions to counter this situation which protects user privacy. On the other hand, the new update iOS 14 heads to a sustainable future and enormous possibilities for mobile app developers and marketers.

Still, it is quite impossible to know from where to start, but the guide breaks down all the major changes and shows the tasks every application development company must be prioritized over the next few months.

Let's dive into the changes that iOS 14 has come up with, affecting users’ acquisition. 

Automatic correction

Here, another new update, that will surely add extra hours in developing strategies for mobile apps, is auto-correction while the user is searching within the store. With iOS 14, now the typing will be auto-corrected and will show the exactly corrected terms.

Though it may not seem to dominate your App Store Optimization, the automatic correction will finally transform some of your last used strategies. There is a need to integrate a moderated approach to your ASO. The most affected area would be the classification and correction of wrong spellings. The mobile app would have more chances to be in search results if the mobile experts use strategies comprising the user of errors for ASO.

Further, with iOS 14, search results will be shown based on auto-corrected terms unless the users click the link (“you really mean it” while searching on Google) pushing to search for wrong typed search. With this new update, the chance of better app ranking in searches may be obscure.

Privacy guidelines

Now, one among the major changes of iOS 14, is about more clarity in the privacy guidelines of the app. Till now, the major changes were broadcasted on major channels of Apple. These included: 

  • The nature of user information that will be collected i.e. your contacts,

  • Use of the users’ location data that can be taken to crawl in other applications and websites.

The updates providing users more control over their privacy brings substantial changes for mobile experts. So, if users do not allow access to the apps to their location and other advertising will get affected badly as it will make it impossible for mobile marketing to use the information gathered by IDFA.

As a result, the iOS application development company will not be able to get and evaluate the ad campaigns’ performance, because “limit ad tracking” may be enabled by the users. 

With the update, the users can easily decide whether or not to allow it at the time of downloading the app. With this, digital marketers will find it impossible to evaluate the behavior of uses and have to create more moderated and strategic acquisition campaigns.

Now an important question is how big brands and players will analyze, learn how to work with updates, and adapt to change. No doubt, privacy will continue as an important topic not only in the case of Apple but soon we will have LGPD, so we should be prepared for more.

Furthermore, the need to integrate and using it proactively by companies providing mobile application development services has taken new mandatory checkpoints in the list.

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Featured cards

Previously in iOS13, the next second app suggestion was just below the collection of featured cards, and in iOS 14 the same will appear after 2 other options with no highlights. Though it might seem unimportant, it’s quite expected that the new updates may change the rate of organic downloads for iOS application development company.

Furthermore, it had been the first option viewed by the users which increased the chances of the installation of the application. It happens because the users tend to download apps easily with just one click if it is in the first option. But with the new update iOS 14, the mobile applications occupied the third place. 

It will result in considerable time for the app developers to reorganize all the ASO of the apps because now they will not be able for the preview before, it may have fewer app downloads. 

One of the biggest and important highlights is the list cards. Being a new feature, already directing the users to specific apps, but those on lists will gain greater prominence, while most of the other organic results will end up without downloads. It further frames an important change in development strategies by PWA Development Company while optimizing marketing campaigns for iOS apps.

App Clips

Another important update is App clips from iOS 14. It will offer a kind of app preview, where the iPhone users can use some functions and services of apps, like discounted purchases without downloading it.

App clips will be more important for evaluating campaigns for the mobile application development company. That’s because, in App clips, with that little preview, you may measure the campaign results through related purchases or transactions by the users. 

It means that the platforms will now be adapted for collecting the users’ information in click/print and then goes to an identification of the branch in the users’ path. Now iPhone app development services will have to rethink before collating all marketing aspects for mobile app marketing. 

Review process

Soon after the release of iOS 14, Apple may be challenging some specific guidelines, once your app gets rejected. While it is quite didactic and you need to reassure that you are not violating the guidelines or terms and conditions of Apple and your app is compatible to integrate into the App store listing.

