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Top 10 Software Development Technologies That Would Thrive in 2019

Technology and its world is ever evolving and can’t remain still for much time.

Change is the only constant in the field of software development. This is the reason there are plethora of technologies and programming languages in the market available for custom software development companies. They leverage benefits of these languages to create performance-based applications and offer impeccable custom software development services to their clients.

Let us view top ten technologies that would thrive in the upcoming year of 2019:


Who would have thought that a 20-year-old programming language would still be the first choice of three in five custom software development company around the globe? Javascript has become an essential language that any individual must be aware of to grow in the field of web development. Although most of them don’t like the language because of its complex nature. Availability of numerous simple to understand alternatives in the market add on to their reasons for not being a fan of Javascript.

Whether developers like it or not, the omnipresence of Javascript shows how powerful it is. Additionally, Javascript frameworks and libraries have also made its presence more persuasive. If you research a bit, you’ll find that this omnipresent language is unavoidable for the front end developers and even the back end programmers are becoming dependent on it with time. With this kind of popularity and dependence on Javascript, there’s no chance any other technology or programming language would replace it.


Amongst all the programming languages that we currently use for custom software development services, Java is one of the most ubiquitous languages. However, many believe that the popularity of this language is declining. But, as per the Tiobe index and several other forums, it can be concluded that Java is still being employed for both large scale business systems and web applications.


The most ancient programming language in the list is C. It was introduced in the late 1970s and is still being employed by enterprises for Custom Mobile App Development. Here are some of the better technologies we have witnessed with C:

  • C++ is an OOP language which was built on C
  • CPP is the hybrid version of C
  • Linux OS is also based on C language

To your amusement, C has been the parent language of many of today’s successful technologies such as C#, Java, and Objective-C. They all are either inspired or derived from the syntax or paradigms of C.


Delivering a simplified environment to learn and develop programs, ruby is one such open source and dynamic programming language. It was developed in Japan and later got famous with its full-stack Ruby on Rails (ROR) web framework. It gained popularity with its resemblance to the English language, which makes it far simpler than any other high-level language.


Website development has gained the stride in recent years and it has increased the demand of PHP developers. The language is a server-side scripting language, which is perfect for developing web applications, or static/dynamic websites. PHP is renowned for Custom Software Development Services amongst numerous software organizations as it is being used by giants like Facebook and Harvard University for their websites.


Although the popularity of C++ remained stagnant throughout last year, it’s still one of the most employed programming languages for Custom Mobile App Development due to its simplicity. Most startups choose JavaScript or Python over C++, but the language has maintained its legacy in the large enterprises.

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Python is also a programming language that has constantly found a place in the list of top software development technologies. This object-oriented language has marked its presence as one of the most popular web languages with its briefness and code reliableness. It’s therefore famous for being employed as a scientific scripting language and also being included as an entry-level language for learning in many universities.


One of the most modern-day conceptualized general purpose programming languages is swift, which was built keeping in mind the contemporary safety and performance. Since the introduction of swift was to create a language which can be leveraged for varied types of Custom Software Development Services, it’s therefore mostly utilized for building desktop apps, system programming, and also to scale up cloud services.


Blockchain has gained a lot of popularity due to its extreme level of security in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution. Therefore, now numerous companies of varied industries are adopting blockchain development into their system for making transaction and authentication process more safer and easier.


If you’re taking a resolution for 2019 to learn a programming language or technology, you must undoubtedly pick standard query language (SQL). The language is utilized for manipulation, storing, and retrieving data in the databases. As it lacks some basic functions such as looping, it’s technically not considered as a programming language. You would be amazed to know the popularity of SQL, as a number of job posts that required SQL as one of the skills were more than 30,000 in the year 2018.


The technologies around us are undoubtedly evolving and emerging all around us. In case you are searching for the question ‘What is the best software technology?”, then you won’t find a specific answer. Instead, you would come across a list of some five or ten technologies that are being employed by enterprises to deliver quality Custom Software Development Services.

Happy 2019, people! Got any more tips you think we have missed out? Tell us at!