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Human trafficking is a complex and heartbreaking problem. How can Blockchain help?

Human trafficking is one of the major threats to humanity which is affecting the lives of many, all across the world.

Following the fact, it is to be believed that 40 million people globally are enslaved in one form or the other where the profits of earning criminals have also reached $150 billion. Throwing the problem away will require a lot of muscles and global power but what if any of the emerging technology can make it difficult for the criminals to accelerate human trafficking. What if, if the answer is blockchain app development services?

Let us just digest it and go through the further details mentioned in this article.

What are the roots of the problem?

Technology can, of course, facilitate the solving of this problem but it is better to understand what actually human trafficking is and how do criminals easily operate it?

The term human trafficking refers to the cause of forced labor, sexual exploitation of a person (including men, women or child), sexual slavery or provoking commercial slavery. In some cases, it is seen that victims are allured by notorious promises that may be related to work, education, marriage, relationships, stability or any other sympathetic cause. Once the purpose is served they manipulate and exploit the individual where it becomes impossible for the victim to get out of this situation.

How Blockchain app development services can tackle human trafficking

Blockchain technology has previously entered the dynamics of cryptocurrency Bitcoin and proved its utility. As Blockchain technology is decentralized and cryptographically secure, that has access to a wide range of applications, it is one of the most suitable and results yielding options. Its significance is far beyond the cryptocurrencies or financial segments.

In the UK, IBM is partnered with a nonprofit organization named STOP THE TRAFFIK help in the destruction of human trafficking. It is to be believed that the only effective way to combat this global crime is utilizing the Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Even to make the traffickers or criminals think twice, the blockchain app development company can contribute a lot.

By anticipating the defence, this crime can be prevented because the deception leads to hiding it under the shadow. Human trafficking is undeniably a complex and heartbreaking problem which is enough to shatter the humanity. Considering the issues from the bottom of the victims had any resources or any form of identification, deriving the real sense behind this might get possible. Thanks to the digital era where each and every citizen have at least one kind of digital ID proof.

  • In its broadest sense blockchain technology is considered a distributed system that employs a hierarchy of consensus to validate or create a chain of verifiable data with the help of an established set of automated tools. This technology can be constructed and deployed in multiple ways and large number of architecture promises for its precise advantages over the centralized systems.

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  • Considering the size and complexity of this problem, it is very essential to urgently derive efforts to strengthen the technological solution.
  • To fulfill the same cause Custom Mobile Application Development helps to build an anti-trafficking platform. Initially, a mapping is conducted for the technological landscapes for a better understanding of its working and to detect the opportunities for improvisation.
  • The areas of limited focus comprise of tools having payment security, privacy or personal identity, technologies for ethical working and many more where a large number of the user base is satisfied.
  • The access to telecommunication networks or internet solutions is constantly rising where there is an utmost requirement for Custom Mobile Application Development platforms to facilitate the cause.

Blockchain to erase human trafficking

Blockchain technology truly justifies the "blocking the chains of trafficking" which is capable enough to store the biometric identities along with the fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scan which is not liable for alteration or forging. Following through a one-time setup, it gets easy to fill in the details of women or children who might be susceptible or on the verge of human trafficking and can be registered irrefutably for further identification if needed.

In order to leverage its benefits best android app development company can enormously help. With its help the invincible also becomes visible for border patrolling, social workers or any other law enforcement causes with successfully removing the chains and boundaries of servitude.

There is an obvious need for facilitating and supporting the technology to work over the protection of potential victims of human trafficking. To serve the purpose best android app development company can do the best and is one of the most reliable options.

As human trafficking is indeed an insidious crime where it gets extremely hard to trace the victims even the world identity network (WIN) utilizes the Dynamics of Blockchain technology to facilitate the self-serving identity for the invisible ones. The global supply chain blockchain app development company helps to fight against slavery to a greater extent. Some of the ways are-

  • The complexity and inadequate transparency in the supply chain has resulted in fostered slavery exploiting the life of around 25 million people
  • Majority of the organizations are looking forward to adopting a technology which can offer them transparency and reliable manufacturing processes

Final thoughts

With the input of biometric information, it is possible with the help of Blockchain technology to create the virtual identity of the person. Later this information can successfully be saved and it gets impossible to manipulate or forge the data. Even if the traffickers are transporting the victims across various geographies they cannot tamper, change or manipulate the data or can change their identity. With this virtual identity, the individual can also prove for their stand which is secure and remains unchangeable. As Blockchain is borderless and justifies technology it gets easy to identify and document the information required at any corner.

In the long run, to keep up close check over human trafficking Blockchain can be really powerful and a potential technology to address the problem. To build a robust platform that is capable enough to counter the threats or breaches it is essential to consider the tech sector as well. Combating human trafficking will require lots of muscle power but the essence of technological advancements will do absolute good.