Even serious corrections will get approved and finalized by as long as they are not framing any legal problems. Undoubtedly, here you will need to fix every aspect that may violate or be violating the App store terms and conditions to release your app’s next version. 

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Family app subscriptions and purchases

Among all other iOS 14 updates, sharing app subscriptions will change more for app owners. Now you can share app subscriptions which will have an adverse effect on the revenue of mobile app owners. Now the mobile app developer will get the option for activating this function of sharing subscription in the App store connect.

Forum for mobile experts

There will be additional forums for mobile experts so that they can easily share their questions, suggestions, and ideas about Apple services. It makes the company able to contribute with consistent improvements to the apps’ owners.

What you can do about iOS 14 changes?

Since the release of iOS 14, most of the iPhone app development services have started leveraging mobile app SEO with new updates. Still, more information comes with every new app marketing strategy, but let’s know how we can resort to iOS 14 changes.

Ready for a prudent Shift in marketing budget after iOS 14:

You must be expecting an immediate significant fall to iOS advertising return on spend (ROAS).

Additionally, SKAdnetwork will be following an even larger fall than this, it means you may need to shift your budget to Android campaigns soon. It is suggested to the companies providing iOS app development services to recalculate and reorganize all your KPI goals.

Better to change Apple Search Ads campaigns:

You need to strengthen all of your Apple search ads campaigns running in marketing strategies. Furthermore, yet Apple Search Ads won’t be suffering from the loss of algorithmic targeting at the user level or view-through attribution. Still, ASA ensures considerable output for all your targeted marketing tactics. It also assists in helping you out in analyzing the actual terms being searched by the people. You can use it with the collected CAC/ROAS report for further changes in-app marketing. 

Get ready for oligarchy advertising: 

With iOS 14 updates, it is being expected by every iOS application development company that ROAS of Facebook and Google should plummet due to the following reasons:

  • Challenges in powering ML targeting due to loss richness in user-level data

  • The immediate adverse effect of updates on ROAS optimization and remarketing

  • A shift of advertising expenditure by advertisers to Facebook and Google as their “safe” bets 

Huge pull back on planned ad expenditure on social media channels:

Till now, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat records a high view-through attribution, but it now eliminates with new iOS 14 updates.

So here, user targeting will suffer from a high rise in CPA/CPI for the mobile app owners. It will have an adverse effect on CPA/CPI, as the conversions which will be attributed to the social media channels now limit it to just click attributes only. 

Better to check all worthy ad sets/ads/campaigns within each network:

You need to develop a quality check of all your existing or planned ad sets or campaigns with major combinations of different goals. It enables you to fetch audiences, bidding or event optimization, and ad campaigns. There will be more single entity campaigns needed for sub-campaign level tracking. 

Reaching out to relevant SDK Ad networks:

Since, the disruption in user-level ad targeting, self attributing networks, and iOS 14 last click arbitration, a new picture has emerged between SDK Ad network and SANs. Here, SKAdnetwork eliminates user-level tracking, view-through attribution, and running multi-touch attribution models. Now, it is better to reach out to AppLovin, Iron Source, Vungle, and Unity.

Stop your Remarketing and ROAS-optimized campaigns 

After iOS 14, there will be ASA (Apple Search Ads) that works most in targeting returning users of other apps. So every iOS application development company should reassess and stop their remarketing and ROAS campaigns.


 With iOS 14, the Apple IPhone users soon are controlling the access of the apps to protect their privacy. Apple has announced a new change to the iOS version in pursuit of hedging their user’s privacy firmly without incentivizing the advertisers. The iPhone users can opt-out or in of being tracked by the app through the new update. Furthermore, there is a buzz around developers i.e. PWA Development company that how they can integrate new changes to their existing marketing strategies.

However, app developers, advertisers, and social media giants like Facebook voice an adverse impact on ad revenue and targeting advertising. But still, the best thing you can do about iOS 14 updates is to switch your marketing budgets, strategies, ad networks, reorganizing and evaluating ad/ads campaigns. Soon, there will be more consecutive and effective results of iOS 14 updates for all iOS app development services.