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Top 10 Incredible Tools For .Net Developers

07 Nov

Our contemporary world sweeps the majority of their time over the web.

The Internet is like a black hole that has attracted everyone irrespective of age and generation towards it through its services, mobility, and expandable nature. The Internet reached this state with a chunk contribution by the web developers, they are the ones who are holding most of the ties of the chariot called the internet.

In order to deliver a quality product or content to users, it’s necessary for them to use the correct tools, it is very obvious that a painter needs a canvas, a plethora of colors and a mind full of pictures in order to come up with a painting worth a second stare. The same is analogous to web development the developer seeks the best suitable tool to execute his work and this process of picking the right tool is made even difficult as the industry is full of different kinds of software up for grab. Hence it becomes extra necessary to give heed to only those tools which really matter to the intended work.

Factors to keep in mind while creating ASP.Net development services

We may list the factors that influence which tool to use while creating ASP.Net development services as the tools vary a lot in functioning and type of output they produce. The first major factor is the goal of the application which is envisioned to be built, second comes pricing and budget of the project as many tools are paid and then comes how easy is the deployment of a tool in the project. These factors act as a filter and screen out the majority of unnecessary tools that might have come caught the developer’s attention while choosing from the bunch.

Here we list down the top 10 tools for .Net developers, tools involved in ASP.Net software development to be specific. Here drops the list:

1. Visual Studio IDE:

Continuing with the analogy of painters requiring a canvas to paint, a web developer requires an IDE which stands for Integrated Development Environment to code and put his idea into streams of code lines. For ASP.Net developers, Microsoft Technology Associate has provided a powerful and versatile ID Visual Studio. It comes with a humongous number of facilities and services that are necessary for building one’s project from scratch. Time is an essence and features like auto-complete is a must for developers while typing codes with VS being a gem in this. Troubleshooting and debugging is another aspect that is worth good remarks in VS, with great analyzing tools one’s code, can be screened and looked for troubles if any very effectively in VS. The data management facility is up to certain standards.

2. StyleCop:

The next one standing in line is StyleCop which is generally used by Microsoft Technology Associates while working on ASP.Net development services. It is an analyzing tool that checks the code one has written for coding style and design guidelines. It analyses code documentation, layout, ordering and readability to be precise. As we say looks matter a lot and that applies over codes too, indentation is an important part of coding and hence StyleCop ensures everything is in order.

3. PerfCollect:

PerfCollect is a shell script or in simple terms a collection of command lines that are often utilized in ASP.Net software development to automate data collection. It can serve as a tool that will tune up the CPU and Memory allocation hand to hand. There is another complementary tool that hangs around with PerfCollect which is PerfView with almost similar features of analyzing the system. These both are heavily used on Linux systems.

4. dotTrace:

dotTrace is a tool that helps improve performance issues in a .Net application and add silver linings to the ASP.Net development services. It can integrate with Visual Studios too which exposes it to a large community of web developers and Microsoft Technology Associates. It can filter through a huge chunk of data and come up with results in a comprehensive way that are enough to analyze stuff necessary to stop the code that led to memory leaks in particular.

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5. NUnit:

It is a unit testing framework that allows developers to create automated test frameworks. NUnit comes with many benefits among which notable ones are the production of higher quality codes which in turn decreases the cost of defects. As the defects which are detected early are easy to fix and cheaper in cost operation when compared to the ones which come under the scanner at later stages of development.

6. LINQPad:

LINQPad is a .Net application that is used by developers to learn, write and test LINQ queries. LINQ queries are the ones that help in adding on data query features to .Net languages specifically C#. It not only strolls with singles queries but can also work with a series of queries at a time.

7. Dotnet-script:

It another go-to tool for ASP.net developers which they use to debug codes in VS. It is cross-platform in nature hence accessible to most of the developers. It is backed with IntelliSense which is an auto-complete aid. It runs over command lines scripts of C# and debugs with utmost easy. It has the potential to exist in a single file and supports NuGet packages which makes it even more relevant.


8. dotCover:

ASP.net developers make use of dotCover as a code coverage tool for .Net. This tool analyses the lines of code that are covered for an application at or during a test run of the application itself. It comes with its own test unit runner that supports unit test frameworks like n unit and x units.

9. xUnit:

ASP.Net software development services involve various types of unit testing for which xUnit is a useful tool. It is also a testing framework with a runner built into it. It works with a number of libraries and it is liable to work with live unit testing as well along with Visual Studio.

10. BenchmarkDotNet:

The last tool that we are covering is BenchmarkDotnet which is an open-source benchmarking library for .Net. Writing benchmarking codes is an extremely hard job which is used to compare the code to a certain standard so as to optimize it. And Benchmark DotNet solves this with features like multiple iterations, providing a warmup phase for each benchmark, etc.

So, as we close down our shutter, developers should choose tools wisely taking into consideration the factors discussed earlier in order to come out with the best possible services.

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