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The Benefits Of Using Ruby On Rails For Your Startup

Ruby On Rails is one of the most start-up friendly, flexible as well as well-supported frameworks.

The best web development company in the world will also prefer it over most languages. Even big brands of the world such as Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, Shopify, Twitch and many more are using Ruby on Rails for the purpose of website development. These were merely startups which are known by the world now.

Many more startups such as GitHub, Dribble, etc are using Ruby on Rails and have always given great about this framework. More than one million websites use this framework now and it is expected that this number will grow more and more in the coming years. Ruby is in the top most popular languages according to the Stack overflow survey of past years. Ruby is an important part of most full stack development services

There are numerous reasons behind this massive popularity and great usage by startups. Some of the most prominent ones are listed below:

  1. Time-efficient

It is important to use a programming language which takes less time and gives maximum output. Ruby on Rails is a framework that contains so many ready to use plugins and modules. A Mobile App Development Company uses these modules and plugins, they allow the developers to create web applications without writing bipolar code. In comparison, the developers who use Ruby on Rails to develop an application can complete the projects 30 to 40% faster. This gives the startup organization more time to grow and apply their services.

  1. Cost-effective

Developing applications with Ruby on Rails is not just time-efficient but also cost-effective. Any startup needs to save costs on anything possible. Saving cost does not mean compromising with quality and that is why Ruby on Rails is the best option available for startups. This is important, using other languages or frameworks but using them will cost way too much. That is something that might disturb the investment capital of the startup company. This framework has the capability to provide the developers with all the features and that too at very less cost. There is no effect on the quality of the application developed through this framework. Even the best web development company will not deny that this is most cost-effective yet one of the best.

  1. Gems available for every task

There are so many fans of this framework available all over the world. These fans are the developers only and they constantly keep creating gems and third-party libraries for the extension of the capabilities of the framework. There are more than 3000 gems available for the developers and it is said that these can do almost every task. These gems can provide the functions of the application like authentication to payments and uploading. Gems make adding new features to the applications possible and easy. These gems can help the developers to create web applications which can fulfill most of the requirements of the users. SaaS Development Services can also take advantage of this feature.

  1. Easy support and maintenance

It is very important that startup companies choose a framework which has good support and maintenance services. There are many things which might create a problem in the development phase and only good support and maintenance services can solve them. Ruby on Rails is a framework which provides extensive support and maintenance to the developers and takes care of the project. A Mobile App Development Company will choose the framework over others because of this feature.

  1. High quality

This is something which cannot be compromised just for the sake of time and money. That is why Ruby on Rails is the option which startup companies choose instead of all other frameworks which are available. There are more frameworks which can help in developing apps faster and cost less, but none of them gives quality like Ruby on Rails.

  1. Scalable

While building an IT startup, it is important to think about scalability. The term ‘scalability’ can be explained as the potential to keep the service on track in order to handle increased loads. A scalable framework is able to handle more requests per minute as compared to other frameworks. It is important for any mobile application or website to gain the maximum amount of visitors. For this purpose, the website must be prepared in advance and make sure there are no crashing issues when the websites start getting huge visitors. 

Scalability does not primarily depend on the framework. Other factors such as deployment strategy as well as system and database architecture also play a vital role in scaling the app. Ruby on Rails has a very good scaling potential. Full stack development services make use of the framework too because of this feature.

  1. Supported by communities

Ruby on Rails has one of the most vibrant as well as active communities in the world of programming and technology. Those who write and research about Ruby (technology researchers, bloggers, etc) organize regular meetups, video conferences and many more. Communities from all over the world take part in various hackathons and other events for collaborative software creation. They share what they have learned and exchange knowledge. 

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Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework and has been built in a collaborative manner. It is distributed for free and thus developers from all around the world share their ideas through which this framework can be developed. This contributes to taking the software development industry forward. 

  1. Secure

Ruby on Rails has been made keeping security as a prime factor. There are some security features which are built into the framework and are present as in-built functions. Using Ruby on Rails also helps in following the Secure Development Lifecycle. It is a complex process but assures security to the website holder. 


The developer company of Ruby on Rails is large and keeps the framework up-to-date. They check the security of Ruby plugins as well as applications before releasing them to prevent risk and provide a safe environment to the users. There are many security issues in SaaS application security. This is why Saas Development Services use ruby to make the apps secure. 

When Ruby on Rails and other similar frameworks are compared, it can be seen that no other technology is as technologically developed as Ruby. They provide services and create online products which are of the utmost quality and highest security. It also enables efficient workflow and the ability to create exceptional results.