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List of the Challenges of Enterprise Application Integration

10 Sep

Enterprise application integration (EAI), is actually used by many enterprises or organizations.

With the help of this technology and advancement, they connect their different sectors handling different activities of an enterprise to stay connected to each other by the data transmission and collection.

They actually help their entire enterprise with the data extending to different sectors like the data from the CRM about the customer management and the details of the customer, the finance sector who handles the revenue, profit all these activities. So all these data is accumulated or integrated together on any computer hardware or server for further help in the future, for reference to any particular data or information. And also to minimize data overwriting and risk for the loss of the data.

This loaded resources or information can be achieved by any sectors of the enterprise at any time.

Some Of The Sectors In The Enterprise Where The Data Needs To Be Integrated Are As Follows:

  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Human resources (HR)
  • E-commerce systems

EAI actually connects all these sectors of an organization and this application of EAI it really helps in the growth and progress of the company. For example- Even in the top and big companies like the android app development company, EAI can be used to understand the requirement of the client and also to check their feedback, for the android application development services in your phones.

This helps the company to manufacture the product with further details and data acquired by their team and also managing the apps.

How can we use software integration in our enterprise?

  • In some company or organization uses a single platform server that consists of all the data collected from several data inputs all around the company in different systems.
  • Some they use the point-to-point link, here the enterprise what they do is their apps used on a different system for different activities the data store can be collectively accessed by integrating the app in one link and by the use of the same link it can be accessed anywhere in any system of the enterprise.
  • This is like an onion because it is a multi-layer enterprise mobility solution that is used by enterprises to store large complex applications.

Type of EAI

  • Data level: This type of EAI helps in the transfer of data from one particular system to another system like- taking out information from one system modifying the information or making required changes if any and then shifting it to the other system.

Business model level

  • Application & program at the interface level: Here at this stage, the already customized and the application is basically used for the integration process. While the app developer with the use of such applications helps to understand the various data collected from all the different sectors. The enterprise application development is necessary for the quick responses to the opportunities.

Benefits of using EAI

When Enterprise application integration is used by these organizations it has several benefits like:

  • Improvement in the sector of management and data sharing: It is an important aspect in the field of enterprise. Many data are being mishandled by the employees so it could be a huge market loss later. So the top android app development company and its branches including the different sectors of the company must have an extending process to serve each other with their server data to keep all these systems and can be accessed by any system of the enterprise. It is like assembling the randomly kept data collectively in one place and provides it with full accessed authority from anywhere in the company.

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  • Automation is the process of workflow: For example, we can take the Customer Relationship Management sector (CRM). That handles the customer with their problems and also understands and keeps a record of customer conversion rate. It also handles the financial sector that comes as revenue with the help of managing the CRM sector and giving its work efficiency report data and keeps that data saved in the server of the company. This enhances the work efficiency in the company and hence also results in the market growth.
  • Flexibility in IT infrastructure: There are times when your software applications must be integrated to meet your customer requirements by development in the field of IT sector. Many enterprises face this issue to stay connected with their co-workers and to accumulate the data from them. Especially the large organizations they cannot handle their data by the employees as it will be not so easy to handle that amount of data with the help of humans and then serving it one another for the further process is not possible in such case EAI helps to make the process easier and handles a lot of data with ease and also decrease the workload and save a lot of time and data.

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  • Developing opportunities: A company depends on quick response to opportunities but it all depends on how smooth and fast is your interface. This all depends on the use of enterprise applications. EAI helps the enterprise in several ways like- management issues reputation, supply chain disruption. This all can be handled by the single interface and also can be accessed by the different sectors of the company.
  • It helps to increase the efficiency of the company: The company experiences benefits in faster communication, it also reduces the workload, and it even saves a lot of time that could have taken longer if being performed by any human. It also helps in customer relationship management (CRM), by increasing the revenues in this sector and building a responsive and interactive server for the customers. EAI provides the company with financial help in sectors like- transportation and logistics companies, network service providers, bank.

These days most companies and enterprises make use of the application integration for easy and systematic handling of the data and also for further progress in their market growth.


A company or an enterprise holds a lot of things to cover for the Enterprise Application development and also for the growth of its market. They need to look after their revenue, what is the annual profit or loss they need to manage the financial sector, they also need to check the revenues and work done from different sectors of the company and which sector is helping for the further benefit of the enterprise.

They need to understand their employees and appreciate their work as this helps for the benefit of the company, eventually. So after looking after this many issue and departments in the company, it is necessary to trust something that keeps vigilance on all the works done, data accumulated, CRM and other financial topics everything is to be handled by the machine by the use of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

It not only manages the data from different servers and collecting it on a single server that can be accessed by any other system of the company. It also helps to keep knowledge of the work efficiency and customer satisfaction feedback with their employee interaction and also the quick response by the application.

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