Price of an app varies enormously

Price of an app varies enormously

You might actually relate- if you ever enquired about the charges of developing an App.

Each and every time, actually most of the time, the developers would say – It Depends. And that’s true, as the development of an app depends upon various phenomena including the man hours put, which varies for each of the kind of app. If we speak in terms of revealing the price orally, the price to develop an App may start from $2k or may increase as much as $250k.

Everything in the world works in a way, where resources are gathered and final results are obtained i.e. the output. For most of the cases, the things which turn out to be resources are materialistic things, which is not the same for developing an app. There are 2 resources required for the development of any apps, and they are time and skills. It is the time spent on developing an app by the mobile application development company which buys them the money they make.

Time consumed to add common features

To start with, unlike the below par app, the app with basic features would cost you around $15k or depending upon some circumstances and stuff, consider it increasing and varying around $20k to $50k. This was the price for an average size app, most commonly found. But there are some complex apps, which would cost you above $50k and there is no denying it.

If you evaluate the app pricing factor, it generally depends upon the time consumed to develop the app. The volume, features, complexity are among the other variants of time put into labor. Logics and maths consume a different fraction of time, and any of the complex solutions need bespoke coding and third party API’s. Let’s go through some of the common work employed in the development of an app and the hours of work put into it.

  • Features which connect users and social involvement – 30 to 60 hours
  • Purchase and payment support – 40 hours
  • Sync feature – 30 hours
  • Visual design – 170 hours
  • Third party integration – 50 hours
  • Wireframing – 56 hours
  • User experience design – 28 hours
  • Basic controls – 20 hours
  • Admin panel – 100 hours
  • Backend infrastructure – 170 hours

We suppose you can calculate the total yourself and visualize how deep and time consuming the process of developing an app is. Yes, developing an app is nothing ordinary and cannot be done effortlessly. The time we discussed is basically the hours in rough; the time is often extended for the Android App Development Company in real. Did we talk about the testing time, i.e. the pre-development and the post-development procedure? No, right. It would obvious extend the time duration with a lot more hours or work.

The work done is no one man army, but is the combined efforts of a team put together to work and develop together. Do you understand the level of management people need to display to actually produce the expected and estimated results? It is exceptional.

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If we consider a development team and gather their perspective and work, they work for an estimate of 40 hours a week, which is 21 weeks in total or 5 in terms of months. But to sum up, development of an app including all the additional pre and post-development procedures, it would take a team 8-10 months. Now, the pricing of each hour put into the development varies too, which may range somewhere near $20/hour to $240/hour.

Types of Apps

Let’s go through the common types of apps that are trending and highly in use in the present market, and how much time and money would be spent on it.

1. App based ride hailing service

Like the cabs app, there are two apps for this. One is for the driver and the other is for the user and each of the apps has its own collection of features. There are lots than you may think of, location, identification, routing, etc are all the features that need to be integrated.

2. Real time messaging apps

It starts with signing up, confirmation messages, SMS, etc. There are lots, literally lots to develop an app like WhatsApp and it may take an estimate of 606 hours and if you calculate the base of per hour cost as $50, then it would cost you around $30k for one app. This is the share for only Android Application Development, double the cost if you wish to hit 2 OS.

3. Travel apps

It comprises of discovering places, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. Roughly it requires the developers to develop social sign-in, reservation, uploading pictures and videos, filters, in-app purchase, etc. Keeping the base value constant, it would cost $25k for Android and $55k for iOS.

4. Marketplace or hospitality apps

We are talking about hotel booking, and services from around the world. The estimate for such an app is 1130 hours of work, which would be $55k.

5. A photo sharing app

Here, we are talking about the apps such as Instagram, they would require 970 hours of labor and which would be $50k in total, keeping the base per hour rate $50.


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