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Impact of 5G on Mobile app development

03 Oct

This generation of people always wants their work to get completed as fast as possible.

Everyone is in a hurry to complete their work. Also, they want their devices and technology to work even faster.

Nothing is been satisfied by the generation. So, for this reason, a completely new architecture has been made in the field of wireless networks. It has truly evolved from time to time to get further better and get acknowledged by the users.

The new demand for 5G has been raised. People want their apps and phones to work faster in comparison to before. This is going to bring another revolution in the field of technology. Presently we are dealing with 4G and it has proved its reliability but now as we are used to, with this advancement and speed so we desire to have even more. So it is just not a modification on the basis of 4G but it is basically a completely new architecture.

How is 5G better than 4G?

1) Low to zero latency

The use of 5G is still not properly initiated in many places so the declaration to any experience is basically based on the research. Latency is a factor that irritates the user a lot. They need their wireless network to give faster results and required outputs as soon as possible. At present we are in use of 4G, so what happens is that our network works with the latency of 50 milliseconds.

Latency can be explained in other words as a delay while browsing. While the use of 5G can bring a massive revolution it not only improves the latency issues but also decreases the latency time by 1 millisecond.

So the low latency rate will be really helpful for the VR/AR-based applications. It is also used by the iPhone app development company to make it useful for the iPhone application development that also enables 5G and the results are really productive.

2) Increase in the connection density

The use of a wireless network also depends on the number of users. The more the number of users the more the speed of that particular network is shared between them. Like the use of 4G can accommodate somewhat like 2,000 to 3000 devices in an area of 38 square miles. But with the use of a faster wireless network, the number of users also increases at the same time.

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The number of users, using the 5G network can be accommodated somewhat like 1 million mobile devices sharing the same network in the same required area which can be a great advantage for the IoT (Internet of Things), mobile application developers. They can build these networks and the same network with almost the same expenses can achieve plenty of users that gives them good business.

3) Improved precision

Presently as we are making use of the 4G wireless network that gives us a required radio frequency of 30GHz which is also good but sharing that with many users with longer wavelengths cannot meet expectations in the long run. The apps that are basically GPS enabled takes a longer time to give updates on the location. But in the same case, the use of 5G can be a lot more beneficial.

As the use of this wireless network gives the network a boost of around 300GHz radio frequency with shorter wavelengths this really helps the app with GPS enabled to give precise and highly accurate results. The use of this to create custom mobile app development that can really enable your application to give further extended services.

4) Enhanced battery life

Initially, the use of 4G wireless networks has certain issues due to the low capability of using mobile devices sharing the same network. But with increasing population and maximum use of their highly enabled 4G devices, it is not that easy to give the required amount of speed. So, in that case, the low speed in the network leads to high latency and so the consumption of battery life for your device reduces in a faster way.

But with the use of 5G, the network speed has really developed and hence a high-speed network results in lower latency, in fact, zero-latency as this network also supports a huge amount of devices connected to the same network. This enables in saving your battery life with lower consumption rates.

Impact of 5G on mobile app development

The use of the 5G wireless network will bring a revolution in the field of technology. As many apps will get a further smooth working and start to function even with their further functionality ability. Hence this not only is beneficial for the developers to increase their productivity but also for the users as it saves a lot of time for them.

  • Faster files transfer: The services of many apps are like to transfer some files or data. Also, the transactions of cash are been done from one device to the other. The use of 5G in this field will really enable the apps much better and the transferring ability also increases at the same time.

  • Greater capacities with even more features: Depending on the speed of this wireless network with a lower latency rate helps the developers create more efficient apps that can increase productivity and also at the same time give a great user experience. Eventually increases the revenues for the developers.
  • The development of navigational mobile apps: With the use of these high-speed networks there can be apps developed that can navigate us to different destinations with many better-resulted outputs. This will really be helpful for the tourism industry. 
  • Less dependent on the hardware: The use of the 5G can lead to a high-speed real-time connection or communication between devices. By the use of this massive amount of data can be transmitted without a delay. This simply means it is no more dependent on the hardware processing power of your mobile devices but the data centre will be doing the processing.


In conclusion, the use of the 5G wireless network is going to prove as the best option driven by the application that is 5G enabled. This is really a beneficial way to meet the aspects of the developers. The impact is really positive in the market of a mobile application development company.

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