On-demand Warehouse App Similar To Warehowz, How Much Time And Cost To Develop?

On-demand Warehouse App Similar To Warehowz, How Much Time And Cost To Develop?

To develop an app for warehousing services, first, we need to understand what is a warehouse?

What purpose does it serve? What are the requirements of the client for the warehouse? On Demand App development company can fulfill these requirements of the clients.

Then we will look at the time and cost needed to develop the required on-demand warehouse app that would work similarly to Warehowz, which is a platform available online that provides people with on-demand warehousing and services. So we need to create a similar application but one which would be developed by a mobile application development company.

What is a Warehouse?

A warehouse is a place like a storeroom that is much bigger in size which is required to store an immense amount of raw materials or finished goods before they can be further distributed or sold.

What purpose does it serve according to the client’s requirements?

Warehouses are important for businesses to run efficiently because it plays a vital role in the supply chain that is an order of the procedures involved in producing the product and its distribution to the final recipient(customer/client). Warehouses are integral because of the following reasons as well:

Ceaseless Production: Warehouses provide a space for the raw materials to be kept before they are used for production. This helps in uninterrupted production as the raw materials are readily available.

Extensive Production: Production is done according to the current demand and keeping the future demand in mind. For this, companies produce and keep the commodities stored before they are sold at the time of requirement.

Leveled Price: Warehousing helps in keeping the price of the products at a stable level, as when there is scarce supply, the prices rise and at the time of more production and less space, goods are made cheaper. This problem does not arise if the manufacturer has the space to store goods.

Timely supply: Most of the Industrial goods are manufactured at particular sites and then shipped or sent to the rest of the country or world, just like the agriculture goods. So warehouses are needed to store these goods and products in advance to eradicate the delay caused due to delivery from the manufacturer.

Patterned demand: Not all products are in demand throughout the year but their production needs to be to meet the demands when the time arises. For this, warehouses are very crucial otherwise where would be the produced commodities stored.

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Periodic Production: There are some goods that can be harvested for a particular season only but remain in demand all throughout the year. This calls for the need for warehouses. Goods can be stored easily after production to meet the demand all the time and then produced again.

All the reasons stated above show the need for warehouses and that is why it is important to have an app for it, so that it is accessible easily, which is possible with the help of Top Mobile App Developers.

Now let’s look at the time and cost involved in developing a mobile app

Gone are the days when websites and Social media platforms used to be the only source of marketing and providing easy access to the services to the customers. Now mobile application development company is running the sector on a large scale to perform this task There exist more than 2.5 billion smartphone users all across the world and the number of app users is near the same then.

But how much does it cost and how much time it would take? This cost and time to build a mobile app depend on the following factors as it can vary anywhere from thousands of dollars and a few months to more than a year’s time. Also, apps are regularly updated and maintained as well:

  1. Servers - between $1000-$15000 annually
  2. Data Storage- around $5000 annually
  3. Tools you would use for developing images, video, content - $1000-$15000 annually
  4. Services you want to provide(Push notification, SMS, chat, email, etc.)- around $1000 or more annually
  5. Developing and type of content by the content delivery network - $3000-$5000
  6. Updates from the IT sector - around $10000 annually
  7. APIs can cost you around $5000 annually

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Above mentioned will help you decide the features you want according to the cost. Now let’s look at some factors that would affect the time of development, although the points mentioned above would also impact the time.

  1. Proper funding - Funding at the right time is necessary as it would save up a lot of your time.
  2. Organic marketing - Will take up a lot of time.
  3. Paid marketing - saves time and effort but you need to invest a lot
  4. Right Developer - Choosing the right developer is crucial as it would make a huge impact on the time of development of the app. Because that is the person who is going to create the app. 
  5. Effective Outsourcing - All the work that you are outsourcing should be done professional and efficient workers as only such workers will be able to give you timely returns.
  6. Choice of Platform - Your app would run on which platform, will it run on android or ios or both. This thing will affect the time as one take than another for developing an app.

Based on the choices you would make according to the points mentioned above you will be able to know the time and price that would be required to build an app of warehouse and services.


Creating an app is important in the expansion of business as well as to reach the target audience. Customers can use the provided services easily through these mobile apps. On-Demand App Development company proves to be very beneficial in the growth business thus. They have become one of the biggest requirements and that is why these top mobile app developers are flourishing. Finding and checking the availability of warehouses will help the client in running their business smoothly.