List of features that help in defining Blockchain use cases in the enterprise

List of features that help in defining Blockchain use cases in the enterprise

Everyone in today's world is familiar with the name blockchain.

It is basically a concept that has been developed for working with bitcoin cryptocurrency. Everyone is engaging themselves in the world of the blockchain.

There are many roles played by blockchain in the enterprises. For clearing the concept of blockchain we must understand hash trees. Hash trees are nothing but certain data structures which are base on the data encryption. For maintaining the integrity of data in a peer-to-peer network during data transferring these plays a major role. The generation of hash string took place by the help of hash trees only. This helps in securing transferring of data without transferring the false data.

In the year of 2008, bitcoin was developed by a group of people with the help of blockchain. This stole the ground and came into limelight. Blockchain comes under the distributed network of nodes. The blockchain ledger plays a major role in receiving valid transactions as a block and this ledger will be available for every node. Because of the availability, no ambiguity Is present. A new limit has been reached by Blockchain app development. Because of the blockchain ledgers, it is not possible for forging any transactions. The transactions are basically stored in an organized manner in the order which they are performed. Every transaction is safe and so no need of worrying.

Blockchain using cases

Blockchain development service is paying attention to help in revolutionizing industries. Raising of exponential capitals took place this year under blockchain based projects. Along with the time spanning od public and private sector services, using new case are coming to the limelight. Some of the important blockchains used cases are mentioned below-

  • Protecting of digital identity- Stealing of identity in today's world is very common. Today's world is filled with technology but still, internet security is not so safe to avoid such kind of stealing. Users can store their personal data in a secure manner via blockchain using immutable ledgers. As it is having a decentralized network, the data for the blockchain cannot be hacked. A sovereign user ID is there which will help the user in accessing their data without any kind of problem. 

There are many enterprise mobility services which provide the user with biometric authentication other than the username and passwords. Users can now easily go through numerous identity checks by a verifiable ID which is created by the user. Government or bank can use this to check encryption information. This will also be able to collect medical data and also the credential of social media and can store it in the blockchain securely. The digital ID plays a major role in secure and efficient online transactions. This will turn to stop the monetizing of the companies in the data of the people.

  • The analysis which is smarter and predictive- Excavating of the huge number of data is possible because the data of transactions are stored in blockchain ledgers. The artificial intelligence of blockchain is having the capability of making an accurate forecast. For answering the question in real time Endor is used which is a blockchain based AI. Many enterprise mobility solutions are there to help the user in this aspect with a good level of security and efficiency.
  • Caring for health- People often forget to store their medical records and data. So here mention may be made of the blockchain ledgers which can securely store an individual’s medical history. Depending on the need you can easily access the data. Conditional access is there for different stakeholders to the distributed ledgers. Users can also have the right to monetize their medical data for the purpose of research. A blockchain based medicalchain is to come as a startup which will record the health records of an individual. The information can be then provided to health insurers, doctors and pharmacists. 
  • Registration of land title- In every field fraud is common. In the case of the property also fraud is very common. So to keep a proper record efficiently blockchain ledgers can be used which will, in turn, reduce the chances of fraud. It will also save paperwork and also labor work. This has become more famous in recent years as different countries are engaging in blockchain based startup for implementing it. Kenya, India, China, and Sweden have recently shown great interest in this technology to get a safe and secure transaction.

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  • Chain management supply- There major issues which the firms are facing when the issue is related to supply management. Transparency lacks between the suppliers. This issue can also be solved by means of blockchain ledger. The blockchain app will be allowing multiple people for accessing database which will help in increasing transparency rate. This will be reducing the cost as well as it can also reduce the paperwork. Pharmaceutical companies will also find this useful as this will be keeping records of all medicine.

Upcoming days of blockchain in enterprise

The advantageous technology of blockchain has a great impact to change the internet. There are many challenges which can be faced because of the technology’s immaturity. However, the future Is bright because of the good amount of investment. Many companies are also there ho can be reluctant so it is not an easy road to go through. No need of worrying as blockchain will only show the solution of conditional information on the perspective of which you share. There are many enterprises who are willing to join and so the days are not so far to increase the projects on a large scale. So the future is set for blockchain enterprises if all goes in the way they are going now.