Top 10 Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Frameworks That Just Fit Well To Business Needs

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Frameworks That Just Fit Well To Business Needs

A machine that is an application of artificial intelligence has now been into practice for a long time. Also, there is no reason for it to not be a part of the developing libraries. Artificial Intelligence solutions allow the computer to make improvements in its dynamics from time to time without any manual changes. Now as we are clear about the importance of AI software development, it is important to dive deep into the developing mechanism. The libraries, languages, and frameworks that would best suit the programming process should be known.

The world of artificial libraries has taken a friendlier turn in recent past years. Now the IT field professionals performing the software development services do not find it a difficult job like before. With the emergence of programming languages like C++, the options of frameworks and libraries have become wider.

In This Article, We Have Covered The Top Ten Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Frameworks That Just Fit Well To Your Business Needs.

1. Theano

It is a library of Python language. It is best suited for mathematical operations. The AI library Theano was developed back in the year 2007. It is compared with TensorFlow which is another AI library. This AI framework helps in the optimization, definition, and computation of mathematical expressions. The operations with multi-dimensional arrays are performed efficiently. The data-intensive computations are done using GPU which makes Theano a powerful AI framework and has been in use for more than a decade.

2. Keras

Keras is an artificial intelligence library written in python language. It works flexibly and efficiently with Theano and Tensor. This framework cannot stand strong alone as an independent framework and rather acts as an interface. The neural network configuration becomes easier due to abstraction features of high quality which works the same regardless of the framework. Keras is supported as a backend by Tensor Flow. It seamlessly runs on CPU and GPU both.

3. Tensor Flow

Tensor Flow is written using Python or C++. This AI tool has become a favorite amongst all the tech giants like Google, AMD, Nvidia, etc. The AI department of Google has developed this open-source. Tensor Flow by Google is among the topmost AI frameworks. High volumes of numerical computations can be performed using Tensor Flow. Among many other fields, Bioscience is another department using this Artificial Intelligence tool. If you are a beginner in AI programming then this AI framework is best for you.

4. Torch

If you have been looking after an open-source, flexible library of machine learning then Torch is the best AI framework. This AI although is based on a not so popular programming language called LUA. The framework has high efficiency and speed. Such frameworks have various models that are pre-trained. The deep learning process becomes much easier with its provision of a series of algorithms. This framework is also used for scientific operations. It provides routines for linear algebra and models for a neural network.

5. Caffe

The language of Caffe is C++. It works efficiently. This open framework is pretty fast in nature. It is a great library for AI software development. The framework allows you to build complicated neural networks. The image classification can be done easily with this framework. The operations are performed with the help of GPU which leads to fast artificial intelligence solutions. This open framework is great for deep learning. However, it does not perform well with new architectures and recurrent networks.

6. Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon Web Services are at present are leading software development services providers. They have been providing a comprehensive platform for cloud computing and evolving day today. If you are looking for the best web development company then AWS is one of them. It has become a platform for machine learning for many institutions and businesses around the globe. There are many AI solutions provided by this platform. AML works with major artificial frameworks.

7. Accord.Net

This framework is friendly for all C programmers. If you are looking for a framework that allows you to process audio and images easily then Accord.Net is your solution. Algorithm implementation, numerical optimizations, computer vision, handling of neural networks, signal processing, and visualization become easy and efficient. If compared with TensorFlow then this framework is slow and not that popular. The framework is well documented. It provides quality visualization.

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8. Spark MLlib

This library is written using Scala language is efficient for large-scale data. It works pretty fast and is also available in different languages. For distributed processing, the Hadoop framework is used. MLlib can be plugged into the workflows of the Hadoop framework. The Spark MLlib is quite fast in processing large-scale data. The algorithms including regression, clustering, and classification are all provided in this AI library.

9. Sci Kit Learn

This quality framework was developed back in the year 2007 and thus has been running for more than a decade. This machine learning framework has been written in the Python language. It allows performing data analysis, data mining and thus it is an enhanced Artificial Intelligence tool. This open-source framework has been built on SciPy, matplotlib, and NumPy.

10. Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout as the name suggests has been powered by Apache. It resolves AI problems and also utilizes Scala DSL. This machine learning library uses linear algebra. Apache Software Foundation developed Apache Mahout. It is written in Scala and Java language. The implementations are produced for free. With the help of this framework, statisticians, scientists, and mathematicians can implement algorithms that are their own.


The software developing firms should have an AI developing team to emerge as smart IT professionals’ company in the industry. A fair programming language and machine learning knowledge are all that is required to shape your AI software development team. The best web development company in today’s time is considered the one with the AI framework. Learn the python language and select an AI framework. You are good to go. Selecting the right AI library can make your work much easier and better.

Through Artificial Intelligence solutions, you can carry out big operations in less time with high-efficiency levels. The above-mentioned frameworks have been a great source of Artificial Intelligence. If you need to provide the best web development services then AI libraries are a must-have in your list. We use various technologies in our everyday basis that is based on deep machine learning and research. For example, the algorithm of spam filtering yells us the difference between spam mails and genuine ones. This is just one example, so learn and implement AI solutions in your web development to make programming fun and easy.